Thursday, August 31, 2006

okay lyla.. focus now....

have u ever feel liking n hating a feeling all at the same time..? or enjoying and feeling guilty for enjoying all at the same time..? n playing a game that you know you could win.. but you're not sure the other party would lose..? or.. do you really want the other party to lose, anyway..? feel like i should quit but i know i wont quit..


sampai bile yer..?

lovin' it,
(read: well, sorta.. not totally)


ps- ignore this post.. its 12.30 am, im feverish, having sore throat, batuk, selseme, baru makan ubat, high, mamai, ngigau maybe,...

in simpler words..

buzz off~ im just crapping....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

1st there was 9, then 8 ppl, 8!!!

the IAU (international astronomical union) conference ended few days ago and they came out with new ruling of what constitues a planet.. after much anticipation of expecting our solar system to welcome new members and expand, to my surprise.. our solar system has now become even smaller.. *sigh*

Pluto is no longer considered as one of the planet in the solar system. instead, it is now a white dwraft planet (wth? xde name lain ke..?) together with Xena, Ceres and that other one ( i cant remember the name) its a BIG bummer... kesian kat pluto!!!

this is due to the orbit of pluto yg sedikit senget-ed and interrrupts a little dgn Neptune nyer orbit and so that contradics with one of the rules-of-what-a-planet-is which is - the orbit must be in a complete eclips shape and xbole langgar mane2 orbit planet lain... as for Xena n Ceres, their orbits pon x brape nak centre i guess so thats y dorg x di iktiraf jugak...

hm hm hm.. frust~ after uranus, pluto is my favourite planet in the solar system... it is like so cute, small n mysterious.. (like me..) hah! ok ok im crapping.. anyway, im still bersyukur la at least, even if it is now a white dwarft planet, still, it is a planet kan?.. thank god.. nasib baik x jatuh taraf asteroids ke, junks ke.. kan?

so the newspaper reports that hm after the season fall (which is sekarang) science text books around the world are expected to be re-writen and not to include pluto in the solar system.. it is said that this is a very emotional change as we all learnt this things a bout planet since we were little and we belive pluto to be one of us.. n tetibe its no longer with us.. however, i suppose, that this is science.. it couldnt just be static n unchanging kan..? science will keep changing after each discoveries being made.. who know one day we'll find more new planets? or even creatures other than those of in this earth? and that what makes mankind richer day after day.. ilmu =) pluto telah mengorbankan diri for the sake of science and let us treasure it..

long live pluto! u'll alwis be in my heart!!


hm, gtg.. i havent pack flight to Trg is this evening.. i have to go to trg (again) for a meeting with YT.. be back by monday and will tell you what the course is about.. take care ppl! lov u!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

holy holy holiday...

cuti!!! yeay!! heh.. i went back to melake for the 1st 2 days of the cuti.. ade kenduri arwah.. then i came back on Sunday..

smlm went out with the girls n ali wan n anas to midvel.. anas picked me up kat rumah then went to Sani's.. he cant follow us sbb ade game kat KDE.. *sigh* anyway.. still, we had fun...watched Click.. best!! like it a lot.. cliche la skit sbb it turned out to be just a dream.. (ops to those yg xtngok lagi, sorry tht just slipped out..) but still, its a very touching stury bout family.. =) heh.. i told anas the story is more less loke our CP.. the theme i mean.. and anas laughed at me.. ''nuff bout CP lyla.." fine2.. had lunch at BK.. met sook fun n meng yeow! sweet la dorg!!

-anas, me, yaz, mellow.... we lack a person *sigh*-

so now guess i have to spend some time on homework n studies kot.. bukak2 ni ade chem test!! *uh* nightmare... yeah, azrieal msged me just now.. ajak breakfast tomorrow morning.. heh (swweet huh..?) -well, not really unless the other person wud join us... *wink* will update later tata!

Friday, August 18, 2006

alive, and kicking *smiles*

thank god....

i don't care whatever you think of our CP, but i think it rocks!! we had a blast! now i understand what Adif was going about in class talking about how high you'd feel after a stressful period.. hell yeah... we are all high up in the sky that we believed we could fly~ haha...

so it turned out well, i supposed.. i saw Pn. kat actually went all claps and wo0-ing and ahh-ing on our performance.. and Pn. Rog too!! to tell you the truth, on my personal view, i think EVERYONE worked hard to make it a, well, i can consider it a succsess i guess.. Mr. Small, the principal congratulated the director profusely and even asked to take a picture with her and all the assistant directors =) i know, i know, i t might just be a mere act of encouragement.. i mean like, maybe he thinks it was just average and ordinary, but hey, it was certainly not a flop!!!

i was backstage most of the time.. i had three scenes where i was onstage and other than that i helped out with the backstage ppl.. huhu kinda lepak la kat backstage.. good coordination i guess.. the 2-hour drama went way above my expectation.. it might be simple and just nice but bliv me, time reahearsal, it was no where near tht man..

we had photography session afterwards.. i'll put them up later bile Yaz dah pass to me.. ok..?

hm, holiday starts right after Cp finishes so, technically, we're already starting our 2-week holiday.. tapi im still at college ni.. my mum is picking me up in few more hours ...

*sigh* seronok! hm,however,CP marks the end of our induction here.. after this, we are all considered as real KYUEMians and that marks the start of many new things, hardwork and studies being only a few... for all 9th batch ppl, lets do it.. strive and uphold the legacy.. =) we are the ones remember..


right after the cp hanad anas sani alissa yaz me n mila *Smiles*

with gratitude to god,
miss saccharide!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


okay, so we had our full rehearsal tadik.. puan kat and puan rog was there..

as expected, terok gak la ktorg kene bambu ngn pn. kat.. ksian gila kat aisyah n masrizal.. xpasal2 kene jerit... darn.. wonder how are we going to face pn. kat tomorrow at ielts class.. anyway, pn rog kate, our crite is belit2 n she cudnt understand it.. well, ure right pn rog.. it is belit2 pon.. but, its just too late to change anything either... as one of the script writers, i rase bersalah gak la for making the script a little too serious (bajet college-like-matured-thinking la konon..) but then, we, as in me, fiqry and johan did some alteration to the script so tht it wud be a little klaka... but... *sigh....* boring gila, still... hm, kalau nak best pon maybe time dances je la kot.. urgh..

as for puan kat, she blah just like that after the screening without saying a single word...

lord.. xlarat nak pikiaq dah...

hm.. pleez pray for the success of the CP k.. =( i hope when the day comes, we could deliver well and everything turn out to be if not good, fine pon i'd be glad...

i'll blog luse to tell you all how'd it go kayh... tu pon kalau i havent died out of embarrasment (uuu tht bad..?) heh...


Friday, August 11, 2006

a whole month of revivified life...

sedar tak sedar, today, genap a month i am here in the new place.. i'd be lying if i say i dont like it here. so far, life hare had been full of new experiences and challenges. okay, so, tht might sound cliched and a little poyo.. but guess what, thts really how i feel.. its not always blood sweat and tears, nor its always flowers, rainbows and butterflies.. okay, so, maybe its too early for me to judge anything cuz its only had been a month..

owh.. gtg.. im at rc atcually.. kelas nak start dah.. will update later.. (so much later kot sbb server kat chalet down.. frigging server!!)


hye hye hye.... guess what!!?? server dah okay!!!! yeeeeehaaaa.. tnx to the brain aka nazri yang telah susah payah mengajar me to tukar IP address watsoever.. haha im so0 happy~

well where was i the last time uh..? ouh the 1st month ann thing.. atcually hari ni da masuk a month and 2 days..and today for the 1st time here i rase sgt cud they not open the store sukan time cuti.. uhuk.. da la 3/4 of the college population balik.. sunyi gile~n yeah! budak2 bank negare ade course ape tah.. haih bosan2.. so the 1st month went well with so much intersting happened.. and today.. sgt busan! hoho...

today, we had CP practice.. CP_ Cultural PErformance.. a ritual to be completed by all new stdents in kyuem where we'd have to make a production on our own (the whole batch must tlibiat) pasal anything we want and perform depan the whole college,sponsors, and parents *grr* it might sounds lame and unimportant at all tp believe me, as it nears kan, mcm cuak gak la sbb its represent our batch yada yada things like that.. so we'll be judge la..

other than CP, my lesson is going quite well la.. stakat ni bole la cope lagik..


uh, really ngntuk.. ill stop here k..see you guys later.. *yawn*


Saturday, August 05, 2006

its a heppy-happy-sunny-splendid saturday!!

yeay! im home! class ended at around 10.45 today waited for nine ngn sani kat blakang kmpung seberang and aroud 1 oclock gerak balik umah.. pastu kan, time we all da sampai kat2 tol lembah beringin tu, my phone rang.. it was milo..

she was actually screaming on the other hand "lyla!! jgn balik lagi! i xde transport!" haha.. poor thing tht girl.. so my dad patah balik and pick her up la.. keling tol muiz nih.. mule2 kate bole pick yaz and milo up at college pastu tetibe xle lak.. *grrrrr*

anyhow, evrythng turn out to be great.. xcept tht i cant go to caca's party sbb ade this one wedding in kajang.. sorry ca!

i went to a wedding tadi.. wonder why many ppl are getting married these days.. pnat tol nak kene kasi bunge telur kat sume org.. another one's waiting jap lagi..

dono what to blog bout nemore.. hm, yeh, hv i told u sapphire won quiz, nasyid, hafazan n few more jadik runner ups..? heee bet if theres award for best house.. it will be ours.. (no offence yeah rumah2 lain... sapphire mmg best!) pastu organizer saje nak cover bagi ktorg award "house of creativity" see. thts all IAW is a bout la x? being creative in your performances and all.. and what does it gotta do with peace ke.. (im dead kalo nik imran bace nih) exuberance ke.. ape tah lagi.. kan? kan? haha.. god~ i dah jadik housist... 4give me evryone... huhu... saje jer...

yeah, bout the title... wonder whats so 'happy' and 'sunny' bout today..? heeee figure tht out urself *big smile...*


You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
You'd be like heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived.
And I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
Pardon the way that I stare.
There's nothing else to compare.
The sight of you leaves me weak.
There are no words left to speak.
But if you feel like I feel.
Please let me know that it's real.
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
I love you baby,
and if it's quite all right,
I need you baby to warm the lonely night.
I love you baby.
Trust in me when I say:
Oh pretty baby,
don't bring me down, I pray.
Oh pretty baby,
now that I found you. Stay.
And let me love you, baby.
Let me love you ...

-enjoy it cuz i really do..- :)