Thursday, December 25, 2008

ciao bella!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i need fast fun facts bout Italy. pronto!

i am suppose to be going to London tomorrow to meet up with the girls and then fly off to italy on the 26th for the supposedly adventurous trip with my sidekicks.

but i am suppose to have read and finish studying before going, which i haven't.


i need fast fun facts bout Italy. pronto!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


turns out, my best girlfriends dont use short forms..

the other day, milo didnt know BFF stands for what
and today, yaz asked me what is ROTFL

:) you sure can count on this type of buddies to make you smile even on gloomiest days

ps- 4 days left and im only 30% done with revision. and im coming down with the flu, and a mild fever. but its ok, the tough gets going, remember?

pps- watched twilight. vampires are HOT. period.

*** edited

ow, wait.. ke i yg too geeky to understand what it means?

note to self

when the going gets tough,
the tough gets going.

hang in there, supergirl.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


yes i do, indeed :)

i had a kickass visit to london last weekend and i love the atsmosphere (but NOT the dirty air mind you) especially this near Xmas time. also, I finally indulge in my cravings for Malaysian food, thanks to Malaysian Hall and Ash (the bf's sister). Not to mention halal Nando's and Subway by our doorstep. We did some sovenir shopping for Zul to take back home for the family. And a night out visiting the touristy stuff, braving the drizzly rain and take shelter under the bridge. :) it was so beautiful with the lights, christmas markets, the humongous eye on London, the Big Ben and parliament. The pictures i took wouldnt do justice to it so folks, go for yourself, its very romantic and well worth it :)

I came back to Notts almost a 100pounds poorer, a big wide smile for the rest of the week, a bouquet,and untarnishedable mood (at least until hodiday begun)
Becauseee, now that holiday has begun, and many people either went back home alrady, or, has started their winter vacation, theres only me left. Zul is back home *sobs*. Alifa and Fiqry will start their vacation today, to Oxford and Cambridge and London and Jannah is at Pisa.

As for me, im gonna stay here in lovely Nottingham sampai the 24th, then off to Italy until (almost) the end of the break! :D. the bad news however is that i will have a big fat 6papers as soon as the holidays over and i have no choice but to bust my ass off and work HARD this few weeks.

rough calculation shows i have round plus minus 110 chapter to read and memorise.. (welcome to med school laila) hehee pls pray i x pecah kepala.

So yeah, no updates for a very, very long time i think. As for now, toodles, enjoy you holidays.

ps- Salam Aidiladha to all Muslims and Merry Xmas to all Christians.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


remember the first time you tried putting contact lenses on? the time where self consciousness tells you that you look better without glasses. or you started to realise how restricting having a specs on are. your vision is limited to the size of the glasses, the frames starts to feel so suffocating. with this in mind, did you remember how you tried and tried to put the damn lenses in but your eyes kept blinking and you keep having to rinse the lenses, 'fraid you might have contaminate it with ur dead skin cells form your forefingers. and this goes on over and over and over again.. remember?


until, this one time you did actually made it to put the lenses in, and you can see clearly, so very clearly and you smiled.