Saturday, August 30, 2008

and yes,

i successfully passed my driving test, but i dont feel happy even a bit..

horror, terror

i lost my Identification Card, MasterCard, Giro Card, My L, My P evidence, yhe RM 1 note Eja folded into a heart shape, the boyfriend's love notes, movie tickets, yaz's boomerang, pasport pics of myself with all smiles.

i also lost my phone.

and all this happens when i was performing my prayer at midvalleys surau.

im out of tears.

contact me now at 012-*9*9512 the asterisked numbers are the same as my prev phone num's. fiqry, alifa, jannah n fatin, pls contact me.

Please, to those reading, pray i manage to complete redoing all this in time n can still go to the UK by the 13th...

Please god, Please, Please, please.... :'(

Monday, August 18, 2008

things you really should try (all in a day) to have fun n spend quality time with family members and make you feel good.

1) google on the net for cupcakes recipe, taram je, give it a go. then decorate sesuka hatily with ur little sisters n a crazy brother if possible. (the decorations can be as silly as you want it to be. the sillier, the merrier)

2) go do the fish spa, again! n feel clean n yucky at the same time.
3) get a new spectacles! a geeky one is not a bad choice i say.

4) just simply eat durians! kan milo? durian is a girls bestest fren. ;)

5) have a hearty dinner, take lots of pictures with family members.
and finally, be grateful for what you have cause the only way to feel happy and contented is when u appreciate what is around you. :)
i haven't been updating seriously for quite sometime dah and tonight i kinda am in the mood to blog. i have pretty much lose the flair in writing (or maybe mmg xpnah ada pon)

there have been times that my bro laugh at me at for my stupid n critical grammatically incorrect sentences i say to him. this one evening i was mad at him bout something n i practically shouted "heyy along, did u did this? did u did this??? did u?" *angry face and all* then tibe2 we both fell silent n he laughed n walkd away "i didnt did that, angah".

so u get the point kan. my kemahiran berbahasa bahasa apa2 pon sekali, sgt teruk. oh well who cares, right, i just wanna deliver my point :P

ummm okayh. there has been sooo many on goings currently. for instance i am now a proud L lisence holder! *do the dance*
driving classes however, is a pain in the ass. :( i could never get clutch control right and not being able to cam jalan doesnt help either. theres 2/3 classes left until my real JPJ exam day. im really hoping i get it right on the day itself, lepas tu xkesah la kan, ima drive an auto anyway.

for those who still didnt know, cewah, i have passed my alevel with flying colours, alhamdulillah and my unconditional offer letter has arrived. im now busy preparing the forms to submit to yt for the new contract n then i think its visa hassle plak.

im still clueless as t what to buy before i get there despite the nice seniors guide from the MOC. i know i wanna start shopping but i dunno where to begin! x) heheh.

so yeah, im very excited bout the whole going to overseas to study medicine thingy but at the same time, truth to be told, im also very nervous. i mean, imagine leaving behind ur family n country for 5 years to come back as a supposedly much, much better person with a medical degree and ready to give back to society.

i say man, that is one big responsibility i have to take with open hands and big heart. lets hope we all can make it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008



im speechlesss..

so much to do now, so little time but im glad, very, very glad.