Thursday, January 29, 2009

mind blowing

the amount of work that we have to do now is mind boggling. funny how i thought first sem was hectic.

no complaints here though, pretty much enjoying it so far :)

less updates until i get the hang of this.

till then, toodles.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nottingham Famous Four ;)

the flatmates (plus one). all pictures were taken by each other in the course of 6 days back to back exam week without any of us realising we were being photographed. so this is no act.

i really was, holding my brain in place so it didnt jump out n fiqry really was pushing all the information into his head. jannah was really trying to absorb the facts during the eleventh hour and hey, yeah, alifa was really that calm :D

it was an oh-so-stressfull week (we even had a paper on Saturday) that a girl in our class had a nervous breakdown during the exam and ambulance had to be called to rescue her..

now that its over, we were given a week off!

ow yeah, we deserve this :)

exams over, rejoice earthlings!

london's calling!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VERY short term memory

if you must know, most of the time im not particularly good at remembering. be it remembering names, facts, happening, and worst of all, routes and spaces. Oh, trust me ive got lots of people to testify this. even i once couldnt give the direction to my own house to the boyfriend on our first-ish date and he wanted to send me home. *doink*

in fact, one of the reasons i started this blog is so i can read back what happened say 3 years back. who i was, what happened, how i felt and how i feel bout it now. break ups, flings, exams, a new phase of life, anger, happiness, tears, i want to capture everything if possible. thus, no wonder im a sucker at blogging the littlest thing that happened to me. because i have VERY short term memory.

oh, i digress..

anyhoo, the intention earlier of writing this post is to write bout the italy story again actually. it revolves around me and my memory loss thus the above ramblings i guess. here goes the part two, Italy story.

so me milo n the new zealand girl chatted bout all sorts of things and i was elated to find out she too, was actually a medical student, and in final year at that too! cool eh? we chat and chat until finally the lights were switched off, its time for bed, we all settled to our beds, me the lower bunk next to the NZ girl and milo took the top bunk.amidst the darkened room, when i was about to fall asleep, then...

Milo (suara sakit) : Laila, i sakit tekak la... u ada ubat?
Laila: Nope, tak de.. hmm maybe bole tnya die (refering to the fifth year med student) msti die ada
M: Ha.. betul2.. tanyakan pls?
L: ok! uhm... cop! i lupa! apa nama die?
M: hmmm (thinking how to say in a not so obvious way)
M: hm... nama.. stesen kerata api kat london tu..
L: VicFIcToFoRiaFia?
M: Yup!
L: I thought it was VeFeRoFoNiFiCaFa?
M: hahaha tu pompuan lagi satu la, MoFoNiFiCaFa
L: Are you sure?
M: Hehe ye la.. try la..
L: im pretty sure its not nama stesen keretapi tu la La..?
M: Yee!
L: Takk?
M: Ye la Laaaa!
L: fine2.. i tnya kan....
L (nervously saying to the NZ girl) : uhmmmmm, Victoria....? (please god please, xsalah!)
V: Yeas?

*sighs of relief*


thanks miloo!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Italy Story

my brains pretty messed up now i need a break.

When we were in Rome, we spent one night in a Youth Hostel, called Yellow. The area is pretty dodgy but its close to the Metro Station so we didnt mind that much. Plus, the dorm is pretty cosy and the interior is cool, so it wasnt too bad actually.

upon arriving, we were told that they couldnt put all four of us in a room so they might have to split us up. And we were also informed that all rooms are shared rooms. tho a bit unsettled, we didnt have any choice i guessed.

when the rooms were allocated, i got to be in the same room with Milo, the other two roomates are both females, Monica from the States, and Victoria from New Zealand. Ainul and Yaz got placed together too, but they had to share it with a guy, and another girl (nationalities unsure)

So milo and I checked in, settled down and we noticed the tell tale sign that one girl is already in. but she isnt in, prolly out somewhere wandering the streets of Roma or crawling in the numerous Pubs in proximity to our hostel. As for us, the freezing night and dodgy area makes us decide to call it a day.

anyway... a few minutes later, a girl came in. i was putting on layers and layers of clothes as it was freezinnn cold!

here was the conversation, sort of la, that took place...

Milo: Oh, hello there! (shakes hands) Im Amila and thats Lyla. whats ur name?
Victoria: Oh, hi! Im Victoria, where are you lots form?
Laila: Malaysia, and you?
V:NZ and btw, its summer in there!
*smiles exchanged*
V: So youre on vacation in Rome? For how long?
M: Round 2 weeks, but not just Rome, we're plannig to cover the whole Italy!
V: oh, i see!
L: so.. uhm... ure on vacation as well i assume?
V: well..Yeas (as in Yeast)
L: Yeast?? (blurr)
V: Yeas (smiles)
M and L: *exchange glances* (silence, thinking)
L (telepathically): i think she meant YES!
M: *nods, telepathically too*
L: So, how long will you be here, Victoria?

*** and continues chatting

:DD i wanna go down under someday! Aussie, NZ! wanna go there pulak!

Yeas i do! :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

exam starts tomorrow.


O Allah, grant my friends and I calmness of the heart and brightness of the mind like that of Your messenger Muhammad, and success at the end of the day. Verily, You are the Most Merciful, Most Beneficient.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

arriverderci, italia!

Italy was more then i imagined it would be. funner, dodgier, worse, better and in a nutshell, awesom-er! ill upload the pics first thing when the exams over.

we had so much fun and adventure in Italy, i wud definitely treasure this for the rest of my life. i uploaded some random clips we took to youtube bout the trip. tho it did no justice to the sights and sounds of italy, but go have a look. i know you want to!

much love!