Monday, November 24, 2008

have i told you

-that it snowed a few days back?
i woke up to Jannah's scream telling me to look out the window. And god, it was beautiful :) i had a big smile pasted on my face (almost) for the rest of the day. i was so jakun, after subuh i terus went down to snap some pictures and to just, well, touch the snow :D hehe.

-that snow is a bit overrated actually?
ok. so it is beautiful and magical (when you see snowflakes raining down on you) but, the cold plus the puddle it creates when it melts is a bit messy. it gets your socks wet too sometimes. (which reminds me i ought to get a good pair of boots before winter comes)

-that my first term as a medical student is almost over?
yes. unbelieveable kan? time sure flies. soon, its winter break already, holidays, then the dreaded exams.

-that the British is so big on taking care of the environment and recycling and things like tht?
you even have to bring your own plstic bags (actually, scratch that) paper bags, to supermarkets to put your groceries in.

-that shops in the UK close so early its starting to bother me now

-that i kinda think Barry Stinson from How I Met Your Mother is le-gen (wait for it, wait for it..) DARY!

-that nerds, British accent and iPhone 3g, among other things, are sexayh~?
:D-that im so hungry right now i cud eat a cow. or myself! :D


Sunday, November 16, 2008

sometimes u get what u wished for, and a little more :)

like a birthday card from a flatmate u rarely talk to 'cept for those occasional 'hey-ya-ya-alryte?'

or a box of that groovy lamp uve always wanted.

and prolly a surprise trip to the ice rink

add to that a perfect romantic chocolate cheese cake with chocolate shaped in roses topping.

a hearty good dinner with your favourite ppl at a turkish restaurant

and just having the apple of your eye around for the next couple of days, which was excatly what i wished for.


my birthday was so full of surprises i cant thank each and everyone of you enough (including the minah salleh tht accidently pushed me at the ice rink and officially give me my 1st fall on ice rink, humph :p) for making it sangat memorable. :)

and now laila, its time to act 19!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

its tomorrow!

i was a bit blue few days back. really, its just a petty thing but its that time of the month, you know.. plus the realisation that im a bit behind in class and my tired body wont co-operate to do stay ups and revisions... sigh.

but, yesterday..

'don't be too bothered bout it, you've got me. and i've got you' - him, early morning phone call.

and it kinda made my day :)


tomorrow will be better hopefully.

i must make my day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008

this it what that does to you

i cant even begin to describe how hectic it was. medics had the friday off so me n the flatmates plus one decided to go sightseeing in warwick and stop by at cadbury world which is in bournville, birmingham, on the way back. we came back straight after birm and arrived back in notts late evening. packed up my stuff n slept over at zayen to meet caca and so its nearer to go to sports centre the folowing day. which brings me to the next phase of the hecticness, the Nottingham Malaysian Games. i was one of the head officials for netball. it was raining tht day and i stayed outside from 7am to 3pm without sitting for even a while, roughly speaking. then, i had some guests over tht night. (sorry guys for poor hospitality). at least i gotta cook proper meal for yaz and tumi, well i guess we can call it tht, proper meal, since we havent really eat btul2 since the day before. tho it cant beat what the warwick friend cooked for us, it filled us up for the evening. i then sent my guests back at the rail station just now n here i am, blogging bout it.

u follow me? no? the point issss, im so penat, badan dah macam sayur! heheh

still, i know im going to bed tonight with that warm n fuzzy feeling in my heart, having met all best friends (and boyfriend) and get to talk to all after quite a while xjumpe. alep, wan, ali pon ada. to the guy friends, sorry xsempat catch up i gila occupied tht day. n to my girls, i had fun with u all, endless juicy gossips and girl talks and all. my only regret is tht we didnt have the chance to take pictures together. me yaz milo caca zayen.. shoot thts almost cukup korum ok ppl? what time, ok? insyaallah :D