Tuesday, May 30, 2006

when u have to shut one of the windows...

ok, so..the good news is; i have a wide open window (windows actually) of opportunity opened for me.. both leads to my dream since i was a little grl.. and the bad news is; i only can choose one of the two windows and i have to shut the other one close..close and never to be reopen if i change my mind. once ive choose the window, its no turning back babeh..

okay, so, after the seems-like-forever-wait i anticipate all this while, mara results are finally released..

alhamdulillah, i got it. an offer to do medic. persediaan kat taylors college for a yer and a half.. hm, name progra, die SAM (South Australian Matriculation) mule2 tu frust la jugak skit2 sbb i tot SAM so i can only go to aust or nz 4 my undergraduate study nnt.. tp after doing some researh this prog is actually more less like IB cume die lagi susah (sbb 1.5 yers je), thts y bnd ni mcm xfemes sgt (compared to a lvl, ib , aust mat)

and, like ib, i bole pegi mane2 U around the world if i do well in this SAMmy thing..

and that frustrate me even more...

so now they are equal..

yt = mara..
both offer medic,
n both i have chance to go to UK (ive always wanted and still do want to study thre)

n now i gotta choose one..help me lord. let me make the right decision.. plz...

hm, whichever one i tolak, i at least noe i did tht for gud.. when i close my window, another person will have a window opened for them..

matbe i should go with yayasan trg.. its karma..
iget a place declined by someone, and maybe i should decline mara pulak.. to give way to the next person on the waiting list...

whats best 4 me? id have to figger tht out myself..

window, window, who wants me more...? ehe.. ;) doa i made the ryte decision k!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

terengganu rawks! *wink*

*smiles* =)

hee.. i got a call from yayasan terengganu this morning.. guess what? i got the scholarship! alhamdulillah.. okay so, let me first tell you a bit bout this scholarship as i assume other states in Msia xde fund to held their rakyat like trg.. (acewah)

well, yayasan terengganu give out scholarship awards to 10 lucky students that did welll in their SPM and perform well in their series of tests and interviews.. the students or whichever one of the parents (mom or dad) have to be a anak jati of trg (as in lahir kat Trg)

so, in my case, its my dad.. he was born in Trg.. we even lived in Trg for the first 14 yers of my life then ayah had to move to KL.. so, that is pretty much how i got qualified for the scholarship.. hm now, talk about the interview process..

frankly, it never crossed my mind tht i, by any chance could get the scholarship.. there was IQ test, writing test, arithmetic test, and verbal test. after that, there was a mean interview with 7 panels all ready to swallow you in one blink of an eye. i remember one of the panel asked me to speak in Malay, preferably in Trg slang (those with extra G's u noe). they also asked me bout Trg's Menteri Besar and those trivial Q's bout Trg.. and i just screwed it all up..heh..oh have i told you what the essay Q (in the writting test) was?

"Write an essay about brief history of Trg"


so, you got the picture didnt you? its eff-ing hard and.. i dono.. what are they? wacky?? heh

actually i was not listed in the 1st ten candidate (no surprise there).. then, apperently, one person tolak the offer and i happen to be ranked 11th.. so i gez, thts my rezeki..

so, back to the call.. the lad on the other line told me i am selected for the scholarshp award, buat medic and yada-yada-yada... i'll be doing my a-level in KYUEM , (yep, the one nazirul's in).. for two years, and i f i meet up to their standards (which i am pretty sure is freaking high), then i'll get to go to any university of my choice.. and i remember i clearly said during my interview that i wanted to go to the UK... so the lad said, there u have it, medic ,in UK.. u want it..?

heh.. im still speechless~ mcm xcaye je.. btol ke eh? ntah laa..

p/s : kak dina.. maybe u r ryte after all.. im not going to UM la kot.. c ya in kyuem =)

moral of the story: kawen la ngn org trg bnyk advantage anak korg dpt nnt.. =)

Monday, May 22, 2006

life full of l.o.v.e...

hey all! sory for not updating for the past couple of days.. i've been a little busy.. neway, right now, im so bored and ive got nohing to do, so, here i am, spilling my thoughts with you guys or rather, to myself to fill the spaces.. so, first of all, let me do a recap of what ive been doing the past couple of days..

the whole family went to KMB to visit my brother. hes fine.. i talked to him a little bout school and my mara application. along is very supportive n said he hope i will get the scholarship but i noe he wont like it if i happen to masok to KMB jugak.. heh.. kantoi la segala xtiviti die nnt ;P anyway, he also told me tht hes very anxious for his upcoming exam.. heard its pretty hard for him these days.. banyak gile keje.. just wish him al the best..

then we went to alamanda putrajaya. i havnt been to the souk for quite sometime and i was kinda amused to see all the nice buildings and structures aroun. at some point i wondered wether the govt. really need all these fancy buildings. isnt it we already have those admin. buildings in jalan duta previously? well. anyway who am i to tell. maybe they have their own goals and agenda that little lyla couldnt understand :) ..

we had lunch and went wandering about at the bookstores, kiosks, and such.. overall, i like alamanda better than klcc mid n all the malls we have in the city center you know. to me it is much decent. xde kaki2 lepak xtentu hale. (eceh, like i wasnt one of 'em) alamanda is more of a family place than a loiter centre.. so, its kinda nice jugak laa..

we went to seremban, visiting myauntie.. shes 6 month pregnant! so0 sweet~ glad to know its er.. i mean the baby.. is a boi! another hawt boi is about to be born, world~ hehe.. we had lunch talked about what seems like every thing exsist in the whole world.. and went out during the evening for ais kacang.. heee so delicious~

so, you see.. the past 6months of my life pretty much revolves around me and my family.. it is sometimes fun, sometimes it just feels like one heck of a rotten day.. biasela.. mane2 pon, that's life rite? i realise that these past few months, other than the first 5 years of my life, is the longest holiday of my life that i ever had untill i retired from my future job, maybe. its been wonderful and i sure will miss it wen im off to UM..

and that is like...
onle a week away..
*fingers cross*
wish me luck *winks*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

an outing finally!

today is simply splendid!!

i went out with aliff yaz n ainul just now.. it was sure a blast =) we actually ajak ali, ede n almost anyone available we cud think of to join us but they all ade hal masing2.. so there we were.. wandering all over klcc without destination.. really, naik escalator, turun, naik balik, lepak mcd.. carik hush puppies (all 4 of us da lupe HP kat ner sbb sllu sgt gi mid) haha~, lepak kat bench, melawat tandas.. haha n finally we went into the cinema..

**guess what?**

Mary Magdalene - the holy grail herself?

haha! yap! we watched the da vinci code.. ey, have i told you its 18 rated? heh.. no sweat dude.. all of us passed in smoothly.. so, ok, truth to be told, it is not as exciting as i thougt it could be. the story line changed a bit from the novel. biasela tu, much anticipated muVs sllu dissapointing kan? lagi2 yg adapted from novels. xcept for LOTR n troy i guess.. so aliff and ainul was talkin about how they think the muV had the wrong cast for choosing Tom Hanks to play robert langdon. but to me hes fine.. all in all, it was just an average movie.. so folks out there in matrix, hold no grudge k, xbest mane pon..

aite, nuff bout the outing..

hm, milo calld.. shes having a hard time in matrix.. kesian gile i dgr cite.. its ok tho milo, hold on, setaun je.. :) hm, she also told tht mara nyer result da release hr ni tp i cek2 xde pon :( like always!! tensen sgt.. my aunties and uncles had been bugging me thru my phone "zie, da dapt result mara?" a was like " owh, uncle, lom lagi, don wory, i'll tell wen the result is released k?" haha its not like i think they are annoying or nething like that, well, they deserve to know pon.. its just nerve wrecking just to think if i failed them ... ( u noe, in our family, blom ade doctor je lagi.. so, i kinda feel its on my shoulder.. fardhu kifayah kate org.. ;) )

hey.. alia farhana got the mara offer to go straight to US too.. u noe, the one like jye's n amat's got.. well, those smary pants.. ;) and well, apperently, amat got yet another offer n hes not going to US..he'll be going to france on the 19th.. hoho so now, i were to send them off, i'd have to datang klia 19 and 20.. bankrap la cmni..huhu

heyh.. gez thts all for today! later dude! mwahs!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

vextation in merriment?

just talked to shah.. feel so much better.. tnx shah!

i got the letter from UM tadik.. to my surprise, i am going to register on the 4th of june (not july, mind me) heh.. so its like im only going to be home for another 2-3 weeks and after that, i'll start a new life too, just like my friends.. went thru the offer letter reluctantly..

lawa la surat die.. warne warni babe~ heh. there are blue, green, red..n white.. banyak sgt nak kene isi.. *urgh* id have to do medical checkup, get a new pasport size pic, n buy thpse things that a campus life student have got to have.. you know, i mean the baldi, hanger, clothes pegs.. sweet huh..? u bet..

ayman msged me tadi.. 'lyla so sad cant review OC with you nemore.." somthing like that.. yup, that a bummer to me too, ayman...n gez wat, i myself only have 3 weeks to watch it, then we r equal, no more tv!~

i dunno i kinda feel excited + nervous to masok UM.. i mean can u imagine, its a U.. i feel so small.. my dad always reminds me that U life is a complete diffrent ball game from ur high skool life.. i know dad, tnx 4 the news flash.. i went to wahida's blog just now.. it seems like shes doing fine in her new college iguess it not tht bad, ryte dad? i can survive, cant i dad..?

in this mean time, im still hoping tht id get the mara scholarship..tht is said to be out this khamis now.. hehe *fingers cross* wish me luck..

ow yeah,tnx to my NBC slippers... i nearly stepped on the last night's kaca tadik...

so sorry i sound so gibberish today -mental block-

Monday, May 15, 2006

a day in blue...

huh.. i dont know whats wrong with me today.. im feeling hollow and down..


i had a nightmare last night, im not really sure what it was but i remember waking up with a bad taste in my mouth and watery eyes... woke up at 9 today, to mama's nag (of coz) 'angah, bngon2 da lambat nih..' so i woke up and did house chores (like always) and help her at dapur.. then had lunch around 1.30. and after that i went online, to check my mara interview's result (konon la) tp (like always) xde pon..

NEwS FlAsH : result kuar in this week, but not monday~ haha .. rumours really get around fast, dont they..?

so i logged in ym, n met timah and amat.. i notice that almost all of my friends had 'im on sms' status.. duh, they are in matrix! hwah, so sad, cant chat with them nemore.. wonder do they have internet access in matrix eh? i hope they do or else, my no one wud be reading my blog *sob* heh.. milo aini n mirah are in matrix now, wonder how r they doing.. ow yeah,maja n ajip too..hope they are all fine. maja,milo n aini smsed me telling they are fine in mtrix, good for them.. =)

you guys now what? amat got tht mara offer to fly straight ahead to the US without prep study in msia first! man, aint tht boi a smart-ass?~ haih.. jeles btol.. i tot hes not accepting it as i tot he really wana be a geologist (and he already got the oppor. from petronas) but he did anyway.. so sad~ sume org is leaving me~ amats leaving on the 20th of june, skali ngn jye.. if i happen to have nothing to do that day,maybe i'll send them off..

i had butterfingers all day long today..i even dropped my precious hour glass that was given to me by my crush when i was in standard 5!~ seday sgt.. pecah berderai~ n the kaca was all over my room.. i swept it away and it makes me wonder am i sweeping away all the memories i had with my old frens to0, today..? what wud happen next? wud we still be frens? i dunno.. sume org mcm on their own way skrg.. im in denial that we are all grown ups now and life must go on..

owh, i think the hour glass pieces are still there now, and for that im wearing my indoor slipper all day long, thts the only thing that makes me feel secured today..


HELLLLO.. neone there..?


Friday, May 12, 2006

one happy family at home!

im hot!!
yup.. really hot..

um, you know what i mean, panas la.. i just got back from melake, ade kendui arwah.. dang, panas gile..pukul lime pon, the eye of heaven (acewah) was still blazing like mad. hm, i guess maybe it was just me, da biase kat cheras petang2 hujan. beside the crazy wheather, the kenduri went fine. after friday prayer, some 100 peolple started to pile up at my grandma's house. there was tahlil recital n then, makan time!! hehe.. i ate a lot, seriously. pastu when the people started to clear up a little, i helped a little kat dapur. around 6pm i went out wih my aunty to buy cakes to surprise my grandma (2moro is her bday) so when we came back, we held a small party for nenek. that was the 1st time since the past few days i saw nenek gembira. she had been really sad since pak long's death. and for that, everyone had a blast well, anyway..at 9 my family and i berangkat balik kl.

ey, have i told you yet!? guess what?? i would not have to go to matrix pahang after all!! *yeay* i got an offer to go to UM (pasum) faculty of sains hayat. guess this one is better sbb later, my place in UM is secured. my cousin kate, buat medic kat sane pon bagus. so i thought, why not, kan? i decided to choose this one instead of pahang. the best part of all, classes commence on 2nd of July!! hehe so i can spend few more weeks at home. (maja, bole la lyla tngok DVC!) hehe..

hm, owh, yeah, last thursday was the day penyampaian anugerah kecemerlangan yayasan terengganu tu. my dad profusely asked me weather i want to go or not. actually i was considering his offer jugak, but then, if i were to go, i'd have to arrange everything myself.. transportation, accomodation, and so on. hm, i know it would be kinda fun and adventreous, but then again, i decided to go to melaka jugak for there is kenduri arwah. after all, amat said 'duit tu dorg simpan,dorg x buat beli sirap nyer.. nnt u tuntut la..' heh.. *ala, xjumpe amat laagi*

and i guess i made the right decision. to see my grandma happy again and getting to gather with all ur family members (the big family i mean) ;mind you mine is veeery big, including my late pak long, there is 10 siblings!; was indded so much fun ;)

later folks! xoxo..

heres my japanese foster family.. miss them..

-pray for me, this monday mara interview's result wud be out..
-hey, mother's day alert : 2 days to go.. get somthing for her dude~ i have =)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

reality bites..

hell yeah it does..

first of all, sorry taw lame x update (not tht anyone dah usha my blog *sob*s0b*) hehe.. i havent done much to this blog, so i havent tell my frens yet bout it.. tp, pikir2 balik, kalo nak tunggu my blog gmpak cam dorang nyer, alamat, x berblog la smpai da masok matrix.. hehe so today, i decided nak reveal je my grotty,abysmal blog nih.. *blush*

actually, a few ppl did ask me already 'lyla, da ade blog?' (hehe bajet femes) i was working on it all this while, i said 'no no not yet' ..my fault it was to announce to start a blog on the first hand anyway.. heh~ so,here you go my folks.. nazir! ure the 1st to read my blog i gez.. drop a comment k! ajip, u're second kot.. :)

back to my title td, yup, reality bites~

its like yesterday you have it, and to day when you wake up, baru u realize its slipping thru ur fingers.. n u cud not do anything to stop it.. world spins, time swirls, and ur life to0, must move forward.. everybody has something they have to leave behind, kan? and for me, it my life at home with tv, pc, n frens to hang out with anytime.. im talking responsibilities here, folks.. its back to school!

i woke up today realizing there are only very few days left b4 matrix commence.. so i decided to plan an outing with yaz ainul milo mirah n caca sume, tp it turned out yaz nak pg camp, ainul xley kuar on friday, n i myself da kene balik kmpung esok, ade kenduri arwah.. it hit me real hard tht i x sempat jumpe my close frens b4 pg matrix, but hey, i gez.. there always next time.. i just hope we will all stay in contact, n be frens forever.. *sedaynyeee*

uh, i m getting all corny and banal kan? xpe xpe just nak strss out how you guys, my frens really mean a lot to me.. and 4 that, i xnak hilang you all cmtu je.. =) stay in touch k! to all yg will be going to matrix (like me) kite pulun abes2 k kat sane.. 4 flat both sems~ haha.. ok!? insyaAllah..

keep checkin up on me
- later!

*al-fatihah for my pak long*