Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the truth is...

oh god i feel so baddddddd

i was doing chemistry when someone added me up on YM tadik. i approved and i was gonna ask the fella dia tu siapa. heres how the converstion went

the poor guy/girl (TPG) : ni laila pauzy ke?

(i thought.. oh kawan i kot.. kenal i from somewhere)

(so i replied.....)

me : whore u


TPG : erk ko asal?

and then only i realised i mis typed who're u? as whore u! damnnn

and when i nak reply TPG saying imsorry, the ever volatile college internet went down! bleahhh..

now internet dah ok, TPG isnt online anymore..... :(

TPG if ure a reader of my blog, im sorrryyy. im bad at spelling u know that dont u?

*sigh* truth is.. im never good at being bitchy


gotta run back to orgo. toodles.

i love chem i love chem i love chem

Saturday, April 26, 2008

am i that invisible?

i am not at all in a good mood. i might be a little bitchy the whole day. heck maybe even the whole week.beware.

its a short weekend. so short we didnt even realise we have one kan. classes end at 1 oclock saturday and begin again at 8 oclock Monday. *sigh*

the week past was full with dramas. in the law students clique and also in yours truly medic nerds. case closed anyway. thanks to firdaus amaran for enlightening us to the truth through his blog. and to Asma for being heroic and give her a wake up call. i wanna be brave like you.

erkk *snif sniff* i smell smthng burning. like the smell in the HUKM operating theater. the testicle removal operation.

ill update later when my moods better. gonna go check what the burning smell is. maybe someone is losing his balls?

oh btw kan, i watched the whole operation processes. so i know how to do it. :) dont mess with me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I need to reorganize my mind. Revivification much needed. Restart. From scratch. Complacency is the biggest enemy. Big ugly monster. Distractions are most definitely not welcomed. Take my hand and guide me please, God. It is a long road. Long, windy road. Give me strength. I need You.

A friend of mine is diagnosed with lung cancer. Its her birthday today. Happy birthday dear. God, please grant her health and happiness. Fight back Ser. Cause we are all fighters.

Monday, April 14, 2008

one of a kind weekend

so we had a very long weekend last saturday and i decided to take all my mateys plus one back home :) the trip started when aina's dad picked us up at coll and dropped us at KKB KTM station. i never knew the station exsisted actually. turns out its pretty new still squeaky clean and not many commuters too. (no pickpockets whatsoever too i assume) we waited and waited and finally the train arrived. hopped straight onthe coach closest to us and suddenly the train announcer suruh we all pindah coach depan skali sbb dorg nak bukak aircond and lampu kat satu coach je. yes, good ppl. jimat cermat amalan terpuji. so yeah we seret back all our stuff all the way to the front coach.

so there we were happily seated on the air conditioned for 20mins (the train was getting more and more crowded by tht time )or so and thenn kannn train tu stop!! and the announcer freaking suruh ktorg turun sbb keretapi rosak pulak : by that time i dah super penat bersesak2 plus my traumatic experince kene pickpocket inside a crowded train lagi. sgt tensi ok.

anyway. they had to change trains andall but finally after about 45 mins kot the situation was under control (konon2nye) so once again we had to berasak2 naik train and ohwhat a tragedy when only 4 of the 8 of us got in the 1st train and another 4terpaksa naik the next train. due to extreme tolak-menolak scene nak naik the 1sttrain, me aina husna n dayh decided to backed off and just wait for the nxt train whichthankfully arrived only 15 mins after the 1st.

after another half an hour maybe all 8 of ussafely got to our 1st destination of the weekend; yes ppl we're nerds, the bookfair! :D i searched for a few books on my list in vain and ended up witha couple of paperbacks by unheard of authors. Minus the crowd i actually think the bookfair isntthat bad. tapi kan it was super duper tiring la : we hadour lunch at the mall.

thru out the day at least 2 strangers tego i with greeting like 'hi dik, baru kluar AF ke?' i brushed them off and walked ahead, a little confused. pikir punya pikir kan, rupa-rupanya.... i got those comments from them strangers sebabbbb.. sebabbbbb... ive been pulling my trolley bag to and fro up and down the escalators, thru the crazy crowd,all the way thru the bookfair!! hahaahah! no wonder (-_-) and there i thought they mistook me for some strikingly beautiful singer *bluek, perasan* hehehhehe.. anyway, yep, i tarik my bag everywhere dari dalam train smpai kat bookfair! mcm nak tercabot ok my hands :

to make long story short, i then took nad dayah fada n ija home. aina n tikah went back to coll n husna slept overather aunt's. On Sunday, the sleepover ppl meet upagainat klcc andguess what
ktorg pg aquaria! hehehe. it was actually very nice. i get a close up and personal look to sea creatures like sting ray sharks, turtles.

owh, and did you guys know unlike the name suggested, aquaria isnt just about sea cratures. therearemonkeys, snakes, insects (tarantulas milipedes, and all the yucky yet intersting stuff) are there too.

the whole purpose of aquaria is to actually give visitors a gist of what our rich land of malaysia has to offer. in that around 2 hour tour, we were brought to see all sorts of living animals in the land of Malaysia from underthe water, to the coastline, the rivers and also the rain forest. information bout the conservation programme for each species and where those speciescanbe found are all avilable on the touch screen beside each exhibition. and of course, i take a look here and there where i find interesting. (think biodiversity and consevation,bio ppl) the visit was very informative and i enjoy alright.

so yeah, tht pretty much sums it up. we did one heck of a shopping spree after that strolling up and down of klcc a few times looking for birthday present and stuff. but thts besides the main point. i think i spent some good quality time with them girls after the oh so stressful exam week. despite the blisters on our feet from the two day non stop walking, we all had some serious fun. and not to mention, serious fooling around too ;)

love u gals ;)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


i hate nescafe. but i drank it anyway just now so tht i cud stay up with the intention to do a bit of maths revision. but heres where ive been in front of the monitor from 12-3 am surfing the net, watched forrest gump again, blog and stare at the screen. i hate nescafe

i hate my laptop. someone pls go throw it in the saad square kolam. but wait! kolam tu dah xadaaa!!dah demolishh kan? i heard he who must not be named mants the kolam to be H in shape rather than the good ol S. hahah.. even if its true im not surprised. the point is actually, i hate la my laptop.

i think i love exams. :) it makes me hate nescafe and laptop and all that jazz, the bad things in life.