Monday, November 27, 2006

anywhere but here....

its 5 days before the holiday begins.. i cant wait.. since exam was over weeks ago, i mcm dah xde mood nak absorb sume lesson in classes... i want a break! gimme a break!! nak balik! nak cuti! nak pg holiday! nak shopping! nak pg cinema! nak hang out with friends! nak hang out with him!



wednesday-class again

thursday- end of sem dinner

friday- class!!!!!! c'mon let us go back already!!!!

saturday- parents day!! home at last... cant wait!!!!

i wana post my review and thoughts on the whole 1st semester of my life here in this lovely beringin valley (god it sound posh! wawawa) tp skrg the sem hasnt ended just yet.. wait eh?


dear time, can you pass by me ever so quickly?? pleaaaaseeeee???

-out- -out- -out-

Saturday, November 18, 2006

sleeping with the lights on..

tibe-tibe teringat kat Anas.. the other day at the cafe, he asked wheather or not i believe in Karma. i said yes. what goes around comes around. if you do something good, u'll get something good in return and otherwise. its like yin and yang. black and white, hot and cold, everything has the balance. life is justified, and fair..

remember i told you last week was among the best week i ever had, the bbq party, madly in love feelings, birthday celebration and all.. well, this couple of days back i guess is the payback..

1) i have family problems. conflicts, dilemma -and no mum and dad is not getting a divorce. its about my brother. and also my dad, my mum..the whole big family, its about expectation, probabilities, hopes, dreams, ruining ur second chance, and most of all, about failures... and me, im stuck in the middle, not knowing where do i stand in the whole situation whether i should remain silent, or be the peacemaker. and one thing is for sure. the pressure is now on me to build back up a shattered dream.

2) my grandma is sick, very sick.. shes in her early 70's.. she is now in the intensive care unit of Hosp. Kuala Terengganu... mum called yesterday, she said. 'kakak, doalah bnyk2 for her, hope for the best..' i know better than her assuring words- do not to hope for the best i might just be shattered to pieces if somthing bad happen. I told myself ' prepare for the worst'

3) he said somthing to me last night. i know he is right. it hurts. i just dont know what is the right thing to do. i told myself over and over again i was such a fool to fall in love. and when the only person that could make u stop crying is the one who makes u cry. you just couldnt seem to stop crying....

i thought you said you never wanna hurt me, you just did. and worst of all, its not even your fault, its mine, for falling in love with you..

" its like yesterday i had everything and everyone i love aroud me. n suddenly, its slipping through my fingers, one after another...''

''im sorry''
i know u are

''its alright, im okay''
and i know im not..

and life doesnt seem all that fair anymore....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

legally seventeen

Happy Birthday to ME,
Happy Birthday to ME,
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to ME...


it was my birthday couple of days ago.. sape2 xwish lagi wish cpt!! better late than never =)

today, im 17 and 2 days old!!! =)))) ive just entitled myself qualification to get my freaking driving lisence!! hahahahaha im happy! okay so what if you guys dah ada license dah lame? at least i am now as good as u guys are =p wawawa~


my birthday celebration with friends at college was splendid! 13th night, milo n yaz tricked me into a night walk after a singly-candle-lighted-gardenia -muffin and doa selamat recital at the juntion together with Khairul anh Yahya. it was so sweet. like, god, i xrapat pon ngn yahya yet the girls get him to be there just to baca doa slamat (bcoz hes the alhamdulillah type, you see) and the muffin and the fact that dorg buat kat junction mcm sgt comel!! huhu

okay so afterwards dorg ajak i jalan2 i tot maybe they wud culik me smpai 12midnight just to be the 1sts to wish me.. but well, i was wrong. as i was telling them bout the card and present i recieved frm nana dengan penuh semangat nye, tibe2 we heard a guy's voice "" followed by laughings by like a bunch of people..hahahahaha busted~ looking back, (kat blakang surau time nih) i saw a whole bunch of people that each is dearly close to me. =) *touched* hehe.. there was my chaletmates fada, nah n dayah, kim, fatin, alissa, mot, kamal, gig, loh and zul =D

so they sang, i cut the cheesecake, we took pictures and milo started the cake fight~ at around 1145 ppl cleared up leaving me n him lepaked till 12 plus2 around the LBBS..i wanted to balik and take a shower but it was worth staying back for a while,with him.. we smelled of cheese throughout, but well, who cares.. cheese is edible, n delicious too, isnt it? *wink*

then on the way back to chalet my phone started ringing and beepin profusely.. (well, maybe dah ring dari td tp i xprasan kot-too occopied ;) hehe) family members,some of the juniors waaaay back in Langkwi even remembered! some old frens, ayap, ajip, my homeroommateys.. and many2 more.. the following mornig kat college pon, ramai org wish happy birthday and i didnt expect that (that makes it all even a happier birthday) :D

to all, tnx a lot for remembering.. tht was so sweet of you all.. to my girls, zul n all the party ppl (including the party-pooper aka kamal! ;) luv you all!

it was indeed a night + day to remember =))

Monday, November 13, 2006

sw-wet week

last week had been among the best weeks i ever had in my now almost 4 months stay herein kyuem.. on monday, and thursday had memorable happenings that worth markin on my phone calender *winks*. stayed at milo's for the weekend and help around with her openouse.. on saturday lak, spent time with old frens at ainul's. He picked me up and took me around the whole evening. it was great fun ;D

well, one of the things that im gona write and share with you guys however, is this one, happened on wednesday..our tutorial group held a bbq party by the pool on wednesday and i was such a blast! as early as 6.30 pm, me, fatin, meng yeow, joey and aina set up the bbq set with the help of anas and sani, (well, of course we need them although theyre not in out totorial group as they are the one yg ada abundance supply of lighters, matches and these sorts of things you know..) then by 8 pm the whole family was already there and we started eating, roasting, joking, laughing and what not meng yeow (like alwys) act as the technician plugging in jo's ipod to the speaker blasting gwen's and all the upbeat songs that we (helllyeah) danced to.. at about 10 pm all of us was already stuffed to bloat and decided not to eat nemore. so we pack things up and tapau all the foods left for late nyte supper.

uhm, sounds plain ryte, well, the best is yet coming.... at about 10.15, while all of us were filling up the bottles and tins to clean up the mess we did from the bbq, serap officially started the war. he actually pour a whole bottle of water to the girls.. then the war begun~ hehe at first, everyone seek protection by standing near to meng yeow's gadget's (laptops, ipods,speakers and all) as then xde sape brani nak baling air, but meng yeow knows better than too keep his babies exposed to the crazy wacky 12 of us around. so, he packed everything up and ran to his chalet putting them at safe.

well, as for us, we continued anyway.. splashing water to everyone and anyone around. then acap came out with something more brilliant. *heheeee* with proper planning and plotting we, yea, the whole member of mr.jamal tutorial group practically block mr jamal from each sides of the pool area and acap, being the mastermind, pulled him into the pool! yeeeeeha~ now thats what we call a party bebeh!! huhu mr. Jamal is such a cool teacher that he then went out of the pool, chased for acap and pulled him into the pool - revenge is sweet eh, sir? hehe.. after that, one after another decided to let go of all our decency for a nyte, let our hair down and just dived in ;) at 11 pm all of us excepr aina (for some reasonable reason) are already in the pool splashing dunking each other (yep2 including Mr. Jamal!)

at around 11.30, we all get out of the pool continued water war and took pictures. i wish i could post some of them here but all of the pics were captured with jo's camera as the others had earlier hide their handphones,cams and mp3s aside avoiding it to become a victim of the water war.. all in all it was definetely one of the days that i bet i could never forget in my 2-year stay here. well, just imagine, mane ada org lain yg ever experience swimming in the pool, in the middle of the night, with all the tutor members in, together with the teacher, making noises and just went waaaayyy very2 crazy for one night... and folks, at the end of the day, we were all wet, hungry again, happy, wacky, drenched, cold, and folks, it felt reaally good =)))).

final words from mr jamal "and this is the tutorial of the economist and doctors to be, uh?'' and we all had another good laugh.

to mr. Jamal coolio, acap plastic, serap setter, eddy petsib, meng yeow gadget guy, johan camera guy, josaphine giggle gal, beatrice sexy, aina ayu, fatin roxy, michelle sweetie , and zhen xing the mum,

you guys rock!

to the apple of my eye, i heart you!

tnx for the great week youáll :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

seriously serious?

6th nov

i have like a million butterflies inside my stomach flapping their wings, ice cold hands and im feeling jittery and excited all at the same time.. all this just because he said he wants to see me tonight.. *sigh* havnt have this feeling for quite a long time..good lord, i think im in love.. gtg.. nak siap2 and go to taekwondo... *smiles*


7th nov

okay.. (eh geds nye post smlm haha, okay admit it i was so cheeky smlm... ;)heheee) so,yesterday went well *smiles* im not going to give you the details of what happened cause i dont have time for that. however, my sheer happiness smalm was cut short today after i got my ielts result... i got band 8.5 for my reading, good enough alhamdulillah.. but, but, i got a frigging 6.5 for my listening.. how eff-ed up!~ uh, excuse my french.. im just a little dissapointed.. okay, i was a little dissapointed until the Kat Woman practically tengking me depan the whole class n said things like ''lailatul, coming from u, 6.5 is so unacceptable.. i dont know how you did that but tht is so dissapointing" *smug* (she smuged, not me, of course) argh!!!!! tensiiiiii...... im just hoping the best for my writing test... *sighhhhh*....

and i hope he'd call... thts all it takes to make my sucky day today... =(

im outta here...