Friday, September 24, 2010


They say writing can be therapeutic. I think i can use a bit of therapy right this moment.

I have been meaning to write over the summer. I even put the last post as summer story - 1. Implying that there was going to be story 2 3 and so on. And i really thought there was gonna be. Apologies for that.

Ive had such a good time over the summer. I got to meet some friends; old and new. Reconnected with family members i usually rarely spoke to and spending quality time with especially my mom; getting down to talk more about real world stuff, stuff about growing up, my future the uncertainties of it all and figuring out what i really want in life and what are the priorities. I enjoy these talks with Mama. It is even better when i get to share it with the other half - and have him helping me paint the picture of the future. It was nice and comforting.

I didnt really go out do the hu-ha happy kinda stuff so much this time around. Instead i found myself learning a lot of little things taught by many people from unassuming strangers (projek kalsom esp. but more on that later) to my very own flesh and blood that is family members. Things that touch your heart, things that is far more important than what is taught in the textbooks.

So when I came back to the UK last week, Id like to think of myself as a different, more motivated (wo)man. A grown up and more matured self, ready to take on the world with positiveness, always remembering to count my blessings and remain unperturbed, full with gusto for life, even when faced with the worst case scenarios.

A few days has passed now. And Im getting more and more caught up with the stresses of daily life and bogged down with worries i know i shouldnt have. It has been a really really rough week for me (dont get me started) and i need to constantly remind myself that this too, shall pass. I dont want the joys, lessons and self discoveries i made in the last 3 months got blown away and forgotten in this trivial mess that I know, shall pass.


More updates and picture of my new house when i feel less moody. till then