Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Summer Story - 1

25/6/2010 – Cafe Nero, London Heathrow Airport; a steamy cup of hot choc, a roasted tomato Panini and an oversized double chocolate cookies. We talked and laughed until it was time for me to board. He sent me off until the security gate, my heart heavy, my mouth dry. At the risk of tearing up, i said my goodbye, hastily, and walked to the security gate. I got pass the security personnel, a Pakistani lady with a kind smile and she said ‘Apa khabar?’ as she cheked my passport and ticket. I smiled and nodded, joined the queue. I methodically took my laptop out, my phone, keys, coins and put them onto the conveyor belt. ‘Belt, keys, necklaces or earrings, madam?’ A big man motioned to the container in front of me. I touched the red heart shaped Swarovski crystal on my chest, ‘No’ and I remembered to look back. But I couldn’t see him, there were too many people, the queues were obstructing my view. Damn.

26/6/2010 – In a couple of hours, i’ll be in Malaysia! So far I’ve watched Dear John (which was so-so), Up (so good i even teared up a little! Haha!) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (how does Brad Pitt manage to look so hot and so old at the same time?) and Edward Scissorshand- it amazes me how i used to think this story is so cool 10 years ago but now that i watched it again its only plain, almost stale even.

I surreptitiously chose all JB songs and put it on my InFlight entertainment playlist, praying to Dear God nobody sees this. Suddenly, Elizabeth, a girl I just knew 10 hours ago, tapped on my shoulder, ‘I nak pergi toilet, sorry’ I stood up and made way for her. :O Harap2 die tak nampak!


A pakcik helped me with my 30-kilo luggage. I pulled my trolley, craning my neck looking for some familiar faces. I felt like I was in a movie. The scene where long lost family members were about to be reunited for the first time after years. Heheh. Then I saw them. Waving and smiling. Familiar, much loved faces. ‘Mama!! ’ We hugged and made our way to the car, chattering away. Ahh, home is indeed where the heart is J