Monday, October 27, 2008

hey, come back, i miss ur spaghetti :(

zul was here in notts over the weekends. we didnt do much really, jalan2, shopped for groceries, laze around and chat, watched hoodwinked (best gila), drillbit taylor (predictable) and guess what? he cooked for us!

gila terror ok, hands down hes a better cook than i am.

there were 7 of us, 4 tuan rumah and 3 guests, zul included. He cooked 2 western dish for us. chicken chop, and spaghetti. it was almost 3 oclock, sume dah lapar gila, xmakan dari pagi.. hehe

I : Hey (eats the chicken chop) sedap la (then spaghetti) u masak
Zul : naah.. korg jugak tolong
I : its ur recipes tho, (drinks, munch on doritos) serious~
Fatin : A'ah la Zul. Selain chicken chop and spaghetti u terrer masak apa lagi?
Zul : I cant cook malay dish sgt.. western bole la skit2
Fiqry : Ye lah org london
Zul : (sheepishly) hehe xla.. malay dish leceh seriously.
I: (spaghetti again) so, what else besides these? (nyum3)
Zul: welll.... i can cook this... uhm... apa nama die eh...
I: pizza?
Someone I Cant Really Remember Who: Fish n chips?
Zul: bukan2 die macam cake, ada lapis2.. hmmm
I: huh? cake? lapis? cake lapis lapis?
Zul: yeahhh.. yg cheese n meat then lapis lapis lapis then bake
Ramai2: ohhhh
I: (stops eating, stares at him jaw dropped) U CAN COOK LAGSANA?
Zul: Haaaa Lagsana! yup thts it!
I: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im SO gonna marry you!

Fiqry and the rest : HAHAHAHHAHAH

ps- it just occured to me this is the only pic of Zul i ever posted here... kan? hehehe *blush, signs off*

Friday, October 24, 2008


OTK (oh tuhan ku!) i just realised i actually have 2 followers! hahh sgt flattered ok :D

first off to milo n NH, i malas sgt nak buat tag u all. i cudnt find the weekend tag on NH's page (hehe baik punya alasan) n milo's tag is so leceh. i have to list 10 fav foods la, 10 things i do when im happy la. i dont have tht much of things tht i do when im happy i guess. usually i sengih n become a bit hyper n crazy. sometimes i sing or call someone randomly and borak2.hokayh n thts not even 10 yet. so i guess the tag is irrelevant to me.

i just wanted to post a few pictures tht i took in crowden, manchester last weekend. i find it so cute

:) just brings a smile to my face everytime i read and teringt the serenity of the park. comel kan? turns out org putih pon pandai pantun tau!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

her last words to me..

"hye lyla :) thank u. right now i'm ready to fight whatever may come, with Allah and everyone on my side :). keep me in your prayers kay. thanks for your support.:)"


she was only 20, full of life and always cheerful even when cancer got her. she had a big talent and a big heart to match. she was one of the bravest person ive ever known and she fought till her last breath. I admire your courage and im truly sorry for not having the chance to get to know you better for the years we've known each other. I will keep u in my prayers Insyaallah. May you rest in peace Ser.

Al-Fatihah for the graceful soul of Arwah Wan Maisara Amira. Moga di tempatkan di tmpt org2 beriman. Amin.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

just what i needed

i have some good stuff here.Click here and quote one that you like the best.

heres mine

'Your best work is you expressing yourself. Now, you might not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you're the expert in it'
-Frank Gehry


Saturday, October 11, 2008

oh, bugger.

i slept late last nite, round about 1.40 am kot. was trying to be studious but ended up bergayut dgn mama then with the boyfriend (blame uber fast internet connection here and my 600 free minutes on my mobile plan!). (-_-) so typical of me i guess. i know i'll have to change.

so anyways, i vaguely remembered i had quite a nice dream tau. smthng pasal goumet food and fine dining restaurant. thennn, tiba2! i was woken up by a freaking loud alarm. it was gila kuat ok, macam u duduk sebelah ambulance. i literally joltd up, and was feeling so confused. is it my alarm clock?, i thougt and checked, nope, its not ringing. (and i also noted its 3.30 in the morning). i even checkd my phone, ingt kan tu alarm kat phone. it took me round 30 seconds gak to realise it was actually the fire alarm that was ringing! hahah. gila mamai.

in normal condition, i'd have always assume it was only a drilll and would take my own sweet time to get down to the asssembly point. but after many talk bout safety and fire i was made to attend, i assumed it was a real fire and rushed down. kind of rush la. i wasnt dressed appropriately to terus turun obviously. so i put on a my coat and wear my scarves and lari3 turun. 50% of the dwellers dah ada kat bawah so i did pretty ok la kot. kalau betul2 terbakar n 50% selamat, id be among the selamat ones. yeay!

so there we were, all selebet and mamai, waited for 5 mins until the alarm went off, and all of us return back to our bedrooms to sleep for the rest of the night. the mat sallehs were all cursing, xpuas hati knapa drill malam2.

i was annoyed jugak la obviously. but come to think of it, fire cud happen whenever whereever kan, so xpelah, layan je lah fire drill tuh.

but still! if it wasnt a drill at all, and instead was some drunkard accidently setting the alarm off pagi2 buta tuh, i hope thay get convicted and rot in prison.

humph. now let me catch some sleep, please.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

selamat hari raya

oh what the heck, raya kan sebulan, xboleh lambat sikit? ;)

many ppl has been asking me whats it like, my 1st raya far,far away from the ones i love. i thoungt its not gonna be much differance but when i 1st heard the takbir raya in the university musolla, i did my very best to held back n blink back my tears.the answer is quite simply, to put it mildly, raya away from family is very sad.
unlike malaysia, we here in nottingham raya a day earlier and on the raya day itself, i have full letcures, from 9 to 5 consisting of serious stuff like Human Development, Molecular Basis of medicine and even boring stuff like public health and evidence based medicine.
yes! we wore baju kurung tht day to calss. it was very windy tht day n it was super cold but lantak la i nak rayaaaa, xkesahhhh..

then balik2 terus selsema. hahah

later tht night, we did some kind of open hse and called the medics to makan2 at our place. it turnd out to be pretty fun and rasalah sikit macam raya. the following day, barulah ktorg ada free time and went beraya to the seniors house. there was also malaysian soc nyer party n islamic soc nyer eid celebration. tho it was nothing close to celebrating raya with family member, at least we all, stick together for the early raya days and bersedih n bergembira bersama2. for the weekends, fiqry alifa n i went down to london to meet up with the others n beraya kat malaysian hall pulak. this one feels a bit more raya like, with the songs, kekecohan, and oily malaysian food.
i also get to see the boyfriend again after so long. he kept me accompanied thruout my stay in london and it felt so good to spent days like this with someone very close to heart. i also got to meet his sister and we went out for a hearty big dinner malam raya ke 4 tuh :)

back at notts, some warwick friends also came down to notts for raya celebration and we did quite a bit of jalan2 malam2 raya to pg to fun fairs and stuff, just to keep the happy mood going. so yeah, thts pretty much how raya is like for me this year...

come to think of it, we all work hard to make raya feels like raya over here. despite everything, at times, i still feels tht void in my heart when i listen to the lagu2 raya.

has raya loses its magic?

or maybe its just the time of the month for me..
selamat hari raya, readers, maaf zahir dan batin...