Saturday, March 27, 2010

The perfect couple

The perfect couple takes care of each other in sickness or in health (even if its just manflu ;)
They stand by each other through hard times and good times.
He surprises her with beautiful sets of diamonds that made her almost teared up everytime.
They sneak out to watch movies or have dinner dates, just the two of them.
She goes present hunting for him all over KL to find him the perfect gift.
He calls her everyday from work just to see what shes doing.
They buy each other books that they know the other would really like.
She mustve got to his heart thru his tummy, oh yes she has with that cooking!
And he compliments her cooking everyday unfailingly! (okay, sometimes she askes again and again and again until he has to say it is in fact sedap.. hehe)
They ask each other and discuss everything before making decisions.
He lets her watch the soaps even when he wants to watch football.
She bakes him cookies and pack them in tupperwares to bring to work! :D

And more than anything, the perfect couple functions as a unit.
They complement each other in every way and adore each other even after years and years of being together.
They respect each other and above everything, they love each other unconditionally. :)
This post goes to the perfect couple who has the most special place in my heart, Ayah and Mama. What you two have is timeless and amazing :)

Happy 23rd Wedding Anniversary.
Love you loads :)

Saturday, March 06, 2010


I encountered someone by surprise today. He brought back distant almost forgotten memories playing in my head over and over like old rolls of films. He rocked the stage, and i heard girls around me going ga ga over him. I was once one of them, it just made me smile. :)

I went up to see him afterwards to congratulate him and the band. We were just like all other old friends. It wasn't awkward, he didn't feel like a stanger, but we talk silly, mundane things. Like old friends who didn't know how to pick up where they left off. We exchanged polite smiles and spoke a few words until it was time for me to leave, and him back to the screaming girls.

I encountered someone by surprise today. Hes a rockstar, and Im a girl next door.
It just made me smile.