Wednesday, February 20, 2008

worth the wait

its so scary from 14th feb up until today, four of my close friends called me up (or stormed into my chalet teary eyed) for my shoulders to cry on all for the same reason; having a breakup. its hard to see ur toughest girl friend or machoest guy friend bawling for his or her loved ones after all those years they were happily together. to baim especially, hold ur head up high mate, shes the one at loss and to nad, hes not worth even a milisecond of ur time. i know its easy for me to say but believe me, ive been in ur shoes and it hurts big time. but time heals and yes, yes, yes, you will find someone else sooner or later and someday u'll laugh thinking how cud u fall for the person who dont even know how to appreciate you. u'll find someone much,much, better and someone you could trust to give away ur heart to again. lifes a journey, you learn it when ure through.

anyway, college life is a deja vu now. its tht time of the year where the older batch stepped down and give way for the juniors to fill in their shoes. SC election, MUSCOM, clubs comm and what not. kinda fun to see all the politics goingaround and propagandas posted on FSter Veritas in DH n cafe, RC. tapi at the same time its kinda sad because this marks tht our time here is almost up. though im not very fond of everything here, there are still some things tht are very close to heart. Again, lifes a journey, we have keep moving foward, dont we?

on a more serious note, i know its time to go fuul blast on my studies. Alevel is only inches away and im kilometers behind in term of preparation. oh btw, i finally got offers from notts and soton. both want AAB. yeay so happy :)

im going to teluk batik this weekend. :)) then monday balik ada chem test :((
better start writing apology letter to ms shree awal2 eh?

heheh. ttyl peeps.

later peeps

Thursday, February 07, 2008

guess what did i do today?

i went thru the whole day without eating meat. i survived on fruits n veggies only! :) crazy kan?

i just felt like testing to feel how vegetarians diet is like. plus i have a feeling my body can use some detoxification.

i woke up early went jogging and ate lots of bananas for breakfast. sup sayur n nasik for lunch and vegetarian pizza for lunch. in between i snack inwith fruits fruits and fruits.

i actually felt good bout myself :) i feel lighter, and amaze at my will to tolak chicken wings, squids and ikan masak sambal during lunch.

the downsideof it is probably towards the evening tu mmg rasa sgt penat n lapar. i wonderhow vegetarians can do it every single day of their life. salute lah

tho i think its smthg healthy to be doneonce in a while, i decided im not gonna do this again anytime soon. i miss eating real. (we're talking sugar spice chicken and kari ikan mama here.)

as for now,i think i better pop the chicken nuggets, french fries and drumstick in the kuali and have a little celebration ;)

wanna join? :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

here and there

alhamdulillah i finally got an offer frm notts :) my next task now that ive secured a place is to work my back off to meet the grades. they want AA in bio n chem n B in maths. and tht is definitely not a piece of cake.

i watched atonement last two days. its a good movie i think. its the kind of movie with minimal amount of talking and its up to you how you interpret it. i think like titanic, it'll be an all time favourite (sad) love story. tht said,i still think its a bad move i watch it when im emotionally quite unstable. i think im gonna watch it again, with him around tho :) (oh, yes i can be this mushy) ithink everyone should watch (or read) it. un less u have a heart of stone, ure guaranteed to at least be moved by the storyline.

sapphire lost bangsawan but i enjoy this bangsawan way more than last years :) congrats to topaz and

milo, jgn gedik. topaz won = every topazian won la dey :) congrats to you too.

firdaus amaran, get over it already dear. rejoice, we have notts now.

fiqry, stop being kiasu n share with us the good news.

zul! *mumbles* sorry, len kali i xnangis tibe2 dah after watching a movie.

yaziraa!! yesss! yes! yre right! my new house is next to muiz's!! hahahah jgn jeless :p

im back home for cny break! yeeehaa :) i have a feeling not too much of hanging out this time around, mates. got a lot already on my plate to handle.