Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Season to be Jolly, for a while at least :)

hi there. its been a while hasn't it? I literally forgot this space exists thus the lack of posts this past few weeks. so today i was blog hopping then thought i might as well say couple of words and say hi to you people. i have also just realised the profile,followers and cbox tabs yada3 are now at the bottom of the page, only god knows why. i tried meddling around with the design and layout to fix it but then all the scary html css terms came up. of course, i freaked out and just hit the close window button. :O Oh well, like anybody cares :D well, i dont, i just feel like ranting today.

the thing is, i should not feel like ranting today. i should not feel like doing anything at all other than sit here in front of my laptop and bust my brains out because i have a 15000 words dissertation to write and i have to send it in the next few weeks. but i know you know me well. procrastination is my middle name. :D

anyhoo, its December now. the new year is looming. was talking to Zul the other day bout resolutions and i realised i havnt think up of any yet. (not that i usually keep to my resolutions anyway) but it is nice to have them and join the world with the spirit of newness of the year, turning over a new leaf and that kinda stuff, dont you think?

speaking of December, it is also the time of the year that i have always associated with joy. for one, the winter sale is going on and it is CRAHZY! I got myself truckloads of stuff and now my tiny almari cant fit my clothes anymore im thinking of going out to shop for almari pulak! :O LOL.
3 out of 3456596 unnecessary clothes i got from december sale. I need help, i know

Also, its the holiday season which equates to travelling and spending time with loved ones. my fisrt winter here, i went travelling in Italy with my best girls. last year, went to Barcelona with my family and this time we went to Paris and Geneva. Boy, those are some really good times i have to tell you :D And this year, even nenek joined us! Tremendous fun indeed.
with the kids at disneylanddddd

December also holds a very special place in my heart because this month 4 years ago, someone amazing came along and adds colours to my life with his companionship,love, care and support. I can be quirky, silly and sloppy, i can cry a river or laugh like an asmathic mad woman having a seizure (ie be myself) and be sure he will still stand by my side and hold my hand tight. He is truly a gem :)

And hopefuly next year, i can add another event to my list of joyful things in december; my first degree graduation, InsyaAllah. well then, I should really get back to my dissertation shouldnt i? *sigh*

TTYL peeps :)

uuuu~ the new layout is pretty fit isnt it? oh well what dya know. org buta coding pon bole ada cool blog okay? 8-)