Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is on

a little hiatus.
As always, its the exams.

Even typing the word hiatus reminds me of hiatus hernia. and then that reminds me of other causes of GORD then i realised i dont remember much then i make a mental note to go over gastroenterology again. Then i realised i still havent gone through renal and immunology and might not have time to go over gastro again. then i go mental.


Its not really that bad. Promise its not. i actually quite enjoy revising and learning and understanding more and more about so many diseases day after day. It is rewarding. But at the same time it does get daunting on certain days where i had little sleep or where i lose my cool that i have to know a ridikeles amount of info and revise n memorise for the sake of exams and i fear i may just not be properly reataining the knowledge to use later in life when im an actual doctor. That part is not fun :S

Anyhoo, exam i this coming Monday. 2 papers only and i practical. Then all is done and i shall be homebound!

Wish me luck people! Doakan i! I really wanna do well and be reassured so then i can enjoy my 2 week holiday with my family and the other half happily :)

Back to studying now!


ps- ive missed you too!