Monday, February 19, 2007

PIG year ;) - luck and fortune..

yeay! finally a week of rest play and fun :)

happy CNY to ee yun, snoopy, jo, hwee yin, meng yeow, pink, leng, wong, sinchuan, spana esther (erm chindians do celebrate cny dont dey? well, happy half-celebrating, whatever..) just be happy!

the very last week in coll be holiday was great fun :)

13 feb
-got a blue teddy! (how cute is that?) i called him joey by the way
-went out to midval with milo yaz hajar and pam!
did some window shopping, nag to hajar on how the purple padini bag wont be practical to go to class (and she did buy it, good girl!) hehe you should know by now hajar, i was jealous act.. huhuhuhu
-had kenny rogers (nyumness)
-bought him cake and card (for the surprise bday party)
-got a post valentine present from milo! tnx sweetie!
-than gossip allll the way back to coll with the seniors and spill some beans.. hehe..

-Vday! (didnt wore pink *score*)
-Pn . kat was in such a good mood, promised us peach cheese cake after hols (love u pn kat! mwah!!)
-palnned with don for the surprise bday party
-got a bar of chocs and food supply for supper *aww.. u shudnt have* ;)

-LBBS! the celebration.. he loved it *score*
-dragon dance coolest ever
-gosh, i mean, really, had some serious fun that day~

-emceed the assembly (thaha, i forgave you) *beam*
-no hw for bio! Love u Vroegeyyy


have fun ppl.. got stock up this little tummy of mine with some food, lapar!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Laugh Out Loud



Sapphire LOST~


SC result


need you for me to say more...?

Friday, February 02, 2007


im not mad because i was being scolded yesterday, i wasnt.. i just really didnt agree with the way they talked to us sometimes.. i mean like its not like we're in high school anymore, a form 5 tegur adik form 1.. for god's sake we're only a year apart from each other.. xpayahlah nak tengking2.. i thought.. muuule2 dulu they said this is not somthing compulsory, winning is not everything (not tht i xnak menang), and its a way to rapat kan the bond between us..tngok ape jd skrg? come on laa people... you know this better. if you want to be respected, then respect others... dont put the blame on anyone else, ask yourself ang think, where we all went wrong? we are one, remember?


whoops.. abaikan what i said before... tgh bengang sket td.. so, anyway ppl, have i told you all? im running for Student's Council! haha! crazy, i know.. but well why not ryte, just give it a try.. im keeping my fingers anf toes and every other part of my body crossed! hope i could win :)

owh and yeah, tmomorrow wud be the Bangsawan day.. jemputlah dtg n tngok our performances oky? :)

lots of love,