Monday, January 29, 2007

Back to busy-ness

i havnt been updating for so long, blame mr.blogger.. *boooo* i have no idea why would they want us to accsess to our blogs with a google account now.. why oh whY? i mean like its such a fuss for us tht doesnot have google account yet. so there i was for the last 2 weeks creating a google account for myself in vain (now, blame the college s.l.o.w wireless intrernet connection) even when im typing this im not sure whether it could be posted *sigh* i suppose Mr. Blogger must have some joint venture with the google company, maybe... (like, google is such a succesful search engine and has a lot of users so does so they kinda take advantage on each other's fame) ahh.. what do they call it? economies of sclae..? hehe.. all the economic jargons.. owh, have i told you guys, im takibg business studies for my AS level. well, the subjects is kinda interesting as it revolves about everthing aroud us and it kinda makes me think more and know more. the dawnfall of this subject howevwer is the previous exam results of the seniors is said to be ve-ry bad so that kinda worries me.. but then again Mr. K said.. dont have the sentiment of that the subject is hard and it'd be hard to score and such.. just do your best.. yeah, as 'easy' as he said it, now om working my butt off to memorize all the business terms, believe me, it' killing my neurons day after day...

ow, wait up.. nuff bout all the whine...


mama called the other day and told me,
apperrently, my uncle that lives in Switzerland had somehow find my blog and been reading it on dayily basis as a reading material for the whole family!! heh there i go.. busted big time baybeyh~


to azrai, mak ai, kak min, nisa, and uncle yunos.. er? hehe hm, nope i dont have a bf lah.. *wink* live you all miss you all keep in touch kayh!

got same sapphire work to be done for bangsawan! ttyl! bye!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

mythbusters :)

here's what i got from the 1st day of the new termm....

the naked TRUTH....


1) Admission to medical school is not just another petty hassle like what the engineering students would face (PS, applications, click send, tadaaa.. there u got all 6 offers from the 6 U’s u applied to.. yeay!)...

no its not like tht.. It is extreeeeeemely harder (read : 18 international students per U, PS,UCAS, UKCAT, interviews and the list goes on…)

2) It is NOT Ok to play tennis on the court when Aimran and Adif is playin on the other court.. unless u don’t mind Adif asking you ‘girls,is this ur 1st try at tennis?’ (read : use the john wall next time…oh yeah, and give it up when the guys ask ‘korg nak main lagi ke? Weáll nak main futsal la’) how mortifying...

3) MPH is the place to get the sports equipment, gym, ping pong or badminton only…nopey… the tangga is also a gooooood place to lepak lepok and laugh kuat2 and talk about the stuuupidest things with your girlfrens J (ie : when you were younger, what did ur parents told you when you ask them “ma, camne nak buat baby?”) giggles~

And that is so much more fun than making fun of yourself main tennis after a year x pegang raket tennis and all you have to do is serve, then,,, walla! Carik bola dlm longkang!!…

4) NONE of the 55 9.5 batchers is from mrsm lngkawi.. hehhe .. baguih gak.. kalo ade nak ngaku ke I from sane eh..? hm……

5) When you have a bf in the same coll as you are and you both had a blast during the hols and he promised you ‘coll wont be tht bad, at least we got to see each other evryday’ b4 going back to coll, well… you should know what to expect from him when he is busy most of the time… (on a +ve thinking way of viewing this; ah well you’d have to get use to this he’ll be gone anyway next sem….) (read : I just simply miss u)

6) If you think MR. Zabed is tough and hard on you… embrace urself .. pn. Laili is on your way… n shes waaaaaay strict-er than my beloved mr.zabed

7) Dr. Bano will never fail to give you hw questions even just an exersice or two… live with it shayang~

8)Next week, we do, will have tests – business, chem. N maths…! Great…! :D

9) lampi-ness reflects how genius you are… really, guys..

10) oh and yeah…the café still hasn’t changed… still lembap mcm siput like last sem.. we might as well name the café ‘çafe seribu tahun’ …

Its good to be back, isn’t it…?

Saturday, January 13, 2007


You know what my biggest problem nowadays is?

im suffering from the penyakit of being INDECISIVE.. and the worse part is, last2 i made the wron decision!


something is wrong with me nowadays.. i cudnt seem to make up my mind fast when there is time constrain.. :(

td pegi shopping barang kat tesco.. bli barang2 nak bawak balik coll sumer.. dah bli2 everything mama and i i pon pgla beratur kat cashier.. my god org ramai giler.. kat dpn ktorg ada like 6 or 7 org lagi.. the chinese are preparing for CNY... so anyway, bile dah tinggal a couple of ppl je b4 us, mama baru teringt she wanted to buy juice for breakfast... so mama suruh i pg and get it quickly while she Q.. so i pon pegi to the drinks section and pick up a bottle of Sunkist orange juice.. on my way back to mama, it suddenly crosses my mind.. 'owh, ryte.. maybe i should've amik Peel Fresh its not very sour, masam2 xelok for perut pagi2 too acidic..' so i patah balik and pick up a PF orange.. then i terfikir plak 'hm.. tp kan, kalo xnak masam2 i might as well xyah amik orange je..' so i picked up a mango.. then i went back and forth lak nak amik brand apa.. then i saw apple juice, white grape, black current, and yadayadayada...

then tibe2 i terfikir.. uhm.. well.. kalo nak fikit nutritionan value sume , naik i amik milk je la.. after all its for breakfast... and.. yap, i foolishly pick up a box of fuul cream dutch lady and pg balik kat tmpat mama... and u guessed it.. mama dah sudah bayar dah.. and she was no where in sight dah.. so there i was beratur balik sorg2 with some more 3 4 apek and amoi kat dpn me with a kotak of susu in my hand, n i'd have to pay with my own money...

after bayar i pon pg carik mama..then mama tnya what juice did i get for her.. i showed her the milk... and mama went like... 'juice, juice, not milkkkkkkk~ kat rumah ada lagi 2 kotak susu okay? mama suruh bli juice kan?' and i was like... 'ryte.. why did i end up with this? oh, ya, the calcium vitamins and all the crap concerns!!' and when i was about to tell mama about all the nutritional value in susu i tot 'ryte thts why theres another 2 kotak susu kat rumah and we dont need 3!! we need a kotak of fruit juiceeeeeeeee!!'

and there i was again beratur kat 7e dpn rumah buying sekotak jus mangga peel fresh thanks to mama for the clear and consice insructions...

i have a feeling i need a loooooot of help in the begginning this new term...........


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mic test 1, 2..

i dont really know what to blog about but the things that top my mind right now is;

1) saya kesian sgt2 kepada raja amila.. saya benar2 tidak memahami mengapa kah mila sentiasa mendapat lelaki brenset! i mean such nice girl, pastu dapat bf yg sgt cam hampeh... well La at least he's an ex now.. be strong yeah! always here 4 you... ingt nak ajak die online n borak2 but the monitor mila meletop lak (wth) hehe... u have some fun at perlis keyh?

2) what happend to milo scares me.. guess we never really should really trust anybody. nay~ not a single soul except ur family and well, yourself! sometimes even bestes of frens could be not true to you (ouch tht kinda hit me too.. maybe, i shouldnt have get milo involve n be a true fren to tell her myself..)*sigh* sorry La…

3) well, I just got to know that apparently, a few of my college frens do read my blog and they said that I am angau.. am i? Mane ade la :p heh.. I mean srusly, do my posts show that im lovesick? Well if they do, let me clarify this; im notttttt!!! (milo must geleng kepala baca nih – haih in denial budak sorg nih) well, I know how annoying ppl could get when all they talk about is their crushes or partners .. so if my posts are annoying you guys, pls let me noe?

4) college reopening is just around the corner.. my hw is progressing (like, finally) nevertheless, theres still a long way to go.. baru 60% done I guess.. xpe2 smpat lagi.. 5 more days!!!

5) wonder btulke college start hari Selasa? So balik hari Isnin? Hm.. pelik2…

6) excited to start a new term at college! This sem I’ll be taking my AS! God, *nervous* xboleh main2 dah!!

Thts all for now.. take care y’all..

Ps- wow im seeing mr.Vroege, PN KAT, Dr. Bano etc etc etc I n less than a week!! J.O.Y!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome 2007

its still not too late to wish you all avery happy new year :) for those who screwed up last year, turn on a new leaf and start over and for those who had a good life in 06, well, may this year be as good if not better :)...

as for me, my 06 wasnt so bad.. got my SPM result which the happiness still etced in me till now, alhamdulillah, had a oh-so-long holiday that i got to do really feel whats being penganggur is like (talk about gap year) went to series of interviews, met new frens along the way, got to meet mak ai and uncle yunos whom i havent seen for almost 3 years i guess, then enrolled in a coll (tho far,far away, still, its one heck of a place), meet meny,meny interesting people, learn to be more open and accepting, learn to be appreciative, competitive and all... and towards the end of the year, a found him, which i think had over all concluded my 06 picture purrfect ly..

tho some bad things had happend in the last week of 07, im still up and praying to make my 07 to be a better year, :) and just like in 2006, by the end of the year, i hope i'd have i'll have good things to share with you guys gak..

HAPPY NEW YEAR, y'all... :)

OMG- lame gile kot i xupdate sampai td nak log in i terlupe what my blogger pword is.. heheh.. dont blame me... kabel dasar laut terganggu kerana gempa bumi yang berlaku di Taiwan :p hehe