Friday, October 27, 2006

Raya! Raya!

as im updating this, its already the 4th of syawal, but still, the joy of raya has still not worn off, for most ppl la.. the kids around my housing area still wears their high hells, new colourful clothes, and walk around with their cute small handbags, i assume to collect duit raya. =) as for me, raya celebration has pretty much slows down.. mane taknye, bukak new term nih tros internal exam.... jeez... srus cuak gile.. havnt start a thing in preparation for exam~ *Sigh*

okay,okay.. lets not whine... its raya, isnt it? my raya this year went (or should i use 'is going') very seronokly... we went back to terangganu and also melaka... one of all the good things, it seems that as i grew older, my duit raya seems to bertamabah bnyk too =) now im back in cheras, curik2 gune my bro's lappy.. i havnt got one :( modem computer lak rosak, my adik lupe nak plug off b4 balik kampung and lighting struck the modem... y and such...

if theres anybad thing about raya, it would be my diet.. i rase i makan baaaaaanyak giler.. hehe. .but, thts kinda good too kan? sbbi could get fatter!! yeeehaa!! i just hope i get fatter healthyly not gaining fat and so cholestrol that would block off my artery.. *fear*

anyway, just wanna wish everyone slamat hari raya... 4 words the might have hurtd, for days i let you down for all my wrongdoings, and everything im sorry, form the very bottom of my heart kayh!.. uhm, especially regarding my last post, to all the guys yang terase, i mintak maaf kayh.. tgh emo sket time tuh.. hehe..

got to go.. n start study!!!! u guys doakan i bole bwat eh xam nih!! okay bye now! slamat hari raya again!!

blue in pagi raya,

Monday, October 16, 2006

the Y chromosome..Nature's boon or curse?

today bio masuk chapter baru, nuclear division.. its gamete, allels, chromosomes and all those sort of things again. i like this chapter, a lot, in fact it is among the chapters i enjoyed learning the most of all the 10 subjects i took for my SPM level. so let me give you a piece of my mind on this chapter, and beyond...

the Y chromosome, as we all know, only exist in the homosapien sp. of those from mars, namely, the men. their other pair of the sex chromosome is X, which deduce their sex chromosomes to XY.. meanwhile in women, the sex chromosomes are XX.. mr, vroege joked about how he thinks tht Y chromosomes in men has actually made able men to be better drivers, and the Y chromosomes has wipe out certain traits in a men such as the traits of the ability to nag, n shopping frivolously.. and most offensive af all, he said the Y chromosome holds the traits that determines your intelligence! bottom line, he joked that men are better than women... well, mr.vroege, you're Dutch, tall handsome and hot but im not excusing you for joking such ridiculous idea..

since when men are better drivers than women? isnt men are the one who is always impatient on road and curse all the dirty words inside the car, in front of their children? they honk like mad, swerve to the right, overtake the ppl in front and wave their middle finger outside the window. or is it i somehow have missed the latest statistic stating that most of the road accidents are caused by women? and wait, the mat rempits are mostly guys, ryte?

what is wrong with shopping then? dont blame us if you are too stingy to spend an amount of money for self-pampering. and who told you to follow us on shopping sprees? get this right boys, we'd rather go shopping with our girlfrens wic could give us helluva better time while shopping than you would- with that stuck up face and lines like 'honey, if we balik now we could still catch the last 30 mins of the EPL you know... ' god. you guys are pathetic!!! hello, guys, we shop till we drop cause we can afford it.. we never ask you to tag along, cause we know you could never be as tough as we are to walk around for hours to choose the best, in our stilletoes... they say, if you cant beat em, join em, but i say, if you cant even join em, youre done, bye bye! get a life, please?

excuse us now, not all women nag.. even if some does thay do it because they care, they do it because they know something is wrong and they should do something about it, at least they voice it out, and try to fix the problem..

then intelligence? shame, shame.. they are not even intelligent enough to have a sense of respect and be sensetive! if all men are intelligent they would have the decency not to commit adultery, say..okay, so in our context, to play around with other peoples feelings and be a jerk. now it gets personal (when i say person-al note that im addressing this to a certain person) like if you already has a girlfren, act like you already do. dont go aroud kissing other girls and hold their hands and think that you are so hot, that everyone wants u, and that you could do anything to anyone you want to do anything to. my god you are so a jerk...


for the last part, im being unfair i know.. not all men are like that, but the fact that i know a guy like that, ( i thought i know him) does not make men any better than we the women are. we all stumble sometimes, we all make mistakes.. wther you are the one who commit the crime, or you are the victim, we all do stumble.. and i for one would always stand back on my feet.. to sesape yang terase of any part of this post, im not sorry.. you should think about it, think about it hard, the world spins you know.. sooner or later, what goes around, will definitely comes around.. and then only you'll noe you are the one who should be sorry... i hate you..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Almost.. but doesn't counted..

sekejap je dah halfway through puasa kan? today dah masuk 16th day of ramadhan... so far, im liking it being at coll during ramadhan... buat me rajin sket pg tarawih.. plus kat sini kurang sket la pembaziran bli makanan kat bazar ramadhan cuz we don have one here.. ade tu ade la tp satu hari 2 3 booth je bukak dpn dh and sometimes mmg cekik darah gak la budak2 tu fundraising.. (jo puts it as day-time robbery)

lesson is going so-so.. agak cuak for the coming internal exam though.. 4th day of raya will be having practical bio, then ade IELTS, maths.. chem xde exam kot, thats what i heard.. not feeling well, mentally... sad anxiety depression > SAD ...dont ask why, i dunno gak.. shud've pegi all the talks time HAW and figger what to do now ( right! ).. i tell or keep it to myself? do i cry or laugh? feels like im missing something.. like, i lost someone.. but then, how is it possible to lost someone, when you dont even own that someone at the 1st place...? ryte..? guess i'll get over it.. better be quick...

s'cuse me for the randomness and mixed-up-ness of this post... thats how im feeling ryte now... *sigh*