Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Med Studens make lousy, paranoid, hypochondriac patients.

I was feeling a bit under the weather last week. i got tired really easily and close friends made remarks that i seemed a wee bit quieter. I just felt generally unwell and well to be fair last week was indeed quite hectic.

On friday just before going to class, i went thru the refrigirator to find something to bawak bekal pergi sekolah. yes call me old fashioned but i bring packed lunch from home almost everyday. its just a whole lot easier, cost effective and i dont have to keep eating the boring egg/tuna sandwiches sold at the cafe. So i found this last piece of garlic/corriander nan bread. it was 3 days passed its used by date but wth right, its not mouldy, and its in the peti sejuk. i was sure its not gonna kill me. So i poped it into the oven and bawak bekal pergi skolah with some chicken strips :) yeay!

Well, to put it simply, kill me it didnt, but it made me suffer so bad i was on bed most of the weekend! I had bouts of fever and had to go to the toilet countless of time and had this very severe stomach cramps that made me feel so helpless cause nothing i did make it better so i just groaned n sulked, burying my face in the pillow wishing id never eaten the naan. Ok i may have dramatized it a lil but i swear it was so so sakit! :(

So anyways on monday i was feeling a bit better. Coincidentally, that day, we had a lecture about gastroenteritis and we were feasted with all the statistical data of all sorts of bacteria and viruses roaming around that could give you terrible stomach infections that makes you really ill and and some might even lead to death :O

it goes without saying what i did next. i was really concerned and went to see the GP. I explained to the GP all my symptoms in great detail and he did the abdominal examinations on me to rule out appendicitis. i was even set to give him my stool sample but thankfully he didnt think he needed it just yet, since my symptoms was pretty mild and i appeared normal and healthy. Hahaha! lega okay! Mcm mana nak bg stool sample kalau u ada diarrhea btw eh?

ok maybe we all would rather not think bout it.

So basically he reassured me it was nothing serious and i just have to go home drink lots of water and come again if the symptoms dont resolve by the end of the week. He didnt prescribed me anything but gave me thisA patient information leaflet! :D hehehe how cute right! Alhamdulillah im feeling a lot lot better today and hopefully i wouldnt have to go to the Gp again and give my stool sample :S

Later alligators!