Sunday, February 22, 2009

being nostalgic

this is random, read on if youve got nothing better to do.

have you ever tried googling your name up? well i just did, tadi. okay okay, a bit narcissistic, i know but hey, cant blame a girl for being bored (and to be honest, a little curios ;)) now can you?

the first one that came out, jeng jeng jeng, of course, the ever manipulative social networking facebook profile of mine. speaking of which, did you guys know facebook dropped a clause in their term and cond.s of using the service which allows them to have full rights over users' uploded pictures, notes, wall posts, and basically, everything, even if we deleted our accounts? well, after some commotion, they agreed to put this matter on hold, but also make it claer that it is only temporary, before they continue with the plan. cunning hmm? so yeah just keep in mind to be cautious of what you upload on FB. you dont want it to affect you fitness to practice or anything like that in the future nanti.

anyway, thats actually besides the point. the second thing that came out from google is something titled 'Hall of Fame' with my name listed. ;) I clicked on it and it was actually a website launced by my english teacher, with 'samples of excellent essays' or so he named it.

i read back thru the supposed to be excellent essay which i couldnt remember writing, im guessing this is from 5/6 years back, and wonder how the heck it was there? it was nowhere near as good as the rest but i guess, maybe its not too much if i say favouritism did occur, and maybe it was there just because some of the the teachers did actually like me. and it actually made me smile, that awfully too-cautios, rigid and trying-too-hard essay ;)

i dont know why im writting this. it just suddenly gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, walking down memory lane. looking back, i had a heck of a five year experience in my former MRSM. tho it wasnt all rainbows and butterflies, i love the place.

It was where i grew up, where i met wonderful friends like ainul amirah caca yaz milo n zayen whom still make it a point to keep in touch with each other. it was the place where i learn a lot about friendship and help me through adolescence (ok i sound freakily old now) and also developed me intelectually.

Rights, rights, who am i kidding now, of course, it was also the place where i got to know Zul. tho we only talked on average twice a year at that time, but Nature sure has a way to surprise you. Sometime good news, inevitably, sometime bad news. But till then, you just cherished the past,
cruise thru life and just you wait :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the post at which i started using tags!

i went to london last weekend. many thought the occasion was Valentine's Day but it was actually not quite that. 15th Feb was the boyfriend's 21st birthday, a big thing, so i want to be there at least for the day. Ash (the Brain) helped me planned a surprise party for him. the Brawn were obviously Eg and Hamid, and well, me, i was just the Beauty i guess ;P hahahahha! the whole thing went perfectly well. Hatherley 2 was pack with happy faced, smiley, pot-bellied people, both invited ones and the much welcomed party crashers :D thank you everybody!

this calls for a shoutout :)

Happy 21st Birthday Zul.
You're one in a million, you know that?
love always. :)

ive gotto get back to anatomy now. ttyl ppl!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ريسولث وس اوت فيو دايس بچق. الل اس ڬود. الحمدلله :)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

epic failure? you tell me

before you start giving me mean critics and stuff, bear in mind this is my 1st try baking choc cake (yes, it is a choc cake!) without mama's watchful eyes on me and expert opinion guiding me.

so here, let the pics do the talkingit all seem to be alrigt at first but after an hour, the middle part sort of sunk down. i tried to cover it up with chocolate topping but the choc decided to act up and jadik berketul2 :( it makes the cake look even more uhm.. sad.. so finally i decided to cut out the mid part, and well..

they said, the rest is history

ok, to be fair, it actually does taste good ok?

tak percaya sudah!


Sunday, February 01, 2009

there is still hope for the world

i looked out the window and the night has started to quiet down. the thick snow has pretty much covered the whole pavement, car tops and driveways. the white, untouched flakes makes me smile.

a guy and a girl emerged holding hands out from their flat. ive seen the girl before, i think she lives just below my flat. but never seen the guy. maybe hes the boyfriend that came for a visit. their footsteps left footprints on the white snow, little 4 patches, 2 and 2 , side by side, against the white, vast, icy cold snow.

they walked slowly but the girl slipped down to the ground, onto the soft white snow. she just lie there and laughed. He smiled, extended his hand. the girl took it and instead of getting up, she pulled him down with her, they lie there side by side and just let the snow fall on them.

i sighed, and drew a heart shape on the water vapor on the glass window pane from my warm breath.