Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Guess what i got for christmas???



um hm.. (shook head)



i got a letter!!!!

i thought so hard what to give you this year... but well, you've just been super nice that no present could reward ur niceness.. i hope you dont mind, love.. its just too good to be true.. are you an angel?

hah! see told you.. santa pon saje carik alasan xmo bg i present! kedukot~ ho ho ho...

to all christians, merry christmas! happy new year.. :)

*making new year's resolution is fun!! u'll stick to it for at least the whole first weekkk!!*


hey.. wait theres somthing in my sock....its a blue jersey!! tnx hon love it, im wearing it now :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lembah Tengah vs. Valley of Lust

okeh.. get this clear..

what i mean is.. Mid Valley vs Lembah berINGIN

okay if my 1st home is in Cheras... which do i call my second home?? it seems nowadays tht im starting to forget coll and all the work load, and have changed my attention to spending money, atching movies, hanging out and wating time... god!

holiday dah nak masuk minggu ke-3.. and so far im enjoying it alright. went out a few times with him and couple of times with the girls, my cousins, the kids, my sistas. watched many movies dah dejavu, happy feet (animation movies are kih-yutt), cicak man (yep, i watch malay movies, s'wat?), possesed (so what if it is a local horror movie? it turned out cruelly as a comedy anyhow - my advice is, if you are looking for a good laugh, try this) and arang ( a korean ghost movie.. not bad but i kinda guessed the plot earlier.. *sigh* )

and so far, ive got mself a pair of jeans, 3 tee's, a cardigan, two tee shirts, 2 skirts, 2 new shoes..

calculatingly cool huh? not! so now lets do the maths..

hwah! in three weeks alone, i ve spent nearly rm500.. thats like 2 monts of my scholarship money! shoooooottttttt!

okeh! thts it! im staying home for the whole week next week!! nak buat hwork! nak menabung dlm ASB! nnt dapat dividen.. hahahahaha
jap, what? masuk duit skrg da x kire for dividen eh? ah, who cares?

xmau keluar dah!!! nak dok umah!!! buat maths! n bussiness! n chem! n study bio!! stoooooppid me baru sedar bnyk giler seyh keje...

well, anyway, hes out of country the whole next week (janda for a week as he puts i), so i guess, i mmg btol2 nak stay home je, jd nerd n siapkan sumer keje...

gtg.. bye2...

ps- yaz,ainul, maja,gad,asip muiz, had a gweat outing with you guys td.. tnx! asip, damn, im sorry bout ur atm card.. gad, sorry din join for the movie.. ainul, sorry drag u along jumpe zul... sorrrryyy...

n zul, *grins* tnx hon! luv yah! take care in Thailand!! xmaw carik pompuan kat sane kayh? hehe

smoochies! out!

Friday, December 08, 2006

SEM 1 - been there done that

*BIG grin*

semester 1 dah habis! and all i could say is that over all it has been a good one. there is of course room for improvement in every acpects - esp. my studies.. but hey, i guess im doing okayh (ok, not good)

here's some telltale pics of last semester's story...

well there it goes..


Milo and Yaz .......... for always standing by my side

Pn. Kat, Dr. Bano, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Zabed, Mr. Vroege (hot) Ust. Maliki .......... for teaching

Nad, Dayah, Fada .......... for rocking P-38 like crazy

Hajar, Husna, Fatin, Alissa, and all the gorjez girlfrens of mine .......... for being my gossip frens

Anas, Sani, Jo and all the other boy frens .......... for being wacky and spreading the aura around

Sapphireans .......... for making other houses willing to kill to be in Sapph!

Mr. Jamal and my 'family' members .......... for that night

YT .......... for telling me whts not on the paper and hopefully this wud make me strive for a better result nxt sem *Sigh*

Pn. Rog, mak cik sapu sampah, abg betulkan air cond, warden, matron .......... for doing what you all do hehe

Zul .......... for just being you

and everyone else yg tak ter mention.. sorry.. evryone contributed to the merriment as well as sufferings thruout the sem!


Monday, November 27, 2006

anywhere but here....

its 5 days before the holiday begins.. i cant wait.. since exam was over weeks ago, i mcm dah xde mood nak absorb sume lesson in classes... i want a break! gimme a break!! nak balik! nak cuti! nak pg holiday! nak shopping! nak pg cinema! nak hang out with friends! nak hang out with him!



wednesday-class again

thursday- end of sem dinner

friday- class!!!!!! c'mon let us go back already!!!!

saturday- parents day!! home at last... cant wait!!!!

i wana post my review and thoughts on the whole 1st semester of my life here in this lovely beringin valley (god it sound posh! wawawa) tp skrg the sem hasnt ended just yet.. wait eh?


dear time, can you pass by me ever so quickly?? pleaaaaseeeee???

-out- -out- -out-

Saturday, November 18, 2006

sleeping with the lights on..

tibe-tibe teringat kat Anas.. the other day at the cafe, he asked wheather or not i believe in Karma. i said yes. what goes around comes around. if you do something good, u'll get something good in return and otherwise. its like yin and yang. black and white, hot and cold, everything has the balance. life is justified, and fair..

remember i told you last week was among the best week i ever had, the bbq party, madly in love feelings, birthday celebration and all.. well, this couple of days back i guess is the payback..

1) i have family problems. conflicts, dilemma -and no mum and dad is not getting a divorce. its about my brother. and also my dad, my mum..the whole big family, its about expectation, probabilities, hopes, dreams, ruining ur second chance, and most of all, about failures... and me, im stuck in the middle, not knowing where do i stand in the whole situation whether i should remain silent, or be the peacemaker. and one thing is for sure. the pressure is now on me to build back up a shattered dream.

2) my grandma is sick, very sick.. shes in her early 70's.. she is now in the intensive care unit of Hosp. Kuala Terengganu... mum called yesterday, she said. 'kakak, doalah bnyk2 for her, hope for the best..' i know better than her assuring words- do not to hope for the best i might just be shattered to pieces if somthing bad happen. I told myself ' prepare for the worst'

3) he said somthing to me last night. i know he is right. it hurts. i just dont know what is the right thing to do. i told myself over and over again i was such a fool to fall in love. and when the only person that could make u stop crying is the one who makes u cry. you just couldnt seem to stop crying....

i thought you said you never wanna hurt me, you just did. and worst of all, its not even your fault, its mine, for falling in love with you..

" its like yesterday i had everything and everyone i love aroud me. n suddenly, its slipping through my fingers, one after another...''

''im sorry''
i know u are

''its alright, im okay''
and i know im not..

and life doesnt seem all that fair anymore....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

legally seventeen

Happy Birthday to ME,
Happy Birthday to ME,
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to ME...


it was my birthday couple of days ago.. sape2 xwish lagi wish cpt!! better late than never =)

today, im 17 and 2 days old!!! =)))) ive just entitled myself qualification to get my freaking driving lisence!! hahahahaha im happy! okay so what if you guys dah ada license dah lame? at least i am now as good as u guys are =p wawawa~


my birthday celebration with friends at college was splendid! 13th night, milo n yaz tricked me into a night walk after a singly-candle-lighted-gardenia -muffin and doa selamat recital at the juntion together with Khairul anh Yahya. it was so sweet. like, god, i xrapat pon ngn yahya yet the girls get him to be there just to baca doa slamat (bcoz hes the alhamdulillah type, you see) and the muffin and the fact that dorg buat kat junction mcm sgt comel!! huhu

okay so afterwards dorg ajak i jalan2 i tot maybe they wud culik me smpai 12midnight just to be the 1sts to wish me.. but well, i was wrong. as i was telling them bout the card and present i recieved frm nana dengan penuh semangat nye, tibe2 we heard a guy's voice "HH..HaP..Py....er.." followed by laughings by like a bunch of people..hahahahaha busted~ looking back, (kat blakang surau time nih) i saw a whole bunch of people that each is dearly close to me. =) *touched* hehe.. there was my chaletmates fada, nah n dayah, kim, fatin, alissa, mot, kamal, gig, loh and zul =D

so they sang, i cut the cheesecake, we took pictures and milo started the cake fight~ at around 1145 ppl cleared up leaving me n him lepaked till 12 plus2 around the LBBS..i wanted to balik and take a shower but it was worth staying back for a while,with him.. we smelled of cheese throughout, but well, who cares.. cheese is edible, n delicious too, isnt it? *wink*

then on the way back to chalet my phone started ringing and beepin profusely.. (well, maybe dah ring dari td tp i xprasan kot-too occopied ;) hehe) family members,some of the juniors waaaay back in Langkwi even remembered! some old frens, ayap, ajip, my homeroommateys.. and many2 more.. the following mornig kat college pon, ramai org wish happy birthday and i didnt expect that (that makes it all even a happier birthday) :D

to all, tnx a lot for remembering.. tht was so sweet of you all.. to my girls, zul n all the party ppl (including the party-pooper aka kamal! ;) luv you all!

it was indeed a night + day to remember =))

Monday, November 13, 2006

sw-wet week

last week had been among the best weeks i ever had in my now almost 4 months stay herein kyuem.. on monday, and thursday had memorable happenings that worth markin on my phone calender *winks*. stayed at milo's for the weekend and help around with her openouse.. on saturday lak, spent time with old frens at ainul's. He picked me up and took me around the whole evening. it was great fun ;D

well, one of the things that im gona write and share with you guys however, is this one, happened on wednesday..our tutorial group held a bbq party by the pool on wednesday and i was such a blast! as early as 6.30 pm, me, fatin, meng yeow, joey and aina set up the bbq set with the help of anas and sani, (well, of course we need them although theyre not in out totorial group as they are the one yg ada abundance supply of lighters, matches and these sorts of things you know..) then by 8 pm the whole family was already there and we started eating, roasting, joking, laughing and what not meng yeow (like alwys) act as the technician plugging in jo's ipod to the speaker blasting gwen's and all the upbeat songs that we (helllyeah) danced to.. at about 10 pm all of us was already stuffed to bloat and decided not to eat nemore. so we pack things up and tapau all the foods left for late nyte supper.

uhm, sounds plain ryte, well, the best is yet coming.... at about 10.15, while all of us were filling up the bottles and tins to clean up the mess we did from the bbq, serap officially started the war. he actually pour a whole bottle of water to the girls.. then the war begun~ hehe at first, everyone seek protection by standing near to meng yeow's gadget's (laptops, ipods,speakers and all) as then xde sape brani nak baling air, but meng yeow knows better than too keep his babies exposed to the crazy wacky 12 of us around. so, he packed everything up and ran to his chalet putting them at safe.

well, as for us, we continued anyway.. splashing water to everyone and anyone around. then acap came out with something more brilliant. *heheeee* with proper planning and plotting we, yea, the whole member of mr.jamal tutorial group practically block mr jamal from each sides of the pool area and acap, being the mastermind, pulled him into the pool! yeeeeeha~ now thats what we call a party bebeh!! huhu mr. Jamal is such a cool teacher that he then went out of the pool, chased for acap and pulled him into the pool - revenge is sweet eh, sir? hehe.. after that, one after another decided to let go of all our decency for a nyte, let our hair down and just dived in ;) at 11 pm all of us excepr aina (for some reasonable reason) are already in the pool splashing dunking each other (yep2 including Mr. Jamal!)

at around 11.30, we all get out of the pool continued water war and took pictures. i wish i could post some of them here but all of the pics were captured with jo's camera as the others had earlier hide their handphones,cams and mp3s aside avoiding it to become a victim of the water war.. all in all it was definetely one of the days that i bet i could never forget in my 2-year stay here. well, just imagine, mane ada org lain yg ever experience swimming in the pool, in the middle of the night, with all the tutor members in, together with the teacher, making noises and just went waaaayyy very2 crazy for one night... and folks, at the end of the day, we were all wet, hungry again, happy, wacky, drenched, cold, and folks, it felt reaally good =)))).

final words from mr jamal "and this is the tutorial of the economist and doctors to be, uh?'' and we all had another good laugh.

to mr. Jamal coolio, acap plastic, serap setter, eddy petsib, meng yeow gadget guy, johan camera guy, josaphine giggle gal, beatrice sexy, aina ayu, fatin roxy, michelle sweetie , and zhen xing the mum,

you guys rock!

to the apple of my eye, i heart you!

tnx for the great week youáll :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

seriously serious?

6th nov

i have like a million butterflies inside my stomach flapping their wings, ice cold hands and im feeling jittery and excited all at the same time.. all this just because he said he wants to see me tonight.. *sigh* havnt have this feeling for quite a long time..good lord, i think im in love.. gtg.. nak siap2 and go to taekwondo... *smiles*


7th nov

okay.. (eh geds nye post smlm haha, okay admit it i was so cheeky smlm... ;)heheee) so,yesterday went well *smiles* im not going to give you the details of what happened cause i dont have time for that. however, my sheer happiness smalm was cut short today after i got my ielts result... i got band 8.5 for my reading, good enough alhamdulillah.. but, but, i got a frigging 6.5 for my listening.. how eff-ed up!~ uh, excuse my french.. im just a little dissapointed.. okay, i was a little dissapointed until the Kat Woman practically tengking me depan the whole class n said things like ''lailatul, coming from u, 6.5 is so unacceptable.. i dont know how you did that but tht is so dissapointing" *smug* (she smuged, not me, of course) argh!!!!! tensiiiiii...... im just hoping the best for my writing test... *sighhhhh*....

and i hope he'd call... thts all it takes to make my sucky day today... =(

im outta here...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Raya! Raya!

as im updating this, its already the 4th of syawal, but still, the joy of raya has still not worn off, for most ppl la.. the kids around my housing area still wears their high hells, new colourful clothes, and walk around with their cute small handbags, i assume to collect duit raya. =) as for me, raya celebration has pretty much slows down.. mane taknye, bukak new term nih tros internal exam.... jeez... srus cuak gile.. havnt start a thing in preparation for exam~ *Sigh*

okay,okay.. lets not whine... its raya, isnt it? my raya this year went (or should i use 'is going') very seronokly... we went back to terangganu and also melaka... one of all the good things, it seems that as i grew older, my duit raya seems to bertamabah bnyk too =) now im back in cheras, curik2 gune my bro's lappy.. i havnt got one :( modem computer lak rosak, my adik lupe nak plug off b4 balik kampung and lighting struck the modem... y and such...

if theres anybad thing about raya, it would be my diet.. i rase i makan baaaaaanyak giler.. hehe. .but, thts kinda good too kan? sbbi could get fatter!! yeeehaa!! i just hope i get fatter healthyly not gaining fat and so cholestrol that would block off my artery.. *fear*

anyway, just wanna wish everyone slamat hari raya... 4 words the might have hurtd, for days i let you down for all my wrongdoings, and everything im sorry, form the very bottom of my heart kayh!.. uhm, especially regarding my last post, to all the guys yang terase, i mintak maaf kayh.. tgh emo sket time tuh.. hehe..

got to go.. n start study!!!! u guys doakan i bole bwat eh xam nih!! okay bye now! slamat hari raya again!!

blue in pagi raya,

Monday, October 16, 2006

the Y chromosome..Nature's boon or curse?

today bio masuk chapter baru, nuclear division.. its gamete, allels, chromosomes and all those sort of things again. i like this chapter, a lot, in fact it is among the chapters i enjoyed learning the most of all the 10 subjects i took for my SPM level. so let me give you a piece of my mind on this chapter, and beyond...

the Y chromosome, as we all know, only exist in the homosapien sp. of those from mars, namely, the men. their other pair of the sex chromosome is X, which deduce their sex chromosomes to XY.. meanwhile in women, the sex chromosomes are XX.. mr, vroege joked about how he thinks tht Y chromosomes in men has actually made able men to be better drivers, and the Y chromosomes has wipe out certain traits in a men such as the traits of the ability to nag, n shopping frivolously.. and most offensive af all, he said the Y chromosome holds the traits that determines your intelligence! bottom line, he joked that men are better than women... well, mr.vroege, you're Dutch, tall handsome and hot but im not excusing you for joking such ridiculous idea..

since when men are better drivers than women? isnt men are the one who is always impatient on road and curse all the dirty words inside the car, in front of their children? they honk like mad, swerve to the right, overtake the ppl in front and wave their middle finger outside the window. or is it i somehow have missed the latest statistic stating that most of the road accidents are caused by women? and wait, the mat rempits are mostly guys, ryte?

what is wrong with shopping then? dont blame us if you are too stingy to spend an amount of money for self-pampering. and who told you to follow us on shopping sprees? get this right boys, we'd rather go shopping with our girlfrens wic could give us helluva better time while shopping than you would- with that stuck up face and lines like 'honey, if we balik now we could still catch the last 30 mins of the EPL you know... ' god. you guys are pathetic!!! hello, guys, we shop till we drop cause we can afford it.. we never ask you to tag along, cause we know you could never be as tough as we are to walk around for hours to choose the best, in our stilletoes... they say, if you cant beat em, join em, but i say, if you cant even join em, youre done, bye bye! get a life, please?

excuse us now, not all women nag.. even if some does thay do it because they care, they do it because they know something is wrong and they should do something about it, at least they voice it out, and try to fix the problem..

then intelligence? shame, shame.. they are not even intelligent enough to have a sense of respect and be sensetive! if all men are intelligent they would have the decency not to commit adultery, say..okay, so in our context, to play around with other peoples feelings and be a jerk. now it gets personal (when i say person-al note that im addressing this to a certain person) like if you already has a girlfren, act like you already do. dont go aroud kissing other girls and hold their hands and think that you are so hot, that everyone wants u, and that you could do anything to anyone you want to do anything to. my god you are so a jerk...


for the last part, im being unfair i know.. not all men are like that, but the fact that i know a guy like that, ( i thought i know him) does not make men any better than we the women are. we all stumble sometimes, we all make mistakes.. wther you are the one who commit the crime, or you are the victim, we all do stumble.. and i for one would always stand back on my feet.. to sesape yang terase of any part of this post, im not sorry.. you should think about it, think about it hard, the world spins you know.. sooner or later, what goes around, will definitely comes around.. and then only you'll noe you are the one who should be sorry... i hate you..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Almost.. but doesn't counted..

sekejap je dah halfway through puasa kan? today dah masuk 16th day of ramadhan... so far, im liking it being at coll during ramadhan... buat me rajin sket pg tarawih.. plus kat sini kurang sket la pembaziran bli makanan kat bazar ramadhan cuz we don have one here.. ade tu ade la tp satu hari 2 3 booth je bukak dpn dh and sometimes mmg cekik darah gak la budak2 tu fundraising.. (jo puts it as day-time robbery)

lesson is going so-so.. agak cuak for the coming internal exam though.. 4th day of raya will be having practical bio, then ade IELTS, maths.. chem xde exam kot, thats what i heard..

haih..im not feeling well, mentally... sad anxiety depression > SAD ...dont ask why, i dunno gak.. shud've pegi all the talks time HAW and figger what to do now ( right! ).. now...do i tell or keep it to myself? do i cry or laugh? feels like im missing something.. like, i lost someone.. but then, how is it possible to lost someone, when you dont even own that someone at the 1st place...? ryte..? guess i'll get over it.. better be quick...

s'cuse me for the randomness and mixed-up-ness of this post... thats how im feeling ryte now... *sigh*

Friday, September 29, 2006

crush or crash?

this is what im thinking right now... (note that i baru lepas bace a mellow love story *jeez*)

Love could be set in motion quickly, but true love needed time to grow into something strong and enduring, it does not happen over just a few months, few movies together and few phone calls, to name a few. love is, above all, about commitment and dedication and belief that spending years with a certain person would create something greater than the sum of what the two could accomplished separetely. only time, however could show whether u'd been right in your judgement (and this is the scary part).

Lust, meanwhile could happen almost instantly. its the feeling of wanting to hold somone in your arms, kiss the person and keep the person as long as you can, for what ever the reason is. it might be physical attraction, material attraction, or as stupid as just wanting somone cause thats just the-in-thing, you know... lust is as simple as this. two people learned that they are compatible, attraction grows, and the instinct to keep one another kicks in.

and liking someone is merely love but certainly more than lust, at least, in my case(s) most of the time, thats the way it is.

'like' does not seem appropriate tho.. like.. i like ice cream, i like watching prison break, i like this and that.. the exclusiveness of the word itself is down grading for someone i like... my definition of liking someone is when you want to know more about the person, and you grow a genuine feeling of care and concern for the person. you get this butterflies in your stomach when you wana talk to the person, giddy if you bumped into the person.. and, you know, all this stuff.. and for feelings as such, ive been experiancing it since i was in, well, standard 5?

i always believe i have never been so in love with anyone, yet. as for lust, okay, well, maybe... infatuation is more appropriate i think. but i always really easily grow this 'like'-ing thing for someone. not good, i know... and it so happens that the if the person i like, likes me back and starts to get serious, i shy away, scare away.. i dont like to get attached, not anymore. cause i've learned from my mistakes, along the way, or , finally, if you are attached to anyone,you would get hurt or worse, u'll hurt somebody..

only idiots reapeat the same mistakes..

life is short.. venture it while you have time..dont restrict yourself, or get yourself into somthing that makes your prespective and chances in this life being restricted *wink* this world could offer so much for you to learn from, its just the matter of finding it, learn, and move on, find more, and learn and the process never stops until you put a stop to it...

enjoy life. its not yet time for the four-letter word -


Monday, September 18, 2006

back to blogging

when you havent blog for quite some time, you wont feel like blogging anymore. lagi2, when youre living in some isolated place where something is happenig everytime yet if you blog bout it, ppl wont have a clue what you're talking about, the exitement of blogging and this art of telling stories to your close frens no longer seems inviting. why blog if ppl coudnt comprehend what you are blogging about?

ah, well, on second thought, i teringt my objective of blogging on the 1st place.. i wana speak out and write about whatever i feel like saying..

so thats it for this post.. i just wana tell you im still on wif this blogging thing, just taking a short rest.. =) keep checking on me.. love yáll! mwah!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

gelabah ke kalau update blog kat chalet?

well.. suka hati la~ im bored.. its raining like cats n dogs outside n even half the population (budak diamond girls n kmpung seberang-ers) of the college is already flooded.. n yeah, ppl kat Jap garden to0... *sigh*
as a matter of fact, ive been back in this place for two days now. came back with the flu fever and unfinished homework.. a helluva bad start for the new term huh? u bet..
anyway the term started off kinda slow and.. boring i guess..maybe sbb before this dah terbiase n terseronok with all the kesibukan CP and yada-yada...
as for today.. it went just fine.. bio class with Miss Yati was a little awkward.. not saying die ajar xbest.. but i mish my mr vroege with his cleanliness obsession and stylo mylo way of teaching~ *wink* heheee..
then had class with Puan Kat and she was complaining how much it annoys her when her students doesnt feel good about going (eh, should i say coming instead?) back to college... my say : what-ever! how do you expect us to feel good bout being back in college when all we got to do here in the middle of nowhere is belajar, with all the neuron-densed-yet-some-are-still-very-very-shallow-minded-ppl around us, and... well.. er..hm.. nothing??
well,luckily i have a few ppl in this college that could always take me back to my senses and make my day.. thx u guys..
and then there was maths (starting to like maths even more lately) ,GS (buh-san) n Chem.. cuak gile Chem ade test khamis nih~
jap... ape lagi eh.....
esok!? debate!
against topaz!
owh, tuhanku.. *grrrr*
better go prepare... doakan kejayaan sapphire! *wink*
-lyla in lazy mode-

Thursday, August 31, 2006

okay lyla.. focus now....

have u ever feel liking n hating a feeling all at the same time..? or enjoying and feeling guilty for enjoying all at the same time..? n playing a game that you know you could win.. but you're not sure the other party would lose..? or.. do you really want the other party to lose, anyway..? feel like i should quit but i know i wont quit..


sampai bile yer..?

lovin' it,
(read: well, sorta.. not totally)


ps- ignore this post.. its 12.30 am, im feverish, having sore throat, batuk, selseme, baru makan ubat, high, mamai, ngigau maybe,...

in simpler words..

buzz off~ im just crapping....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

1st there was 9, then 8 ppl, 8!!!

the IAU (international astronomical union) conference ended few days ago and they came out with new ruling of what constitues a planet.. after much anticipation of expecting our solar system to welcome new members and expand, to my surprise.. our solar system has now become even smaller.. *sigh*

Pluto is no longer considered as one of the planet in the solar system. instead, it is now a white dwraft planet (wth? xde name lain ke..?) together with Xena, Ceres and that other one ( i cant remember the name) its a BIG bummer... kesian kat pluto!!!

this is due to the orbit of pluto yg sedikit senget-ed and interrrupts a little dgn Neptune nyer orbit and so that contradics with one of the rules-of-what-a-planet-is which is - the orbit must be in a complete eclips shape and xbole langgar mane2 orbit planet lain... as for Xena n Ceres, their orbits pon x brape nak centre i guess so thats y dorg x di iktiraf jugak...

hm hm hm.. frust~ after uranus, pluto is my favourite planet in the solar system... it is like so cute, small n mysterious.. (like me..) hah! ok ok im crapping.. anyway, im still bersyukur la at least, even if it is now a white dwarft planet, still, it is a planet kan?.. thank god.. nasib baik x jatuh taraf asteroids ke, junks ke.. kan?

so the newspaper reports that hm after the season fall (which is sekarang) science text books around the world are expected to be re-writen and not to include pluto in the solar system.. it is said that this is a very emotional change as we all learnt this things a bout planet since we were little and we belive pluto to be one of us.. n tetibe its no longer with us.. however, i suppose, that this is science.. it couldnt just be static n unchanging kan..? science will keep changing after each discoveries being made.. who know one day we'll find more new planets? or even creatures other than those of in this earth? and that what makes mankind richer day after day.. ilmu =) pluto telah mengorbankan diri for the sake of science and let us treasure it..

long live pluto! u'll alwis be in my heart!!


hm, gtg.. i havent pack yet...my flight to Trg is this evening.. i have to go to trg (again) for a meeting with YT.. be back by monday and will tell you what the course is about.. take care ppl! lov u!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

holy holy holiday...

cuti!!! yeay!! heh.. i went back to melake for the 1st 2 days of the cuti.. ade kenduri arwah.. then i came back on Sunday..

smlm went out with the girls n ali wan n anas to midvel.. anas picked me up kat rumah then went to Sani's.. he cant follow us sbb ade game kat KDE.. *sigh* anyway.. still, we had fun...watched Click.. best!! like it a lot.. cliche la skit sbb it turned out to be just a dream.. (ops to those yg xtngok lagi, sorry tht just slipped out..) but still, its a very touching stury bout family.. =) heh.. i told anas the story is more less loke our CP.. the theme i mean.. and anas laughed at me.. ''nuff bout CP lyla.." fine2.. had lunch at BK.. met sook fun n meng yeow! sweet la dorg!!

-anas, me, yaz, mellow.... we lack a person *sigh*-

so now guess i have to spend some time on homework n studies kot.. bukak2 ni ade chem test!! *uh* nightmare... yeah, azrieal msged me just now.. ajak breakfast tomorrow morning.. heh (swweet huh..?) -well, not really unless the other person wud join us... *wink* will update later tata!

Friday, August 18, 2006

alive, and kicking *smiles*

thank god....

i don't care whatever you think of our CP, but i think it rocks!! we had a blast! now i understand what Adif was going about in class talking about how high you'd feel after a stressful period.. hell yeah... we are all high up in the sky that we believed we could fly~ haha...

so it turned out well, i supposed.. i saw Pn. kat actually went all claps and wo0-ing and ahh-ing on our performance.. and Pn. Rog too!! to tell you the truth, on my personal view, i think EVERYONE worked hard to make it a, well, i can consider it a succsess i guess.. Mr. Small, the principal congratulated the director profusely and even asked to take a picture with her and all the assistant directors =) i know, i know, i t might just be a mere act of encouragement.. i mean like, maybe he thinks it was just average and ordinary, but hey, it was certainly not a flop!!!

i was backstage most of the time.. i had three scenes where i was onstage and other than that i helped out with the backstage ppl.. huhu kinda lepak la kat backstage.. good coordination i guess.. the 2-hour drama went way above my expectation.. it might be simple and just nice but bliv me, time reahearsal, it was no where near tht man..

we had photography session afterwards.. i'll put them up later bile Yaz dah pass to me.. ok..?

hm, holiday starts right after Cp finishes so, technically, we're already starting our 2-week holiday.. tapi im still at college ni.. my mum is picking me up in few more hours ...

*sigh* seronok! hm,however,CP marks the end of our induction here.. after this, we are all considered as real KYUEMians and that marks the start of many new things, hardwork and studies being only a few... for all 9th batch ppl, lets do it.. strive and uphold the legacy.. =) we are the ones remember..


right after the cp hanad anas sani alissa yaz me n mila *Smiles*

with gratitude to god,
miss saccharide!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


okay, so we had our full rehearsal tadik.. puan kat and puan rog was there..

as expected, terok gak la ktorg kene bambu ngn pn. kat.. ksian gila kat aisyah n masrizal.. xpasal2 kene jerit... darn.. wonder how are we going to face pn. kat tomorrow at ielts class.. anyway, pn rog kate, our crite is belit2 n she cudnt understand it.. well, ure right pn rog.. it is belit2 pon.. but, its just too late to change anything either... as one of the script writers, i rase bersalah gak la for making the script a little too serious (bajet college-like-matured-thinking la konon..) but then, we, as in me, fiqry and johan did some alteration to the script so tht it wud be a little klaka... but... *sigh....* boring gila, still... hm, kalau nak best pon maybe time dances je la kot.. urgh..

as for puan kat, she blah just like that after the screening without saying a single word...

lord.. xlarat nak pikiaq dah...

hm.. pleez pray for the success of the CP k.. =( i hope when the day comes, we could deliver well and everything turn out to be if not good, fine pon i'd be glad...

i'll blog luse to tell you all how'd it go kayh... tu pon kalau i havent died out of embarrasment (uuu tht bad..?) heh...


Friday, August 11, 2006

a whole month of revivified life...

sedar tak sedar, today, genap a month i am here in the new place.. i'd be lying if i say i dont like it here. so far, life hare had been full of new experiences and challenges. okay, so, tht might sound cliched and a little poyo.. but guess what, thts really how i feel.. its not always blood sweat and tears, nor its always flowers, rainbows and butterflies.. okay, so, maybe its too early for me to judge anything cuz its only had been a month..

owh.. gtg.. im at rc atcually.. kelas nak start dah.. will update later.. (so much later kot sbb server kat chalet down.. frigging server!!)


hye hye hye.... guess what!!?? server dah okay!!!! yeeeeehaaaa.. tnx to the brain aka nazri yang telah susah payah mengajar me to tukar IP address watsoever.. haha im so0 happy~

well where was i the last time uh..? ouh the 1st month ann thing.. atcually hari ni da masuk a month and 2 days..and today for the 1st time here i rase sgt boring..how cud they not open the store sukan time cuti.. uhuk.. da la 3/4 of the college population balik.. sunyi gile~n yeah! budak2 bank negare ade course ape tah.. haih bosan2.. so the 1st month went well with so much intersting happened.. and today.. sgt busan! hoho...

today, we had CP practice.. CP_ Cultural PErformance.. a ritual to be completed by all new stdents in kyuem where we'd have to make a production on our own (the whole batch must tlibiat) pasal anything we want and perform depan the whole college,sponsors, and parents *grr* it might sounds lame and unimportant at all tp believe me, as it nears kan, mcm cuak gak la sbb its represent our batch yada yada things like that.. so we'll be judge la..

other than CP, my lesson is going quite well la.. stakat ni bole la cope lagik..


uh, really ngntuk.. ill stop here k..see you guys later.. *yawn*


Saturday, August 05, 2006

its a heppy-happy-sunny-splendid saturday!!

yeay! im home! class ended at around 10.45 today waited for nine ngn sani kat blakang kmpung seberang and aroud 1 oclock gerak balik umah.. pastu kan, time we all da sampai kat2 tol lembah beringin tu, my phone rang.. it was milo..

she was actually screaming on the other hand "lyla!! jgn balik lagi! i xde transport!" haha.. poor thing tht girl.. so my dad patah balik and pick her up la.. keling tol muiz nih.. mule2 kate bole pick yaz and milo up at college pastu tetibe xle lak.. *grrrrr*

anyhow, evrythng turn out to be great.. xcept tht i cant go to caca's party sbb ade this one wedding in kajang.. sorry ca!

i went to a wedding tadi.. wonder why many ppl are getting married these days.. pnat tol nak kene kasi bunge telur kat sume org.. another one's waiting jap lagi..

dono what to blog bout nemore.. hm, yeh, hv i told u sapphire won quiz, nasyid, hafazan n few more jadik runner ups..? heee bet if theres award for best house.. it will be ours.. (no offence yeah rumah2 lain... sapphire mmg best!) pastu organizer saje nak cover bagi ktorg award "house of creativity" see. thts all IAW is a bout la x? being creative in your performances and all.. and what does it gotta do with peace ke.. (im dead kalo nik imran bace nih) exuberance ke.. ape tah lagi.. kan? kan? haha.. god~ i dah jadik housist... 4give me evryone... huhu... saje jer...

yeah, bout the title... wonder whats so 'happy' and 'sunny' bout today..? heeee figure tht out urself *big smile...*


You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
You'd be like heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived.
And I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
Pardon the way that I stare.
There's nothing else to compare.
The sight of you leaves me weak.
There are no words left to speak.
But if you feel like I feel.
Please let me know that it's real.
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
I love you baby,
and if it's quite all right,
I need you baby to warm the lonely night.
I love you baby.
Trust in me when I say:
Oh pretty baby,
don't bring me down, I pray.
Oh pretty baby,
now that I found you. Stay.
And let me love you, baby.
Let me love you ...

-enjoy it cuz i really do..- :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

hye everyone.. just got back from IELTS class.. Thursdays are kinda idle for me. i have the first two periods free, followed by a GS class, a Chemistry class after the break and a single period of both Maths and IELTS after lunch =)

classes today was good. we had a discussion in GS class about racial issues, which was fun and informative, then we did experiments on Chem class and PBL on Maths class, and then there was IELTS Class where there was a intelectual discussion on the topic of 'What men can do, man can do'

i personally think puan Kat is such a personality. like adif said, yes, maybe she is quite garang and all, but i seriously think everything what she said in class leaves a lot for us to ponder upon.. shes a tough woman you see, bringing up a child all alone is never an easy job..and she shares much of her experience with us..hm, provided you can stay awake through the whole class, believe me, its co0l..

last night was my house (SapPhirE h0uSe oN fiRe) punyer dinner. i had dinner with my pet family (me, eddy, aifq gig and kak nida) kak nida is nice and caring while afiq is interesting.. *wink* hes a very tall lanky guy wif attitude tht makes ppl think hes not very easy to get along with, at least thts what i think.. and it turned out that hes actually frenly and i like him =) after the dinner main simbah2 air and tepung.. i got really wet luckily xkene baling ngn tepung.. haha u missed me ppl ;P

ouh, crap.. i havent basuh baju smlm laa..better get going.. have volley match jap lagi =) (owh, dont worry i didnt play..if i do, sapphire is in big trouble babeh! heh..just the cheer squad..) later k!

chiow darlings! mwahx!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

in quest to uphold the legacy..

ohkay, ppl.. im so sorry for not updating for so0 long.. for those who x taw, im already in my new college somewhere in the middle of.. nowhere.. huhu *sad* as a matter of fact, i tot of updating the night before i daftar masok kolej nih.. but i was to0 surprise about zizou's headbutt on matterazzi and i went calling a few frens borak2 bout it until i get so sleepy n xsmpat upde.. huhu..

right now, im in my chalet, baru officially abes induction week yang sgt seronok dan memenatkan.. (kudos to the seniors!- happy anniversary you guys!) esok class begin *nervous* life here been pretty good. tp ntah la i cudnt be certain tht its gonna be as good as this for my next 2 years stay here.. my chAletmates rock.. they are so fun n i guess i cud count on them dring thick n thin

the ppl in my batch pon are cool.. 188 of us are all very supportive of each other. at first, i pon mcm cuak gak a masok sini, sume org terer2... 12As, 13as, 11As, blah,blah, blah..

-ey, u guys noe esther elizabeth? yep the one yg got 15a1s and did this one comercial on hitz.fm? hee... shes my groupmate time induction week and shes nice =) -

so u got the idea ryte..and after the incuction week, i think we are all equal, and everyone has the same chance to shine here.. SPM tu kire x de ape aa. KYUEM is like, a place where you can try anything new. u can be a new person, be more open, and you can do embarassing things without feeling embarrased (i mean,good ones, mind you)

all in all, mmg best a kat sini. thou we are in the middle of nowhere, no problem.. we know we have each other and it feels good to know that..

i've gtg.. i'll keep updaating *janji* hehe.. and i'll put up pics asap..

so keep checking on me k..

PS - to my previous skul mates, hee i still love u guys thou i have new frens here.. well, who cud forget the ever controversial seeckerz, cud anyone? heh..


Thursday, July 06, 2006

a couple of days of a doctors life..

5 days left to the registration day =) feeling all excited + nervous + seday at the same time.. xcited n nervous cuz, well, 1st-day-at-skool-feel all over again, u noe.. n seday sbb im gonna leave all thise idle life behind.. (good thing actually.. this fella up here called my brain havent been put to use very much lately.. afraid its all rusty now)

OMG.. have i tell u guys?? yaz ede and milo willl be in kyuem too! now, how good is that? it all adds up to 8 maresmawians nnt kat lngkawi!! hope we all will do well.. milo- lets rawk babeh! (hee act u have to help me a lot girl..)

so, smlam i just got back from trg, again..this time aroud, we had an exposure proggrame at Hospital KT.. man, it was awesome.. i had the chance to pegi dewan bedah ortopedik, dewan bedah umum, emergency department, and labour room.. and yup, i got 1st hand xperience to watch all the operations and all thr saat2 mencemaskan right before my eyes, btol2 sbelah patient tu i diri.. ive seen how a baby is born, how a piece of metal is inserted in somebody's leg, how its being taken out, how an old man is being revivified, how in incision is made on somebodys perot, a dead body of a murder case, and so much more.. its something so real that all this while i only had the chance to watch dalam TV and dgr org cite..

alhamdulillah after the prog, i bertambah minat gakla to explore this bidang.. but frankly, at the end of the 2-days xperience, i did questioned myself wether im ready for all this or not? to be a doctor, i have to work hard, work long hours ( bayangkan i didnt sit dari kol 10 pagi sampai 6 petang xcept time lunch.. tu baru observer lom jd doc lagi), if u think a doc is rich, than you are wrong.. and well, the answer is NO.. im not ready.. and i dont have to be, yet..

the keyword here is passion.. kalau u btul2 minat, no problem, come what may, u'll be a good doc, a succesful doc.. buat keje ikhlas2.. thats what a doc there pesan.. and with passion, in given time u'll gain the ready-ness for all this.. in that 5 yers of doing MD.. insyaallah i'll be good.. i'll be fine.. i'll do well..

and do i have passion for this? definitely.. i still do, after seeing all this.. for now, im certain, im sticking to medcine.. and for the rest, time will tell..


i'll keep updating..
maybe couple more posts before i gi kyuem.. keep checking me up k..

Sunday, July 02, 2006

the yt thing..

the 5-day -yt-thing was.. hm how do i put this eh.. if theres any right and proper word for the expression "bo0lehlaa"then, thats the word.. heh.. its.. - bo0lehlaa.. =)

nothing much really.. it was pretty much like a ice-breaking + communication-skill lesson for us, the 10,and the other 9, the pioneer batch (older by a year).. i like all 18 of them a lot.. they're nice + cool + smart + awesome people and its really comforting come to think that i have all these ppl nnt kat college.. they can help me fitting in with studies, life n sorts..

the juniors (10) are me, hajar,jan, jannah, raja, ashraf,izy,firdaus and azri.. n the seniors are k.fairuz,iza,amira and a.eidil, afif, rafsham,hakim,faisal, and hanif.. all in all, dorg mmg smarty-pants (and skirts) laa..

all of em are from boarding skool.. so you figured la kan, kire xde bratty-ness la.. sume sekepale.. the classes are okay, some were great, we did a kinda discussion on the novel and filh 'pride n prejudice', talk about disigner babies, war, islamophobia, malay culture, current issues, world cup, and pretty much, a little bit of everything. hee.. so that the idea of fun when you're a college studntu noe ..

hm, of all the things we did there, i particularly like the part when we talk a bout racism and our seem-to-know-about-everything lecturer came out with the movie to sir, with love.. there is this one song in this movie that really captured me.. i think the words are precise, nice, short and sweet... here it goes for you all..


Those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone
But in my mind I know they still will live on and on

But how do you thank someone
Who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try

If you wanted the sky
I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high
To Sir, with love

The time has come for closing books and long last looks must end
And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong and weak from strong
That's a lot to learn
What, what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moonI would try to make a start
But I, would rather you let me give my heart
To Sir, with love


okay, so in this case, its to you, with love my friends.. =) love ya!

p/s- i'll put the pics of the course later kay.. gotta go, im sleeepy~ nite2

when i started to see WC as more of a mangkuk rather than cawan..

forgive me for the title, but i cant help mself from feeling total disgust for WC. it shattered my dream to see my boys from brazil rock in the final..okay, so, my the theory of adding up the year equals to 36xx whatever is totally crap..sedaynye!

at first, i was so0o glad tht college starts on the 11th and i get to see the final (bajet brasil masok la..).. and now, im like, heck.. malasnye nak tengok final! i hate germany for having the luck to beat argentina when they play like.. like me in futsal.. (ok, not that bad)..then i hate p0rtugal for kalahkan england (league of cute footballers.. so what if ther are gays? they r cute, mind you) and more than anything, i hate france to put my brazillian boys to shame!

so, who am i to support in the finals?? hm, sbb italy for sure wont be going to the final (i think), it left me with no choice but to go for portugal (tnx to c.ronaldo n figo) for these two, i forgive them for beating beck n owen n rooney n lampard.. no way i nak sokong france beb.. theyre to0 mean.. heh..

still, knape brazil kalah? =( kesian cafu... kan..?

*out* *total dissapointment*

Friday, June 23, 2006

whines... sape nak bace..??

tomorrow, im leaving for terengganu.. i have a 5-day course + briefing ngn pihak yayasan terengganu.. so, xleh nak update la kot thru that five days ..

i'll sure miss yaz's bday celebration if they are planning to do one.. n then, 27th nih ramai2 masok kmb so i xsempat jumpe dorg 4 the last time b4 dorg pegi..

worse, td milo called, ajak me kluar too bad i havent mandi lagi tht time and kalo i nak siap2 sume, xsempat lak.. milo ajak kuar sok tp i'll of to trg lor~

the program ngn YT abes on the 29th hari Khamis, so my dad keje.. i'd have to find someone yg nak pegi airport jugak, or else i'd have to take tae cab all the way to airport kat KT.. where as the thing will be held in Dungun.. (4 those yg xtaw, yep, jauh gak la KT ngn dungun)..

tak2 pon, kalo xdapat carik org nak gi aport, n takot nak naik cab sorg2, my dad suruh stay at my grandma's housesmpai hari sabtu, n die amik i kat umah nenek. tp, nenek pulak ngah sakit i xmo kacau die.. my nenek dah la suke nak semangat2 nak masak itu - ini for me kalau i balik.. haiyah..

or maybe i should just take a bus..? hm.. okay x? hm, let see, kalau ade geng, that also wanna go back to KL by bus (lets hope adela org KL jugak nnt ;)) i naik bus then..

wowohhoo.. it's been soo long since i'd have to make decision.. otak ni da btol2 lembap problem kecik2 cm ni pon i da risau2.. hehe (macam wilson dalam citer lotus eater lak) just wish me luck kay kat sane.. im gonna meet with a group of new frens.. which will be with me for the nest 2 yers in kyuem.. lets hope they rock!!

*fingers cross*..
got to go, blom abes packing 4 tomorrow! toodles~

Thursday, June 22, 2006

for the sake of updating, uh? hehe read on, u'll like it~

okay.. so you guys.. im back.. huhu sorry for not updating for so very long.. i didnt seem to have anything interesting to blog about..well, still dont actually.. so.. here goes my post for now.. sorry taw it is so random..


-Know something interesting about FIFA world cup? Brazil won the world cup in 1994.Before that, he had won this title for the last time in 1970.

If you add up : 1970 + 1994 = 3964

Argentina won the world cup for the last ti,me in 1986.Before that only in 1978.

And 1978 + 1986 = 3964

Germany,though, won the world cup in 1990. Before that,Germany won in 1974.

Look : 1990 + 1974 = 3964

This could lead us to guess the winner of the world cup in 2002.Since it should be the winner of the 1962 world cup ( in fact 3964-2002=1962). And Brazil won the world cup in 1962! ( And in fact, Brazil won the 2002 World Cup)

This Numerology seems to work.....=)

And now,who would be the WINNER of the 2006 WORLD CUP?

Lets see...3964-2006 =1958

And who won the WORLD CUP in 1958 ? Go and find out,and you'll know the WINNER.


so.. can you buy this? hm, i just came accross this from a post in FS.. mcm interesting je though it doesnt really work in all cases of the cup cahmpions.. hehe but im keeping my fingers cross. hope this theory is betul =)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

cawan dunia yang cantik..

hi hi hello hello cartello~

waa.. been so0o long since i last blogged.. feels so good to be back on this chair in front of this monitor.. so, i guessed you all figured why right? its the world cup.. not really a big fan of football actually, never was.. however for the pass few days, the internet connection had been so bad that i pon malas nak blog..hee sorry fans :p so got no choice but to join my dad watchin football games. its not that bad actually, and i find myself starting to agree with the legandary Pele, ' its a beautiful game' heh, whatever beauty he is referring to, to me football is a beautiful game has this some kind of authority to unite people of the world, the continent, what more a country.

i read an article in this one magazine about how Ivory Coast, a country participating in this world cup, is actually having a perang saudara in their country between the muslims n christians. beautiful this game is how both party could call it atruce and unite, and give full suppport to their country.. then it is also beautiful that when i went to a mamak stall 2 days ago, eating roti canai, almost all of the people there is gusto supporting south Korea in a match agaist Togo. semangat ke-asia-an! hehe.. ye lah, kalau nak tunggu malaysia sendiri dapat masuk... ;)

okay, enough about the world cup for now. after all, i dont noe that much to go on crapping bout futball =p im a newbie! new football fan! yeah! football, gets the world talking.. huhu.. ok ok.. nuff..

so,i went out yesterday. wahida, yaz, ainul and me. girls day out!! hehe had mucha fun at the pyramid ice rink and waffle world. we also bumped into our senior, abg jon yg tinggi lampai and a kakak, i didnt quite catch her name but i wud edit this post as soon as i find out balik akak tu name aper.. eheh.. sorry kak! gez they are an item kot.. sweet je dorg duerang skate same2.. hm, over all the outing mmg fun la.. lgpon mybe ni last time i bole jumpe yda b4 die masok kmb.. uhu.. bye2 girl! will miss ya!

hm, ive got the offer letter from mara and yayasan trg and been going tru both of em.. kyuem seems like a nice place and so do taylors. tapi since i mmg da tekad nak amek yt, ive put the mara letter back inside the envelop and put them aside. and the yt's letter of consent is currently on my study desk in my room. and the medical checkup form is right here beside this keyboard.. guess i've to fill tihs one up.. esok nak wat medical cek up.. hehe.. okay, u guys.. see ya! lots of love..

Sunday, June 04, 2006

of bunga telur and bally shoes...

hi all!! waa lamenye xblog.. sorry, ive been quite occupied lately. few days back, i had a vacaation in Port Dickson. tolak orang yang super ramai.it was pretty awesome actually. we stayed at Tiara beach resort and they have this one man-made beach that has fake waves and everything.. cool. tapi the only sad thing is im getting sun tanned.. hehe..

owh, the title might seem a little tetibe so let me now tell you what it is all about actually.

you guys still remember tht short story we learn back in lower form in high school? (well, those salad days) yup the story about (i think) how a poor guy sacrifice his bally shoes to pay for the cost of bunga telur.. kan? heh tapi, ahat i am sure of is that it is a tale about love, sacrifice and irony at the end..

well, actually, over the past few days, ather than busying myself tanning at PD, i've been to a few weddings all over semenanjung. kat Trg, Melake, Seremban, and here around Kl.. biaselah, musim org kawen.. hehe.. there was a grand one, a small one and even a very nice and quiet one.. well, the latest one i went is this evening. the bride is my mother's cousin so, i donno how to put it, but kire ade pertalian darah la.. bau2 bachang..heh..

i was asked to angkat the bunga telur.. =) hee sronok~ all eyes on me (prasan.. padahal org tngok pengantin) ahax.. and u know what, one of the hantaran was a pair Bally shoes.. so its a kind of a memento reminding me of the short story..

hee thts all..

awh, yeh..

and have i tell you? ive made my mind.. after much consideration,i choose to go with yayasan terengganu.. i dono why but it seems much more appealing to me ($_$) haha! kidding.. its not the money la.. i guess kyuem provides more condusive learning environment and i can have guidence from fatin and my seniors there, i hope.. lgpon, its a two yers course.. gives me more time to prepare and get mentally ready for the undergraduate study nnt.. wish me luck!!

p/s-flavour of the week - nasik minyak orang kawen.. put some weights folks!!


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

when u have to shut one of the windows...

ok, so..the good news is; i have a wide open window (windows actually) of opportunity opened for me.. both leads to my dream since i was a little grl.. and the bad news is; i only can choose one of the two windows and i have to shut the other one close..close and never to be reopen if i change my mind. once ive choose the window, its no turning back babeh..

okay, so, after the seems-like-forever-wait i anticipate all this while, mara results are finally released..

alhamdulillah, i got it. an offer to do medic. persediaan kat taylors college for a yer and a half.. hm, name progra, die SAM (South Australian Matriculation) mule2 tu frust la jugak skit2 sbb i tot SAM so i can only go to aust or nz 4 my undergraduate study nnt.. tp after doing some researh this prog is actually more less like IB cume die lagi susah (sbb 1.5 yers je), thts y bnd ni mcm xfemes sgt (compared to a lvl, ib , aust mat)

and, like ib, i bole pegi mane2 U around the world if i do well in this SAMmy thing..

and that frustrate me even more...

so now they are equal..

yt = mara..
both offer medic,
n both i have chance to go to UK (ive always wanted and still do want to study thre)

n now i gotta choose one..help me lord. let me make the right decision.. plz...

hm, whichever one i tolak, i at least noe i did tht for gud.. when i close my window, another person will have a window opened for them..

matbe i should go with yayasan trg.. its karma..
iget a place declined by someone, and maybe i should decline mara pulak.. to give way to the next person on the waiting list...

whats best 4 me? id have to figger tht out myself..

window, window, who wants me more...? ehe.. ;) doa i made the ryte decision k!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

terengganu rawks! *wink*

*smiles* =)

hee.. i got a call from yayasan terengganu this morning.. guess what? i got the scholarship! alhamdulillah.. okay so, let me first tell you a bit bout this scholarship as i assume other states in Msia xde fund to held their rakyat like trg.. (acewah)

well, yayasan terengganu give out scholarship awards to 10 lucky students that did welll in their SPM and perform well in their series of tests and interviews.. the students or whichever one of the parents (mom or dad) have to be a anak jati of trg (as in lahir kat Trg)

so, in my case, its my dad.. he was born in Trg.. we even lived in Trg for the first 14 yers of my life then ayah had to move to KL.. so, that is pretty much how i got qualified for the scholarship.. hm now, talk about the interview process..

frankly, it never crossed my mind tht i, by any chance could get the scholarship.. there was IQ test, writing test, arithmetic test, and verbal test. after that, there was a mean interview with 7 panels all ready to swallow you in one blink of an eye. i remember one of the panel asked me to speak in Malay, preferably in Trg slang (those with extra G's u noe). they also asked me bout Trg's Menteri Besar and those trivial Q's bout Trg.. and i just screwed it all up..heh..oh have i told you what the essay Q (in the writting test) was?

"Write an essay about brief history of Trg"


so, you got the picture didnt you? its eff-ing hard and.. i dono.. what are they? wacky?? heh

actually i was not listed in the 1st ten candidate (no surprise there).. then, apperently, one person tolak the offer and i happen to be ranked 11th.. so i gez, thts my rezeki..

so, back to the call.. the lad on the other line told me i am selected for the scholarshp award, buat medic and yada-yada-yada... i'll be doing my a-level in KYUEM , (yep, the one nazirul's in).. for two years, and i f i meet up to their standards (which i am pretty sure is freaking high), then i'll get to go to any university of my choice.. and i remember i clearly said during my interview that i wanted to go to the UK... so the lad said, there u have it, medic ,in UK.. u want it..?

heh.. im still speechless~ mcm xcaye je.. btol ke eh? ntah laa..

p/s : kak dina.. maybe u r ryte after all.. im not going to UM la kot.. c ya in kyuem =)

moral of the story: kawen la ngn org trg bnyk advantage anak korg dpt nnt.. =)

Monday, May 22, 2006

life full of l.o.v.e...

hey all! sory for not updating for the past couple of days.. i've been a little busy.. neway, right now, im so bored and ive got nohing to do, so, here i am, spilling my thoughts with you guys or rather, to myself to fill the spaces.. so, first of all, let me do a recap of what ive been doing the past couple of days..

the whole family went to KMB to visit my brother. hes fine.. i talked to him a little bout school and my mara application. along is very supportive n said he hope i will get the scholarship but i noe he wont like it if i happen to masok to KMB jugak.. heh.. kantoi la segala xtiviti die nnt ;P anyway, he also told me tht hes very anxious for his upcoming exam.. heard its pretty hard for him these days.. banyak gile keje.. just wish him al the best..

then we went to alamanda putrajaya. i havnt been to the souk for quite sometime and i was kinda amused to see all the nice buildings and structures aroun. at some point i wondered wether the govt. really need all these fancy buildings. isnt it we already have those admin. buildings in jalan duta previously? well. anyway who am i to tell. maybe they have their own goals and agenda that little lyla couldnt understand :) ..

we had lunch and went wandering about at the bookstores, kiosks, and such.. overall, i like alamanda better than klcc mid n all the malls we have in the city center you know. to me it is much decent. xde kaki2 lepak xtentu hale. (eceh, like i wasnt one of 'em) alamanda is more of a family place than a loiter centre.. so, its kinda nice jugak laa..

we went to seremban, visiting myauntie.. shes 6 month pregnant! so0 sweet~ glad to know its er.. i mean the baby.. is a boi! another hawt boi is about to be born, world~ hehe.. we had lunch talked about what seems like every thing exsist in the whole world.. and went out during the evening for ais kacang.. heee so delicious~

so, you see.. the past 6months of my life pretty much revolves around me and my family.. it is sometimes fun, sometimes it just feels like one heck of a rotten day.. biasela.. mane2 pon, that's life rite? i realise that these past few months, other than the first 5 years of my life, is the longest holiday of my life that i ever had untill i retired from my future job, maybe. its been wonderful and i sure will miss it wen im off to UM..

and that is like...
onle a week away..
*fingers cross*
wish me luck *winks*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

an outing finally!

today is simply splendid!!

i went out with aliff yaz n ainul just now.. it was sure a blast =) we actually ajak ali, ede n almost anyone available we cud think of to join us but they all ade hal masing2.. so there we were.. wandering all over klcc without destination.. really, naik escalator, turun, naik balik, lepak mcd.. carik hush puppies (all 4 of us da lupe HP kat ner sbb sllu sgt gi mid) haha~, lepak kat bench, melawat tandas.. haha n finally we went into the cinema..

**guess what?**

Mary Magdalene - the holy grail herself?

haha! yap! we watched the da vinci code.. ey, have i told you its 18 rated? heh.. no sweat dude.. all of us passed in smoothly.. so, ok, truth to be told, it is not as exciting as i thougt it could be. the story line changed a bit from the novel. biasela tu, much anticipated muVs sllu dissapointing kan? lagi2 yg adapted from novels. xcept for LOTR n troy i guess.. so aliff and ainul was talkin about how they think the muV had the wrong cast for choosing Tom Hanks to play robert langdon. but to me hes fine.. all in all, it was just an average movie.. so folks out there in matrix, hold no grudge k, xbest mane pon..

aite, nuff bout the outing..

hm, milo calld.. shes having a hard time in matrix.. kesian gile i dgr cite.. its ok tho milo, hold on, setaun je.. :) hm, she also told tht mara nyer result da release hr ni tp i cek2 xde pon :( like always!! tensen sgt.. my aunties and uncles had been bugging me thru my phone "zie, da dapt result mara?" a was like " owh, uncle, lom lagi, don wory, i'll tell wen the result is released k?" haha its not like i think they are annoying or nething like that, well, they deserve to know pon.. its just nerve wrecking just to think if i failed them ... ( u noe, in our family, blom ade doctor je lagi.. so, i kinda feel its on my shoulder.. fardhu kifayah kate org.. ;) )

hey.. alia farhana got the mara offer to go straight to US too.. u noe, the one like jye's n amat's got.. well, those smary pants.. ;) and well, apperently, amat got yet another offer n hes not going to US..he'll be going to france on the 19th.. hoho so now, i were to send them off, i'd have to datang klia 19 and 20.. bankrap la cmni..huhu

heyh.. gez thts all for today! later dude! mwahs!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

vextation in merriment?

just talked to shah.. feel so much better.. tnx shah!

i got the letter from UM tadik.. to my surprise, i am going to register on the 4th of june (not july, mind me) heh.. so its like im only going to be home for another 2-3 weeks and after that, i'll start a new life too, just like my friends.. went thru the offer letter reluctantly..

lawa la surat die.. warne warni babe~ heh. there are blue, green, red..n white.. banyak sgt nak kene isi.. *urgh* id have to do medical checkup, get a new pasport size pic, n buy thpse things that a campus life student have got to have.. you know, i mean the baldi, hanger, clothes pegs.. sweet huh..? u bet..

ayman msged me tadi.. 'lyla so sad cant review OC with you nemore.." somthing like that.. yup, that a bummer to me too, ayman...n gez wat, i myself only have 3 weeks to watch it, then we r equal, no more tv!~

i dunno i kinda feel excited + nervous to masok UM.. i mean can u imagine, its a U.. i feel so small.. my dad always reminds me that U life is a complete diffrent ball game from ur high skool life.. i know dad, tnx 4 the news flash.. i went to wahida's blog just now.. it seems like shes doing fine in her new college iguess it not tht bad, ryte dad? i can survive, cant i dad..?

in this mean time, im still hoping tht id get the mara scholarship..tht is said to be out this khamis now.. hehe *fingers cross* wish me luck..

ow yeah,tnx to my NBC slippers... i nearly stepped on the last night's kaca tadik...

so sorry i sound so gibberish today -mental block-

Monday, May 15, 2006

a day in blue...

huh.. i dont know whats wrong with me today.. im feeling hollow and down..


i had a nightmare last night, im not really sure what it was but i remember waking up with a bad taste in my mouth and watery eyes... woke up at 9 today, to mama's nag (of coz) 'angah, bngon2 da lambat nih..' so i woke up and did house chores (like always) and help her at dapur.. then had lunch around 1.30. and after that i went online, to check my mara interview's result (konon la) tp (like always) xde pon..

NEwS FlAsH : result kuar in this week, but not monday~ haha .. rumours really get around fast, dont they..?

so i logged in ym, n met timah and amat.. i notice that almost all of my friends had 'im on sms' status.. duh, they are in matrix! hwah, so sad, cant chat with them nemore.. wonder do they have internet access in matrix eh? i hope they do or else, my no one wud be reading my blog *sob* heh.. milo aini n mirah are in matrix now, wonder how r they doing.. ow yeah,maja n ajip too..hope they are all fine. maja,milo n aini smsed me telling they are fine in mtrix, good for them.. =)

you guys now what? amat got tht mara offer to fly straight ahead to the US without prep study in msia first! man, aint tht boi a smart-ass?~ haih.. jeles btol.. i tot hes not accepting it as i tot he really wana be a geologist (and he already got the oppor. from petronas) but he did anyway.. so sad~ sume org is leaving me~ amats leaving on the 20th of june, skali ngn jye.. if i happen to have nothing to do that day,maybe i'll send them off..

i had butterfingers all day long today..i even dropped my precious hour glass that was given to me by my crush when i was in standard 5!~ seday sgt.. pecah berderai~ n the kaca was all over my room.. i swept it away and it makes me wonder am i sweeping away all the memories i had with my old frens to0, today..? what wud happen next? wud we still be frens? i dunno.. sume org mcm on their own way skrg.. im in denial that we are all grown ups now and life must go on..

owh, i think the hour glass pieces are still there now, and for that im wearing my indoor slipper all day long, thts the only thing that makes me feel secured today..


HELLLLO.. neone there..?


Friday, May 12, 2006

one happy family at home!

im hot!!
yup.. really hot..

um, you know what i mean, panas la.. i just got back from melake, ade kendui arwah.. dang, panas gile..pukul lime pon, the eye of heaven (acewah) was still blazing like mad. hm, i guess maybe it was just me, da biase kat cheras petang2 hujan. beside the crazy wheather, the kenduri went fine. after friday prayer, some 100 peolple started to pile up at my grandma's house. there was tahlil recital n then, makan time!! hehe.. i ate a lot, seriously. pastu when the people started to clear up a little, i helped a little kat dapur. around 6pm i went out wih my aunty to buy cakes to surprise my grandma (2moro is her bday) so when we came back, we held a small party for nenek. that was the 1st time since the past few days i saw nenek gembira. she had been really sad since pak long's death. and for that, everyone had a blast well, anyway..at 9 my family and i berangkat balik kl.

ey, have i told you yet!? guess what?? i would not have to go to matrix pahang after all!! *yeay* i got an offer to go to UM (pasum) faculty of sains hayat. guess this one is better sbb later, my place in UM is secured. my cousin kate, buat medic kat sane pon bagus. so i thought, why not, kan? i decided to choose this one instead of pahang. the best part of all, classes commence on 2nd of July!! hehe so i can spend few more weeks at home. (maja, bole la lyla tngok DVC!) hehe..

hm, owh, yeah, last thursday was the day penyampaian anugerah kecemerlangan yayasan terengganu tu. my dad profusely asked me weather i want to go or not. actually i was considering his offer jugak, but then, if i were to go, i'd have to arrange everything myself.. transportation, accomodation, and so on. hm, i know it would be kinda fun and adventreous, but then again, i decided to go to melaka jugak for there is kenduri arwah. after all, amat said 'duit tu dorg simpan,dorg x buat beli sirap nyer.. nnt u tuntut la..' heh.. *ala, xjumpe amat laagi*

and i guess i made the right decision. to see my grandma happy again and getting to gather with all ur family members (the big family i mean) ;mind you mine is veeery big, including my late pak long, there is 10 siblings!; was indded so much fun ;)

later folks! xoxo..

heres my japanese foster family.. miss them..

-pray for me, this monday mara interview's result wud be out..
-hey, mother's day alert : 2 days to go.. get somthing for her dude~ i have =)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

reality bites..

hell yeah it does..

first of all, sorry taw lame x update (not tht anyone dah usha my blog *sob*s0b*) hehe.. i havent done much to this blog, so i havent tell my frens yet bout it.. tp, pikir2 balik, kalo nak tunggu my blog gmpak cam dorang nyer, alamat, x berblog la smpai da masok matrix.. hehe so today, i decided nak reveal je my grotty,abysmal blog nih.. *blush*

actually, a few ppl did ask me already 'lyla, da ade blog?' (hehe bajet femes) i was working on it all this while, i said 'no no not yet' ..my fault it was to announce to start a blog on the first hand anyway.. heh~ so,here you go my folks.. nazir! ure the 1st to read my blog i gez.. drop a comment k! ajip, u're second kot.. :)

back to my title td, yup, reality bites~

its like yesterday you have it, and to day when you wake up, baru u realize its slipping thru ur fingers.. n u cud not do anything to stop it.. world spins, time swirls, and ur life to0, must move forward.. everybody has something they have to leave behind, kan? and for me, it my life at home with tv, pc, n frens to hang out with anytime.. im talking responsibilities here, folks.. its back to school!

i woke up today realizing there are only very few days left b4 matrix commence.. so i decided to plan an outing with yaz ainul milo mirah n caca sume, tp it turned out yaz nak pg camp, ainul xley kuar on friday, n i myself da kene balik kmpung esok, ade kenduri arwah.. it hit me real hard tht i x sempat jumpe my close frens b4 pg matrix, but hey, i gez.. there always next time.. i just hope we will all stay in contact, n be frens forever.. *sedaynyeee*

uh, i m getting all corny and banal kan? xpe xpe just nak strss out how you guys, my frens really mean a lot to me.. and 4 that, i xnak hilang you all cmtu je.. =) stay in touch k! to all yg will be going to matrix (like me) kite pulun abes2 k kat sane.. 4 flat both sems~ haha.. ok!? insyaAllah..

keep checkin up on me
- later!

*al-fatihah for my pak long*

Saturday, April 29, 2006

a new blogger- her say

candy-sweet life.. nyum2

hi folks.. *big smiles* i finally have my own blog! how co0l is that.. i've been wanting to start blogging since i 1st visit gad's - the new side of alternative.. and it seems all my friends have their own blogs these days.. well however it took me sometime to start one as im not as rajin as gad is n well, starting a blog m0re less is like commiting to something..

i hope this blog will keep you and i closer, keep you updated about my life (not that many would care. i know.. but hey, i thought, why not,right, you know you want to ;) ) and more than anything will keep us in touch.. to all my friends, this blog is dedicated to you..

there are a few thing i should highlight i guess before i keep posting days onwards. here it goes..

first- this is my blog, i don't give an eff if you don't like whatever the crap i write and about to write here, no offense

next- i'll be using many languages in this blog, english, malay, spanish, tamil, n not to be forgotten my good ol' 'bahas separ-separ' haha.. so if you don't unnerstand ape-ape, drop ur comments kayh, i'll get back to you later.. and ow yeah, wan, sorry for any spelling errors! haha..

then- hey, this is more-than-just-words, that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

lastly- keep checking me up

deal, baby?

till then, love y'all! muackS!