Monday, July 14, 2008

oh, fuzzy!!

figured its 'bout time for a new post, a filler at least :) so here goes, folks..

i have a friend. his name is fuzzy wuzzy. met him, folks

if you say 'hi, fuzzy!'
he'd answer 'hello!'

'how old are you, fuzzy?'
sometimes he says 'nineteen!' sometimes 'thirteen!' ; well, nobody knows for sure, even i dont.

indeed, hes quite a character. never have i meet a more peculiar guy.

he likes yellow, but not kuning,
he likes green, but not hijau,
likes coffee a lot.
how about kopi? oh, no, not a chance.

if you think you now understand what he likes n what he doesnt, hear more bout him.

fuzzy has a thing bout elevators, he never uses them! he prefers the tangga (and no, not the stairs!)

fuzzy has a way when it come to clothings n footwear.
once i saw him in a dress, high heels and sunglasses!
most of the time tho, fuzzy goes about in his yellow boots, humming along to maroon 5 songs.

his favourite fruits wuldhave to be mangga and mangosteen. hes okay with manggis but no, not mango!!

anybody could give me 10 more things tht fuzzy likes n dislikes?

my, oh my, fuzzy! ure making them dizzy!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

taking five

or rather, weeks ;)
im not feeling well :|
will be back in no time. mean while, enjoy these folks
i love it to bits :D

btn was not the bad by the way n my oh my,
terengganu ws so much fun! :) id say, worth the fever i have now ;) toodles. later folks