Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back where we started :)

Today, on our way to crash the second openhouse of the day, missJ said i look like a mak datin. missA agreed and I tottally disagree, nominating another friend of ours who look more mak datin-ish.

We had a good laugh then silence fell. J then took back her words. She said, come to think about it again, Laila, you dont look lika a mak datin lah, you know what you look like?


You indeed look like a Datuk's partner, but you not the Datin, you're like the secret lover!


And so the usik-usik begin. Tu belum kira MrF n J's little quarrels lagi. hehe.the famous four is back

Home sweet home. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

But such is life

I moved in yesterday.

To say that my room was in a mess is an understatement; there was barely any space for me to step my foot.

i think i just broke my back unpacking the seemingly endless boxes and packages.hehe

This new flat, new room, doesnt feel like mine, it's sad. :|

Im thousands of miles away from home, from my family. They are my rock. I miss the comfort of home.

i think i mightve just hurted somebody's feeling :|

i lost the pensel tekan i vowed not to hilangkan :(

this is not what i have in mind how my raya would be like.

oh what a day.

i have to keep reminding myself to count my blessings today.

Monday, September 14, 2009

long overdue

ive been meaning to blog loads of time during the course of my 3 month sabbatical summer in malaysia. but my bed, comfort food, quality time with loved ones and sleeping always, always got the upper hand.

tomorrow, im going back to the England. not really psyched to begin the new term, as a matter of fact, im feeling a bit blue this few days. its not that im not thrilled to be starting my 2nd year in med school, learning new skills, meeting new people and travelling around with friends and stuff like that, but im just feeling a bit sentimental leaving all those behind for a while in the mood of festivities.

i would definitely miss Mama and her naggings when i put the wrong ingredients in the mixing bowl for kuih raya :O , or like when i woke up reaaal late and we are suppose to go baju raya hunting together :D (not that mine mattered considering my raya days will be spent in the disectting room with my long abandoned cadaver, Betsy. oh dear Betsy i wonder how you must smell by now!)

i am deeply grevely sorry that i wouldnt get to see ayah live in his pink baju melayu this year! :O pictures wont do justice to such occasions.

i will miss nagging nurul to 'belajau la Nurul, PMR nak dekat niii' as she is watching disney channel or chatting on her myspace. (what is it with kids today and myspace? facebook la babe, so 2007 la you all) and watch as she pull faces and retreat to her bedroom. :p

i will definitely miss iqa n along as i dont get to spend time as much with them. along went back to US mid August. and Iqa was home for a week on the start of Ramadhan. hehe i just remembered how along suka strum his guitar to 9 crimes by Damien Rice and i would pipe in and sing with him like nobodys business. mama actually said we sounded good together and we considered putting a video on youtube hey. (but you guys should be thankful that stays as idea sahaja :D i have a feeling mama was being sacarstic).

as much as i dislike leaving, i guess, i ve got to do what ive got to do. the three months holiday has been great and i should be starting this new term full of energy. i know im gonna need it. Looking back, i have had the chance to do almost everything i planned to do over the holidays. (plus a week of impromptu visit to Australia! :D) ive had enough fun and (hopefully adequate) bit of humanitarian and charity work. ive definitely had enough sleep and without a doubt have had far less care over what i was eating. (i have to tell you i am 4kgs fatter so if u havent seen me in a long time, you could be polite and nice and try not to stare at my humongous bottom the next time you see me)

well, to say the least,if anything, this holiday has been truly refreshing. and now its time to move along. ready or not, here we go again folks

ps- doakan i selamat sampai UK OK? Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the reason the willow weeps

is here;

its so you dont have to

taken from IWroteThisForYou, his words calms me when i need soothing. thank you.