Friday, September 29, 2006

crush or crash?

this is what im thinking right now... (note that i baru lepas bace a mellow love story *jeez*)

Love could be set in motion quickly, but true love needed time to grow into something strong and enduring, it does not happen over just a few months, few movies together and few phone calls, to name a few. love is, above all, about commitment and dedication and belief that spending years with a certain person would create something greater than the sum of what the two could accomplished separetely. only time, however could show whether u'd been right in your judgement (and this is the scary part).

Lust, meanwhile could happen almost instantly. its the feeling of wanting to hold somone in your arms, kiss the person and keep the person as long as you can, for what ever the reason is. it might be physical attraction, material attraction, or as stupid as just wanting somone cause thats just the-in-thing, you know... lust is as simple as this. two people learned that they are compatible, attraction grows, and the instinct to keep one another kicks in.

and liking someone is merely love but certainly more than lust, at least, in my case(s) most of the time, thats the way it is.

'like' does not seem appropriate tho.. like.. i like ice cream, i like watching prison break, i like this and that.. the exclusiveness of the word itself is down grading for someone i like... my definition of liking someone is when you want to know more about the person, and you grow a genuine feeling of care and concern for the person. you get this butterflies in your stomach when you wana talk to the person, giddy if you bumped into the person.. and, you know, all this stuff.. and for feelings as such, ive been experiancing it since i was in, well, standard 5?

i always believe i have never been so in love with anyone, yet. as for lust, okay, well, maybe... infatuation is more appropriate i think. but i always really easily grow this 'like'-ing thing for someone. not good, i know... and it so happens that the if the person i like, likes me back and starts to get serious, i shy away, scare away.. i dont like to get attached, not anymore. cause i've learned from my mistakes, along the way, or , finally, if you are attached to anyone,you would get hurt or worse, u'll hurt somebody..

only idiots reapeat the same mistakes..

life is short.. venture it while you have time..dont restrict yourself, or get yourself into somthing that makes your prespective and chances in this life being restricted *wink* this world could offer so much for you to learn from, its just the matter of finding it, learn, and move on, find more, and learn and the process never stops until you put a stop to it...

enjoy life. its not yet time for the four-letter word -


Monday, September 18, 2006

back to blogging

when you havent blog for quite some time, you wont feel like blogging anymore. lagi2, when youre living in some isolated place where something is happenig everytime yet if you blog bout it, ppl wont have a clue what you're talking about, the exitement of blogging and this art of telling stories to your close frens no longer seems inviting. why blog if ppl coudnt comprehend what you are blogging about?

ah, well, on second thought, i teringt my objective of blogging on the 1st place.. i wana speak out and write about whatever i feel like saying..

so thats it for this post.. i just wana tell you im still on wif this blogging thing, just taking a short rest.. =) keep checking on me.. love yáll! mwah!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

gelabah ke kalau update blog kat chalet?

well.. suka hati la~ im bored.. its raining like cats n dogs outside n even half the population (budak diamond girls n kmpung seberang-ers) of the college is already flooded.. n yeah, ppl kat Jap garden to0... *sigh*
as a matter of fact, ive been back in this place for two days now. came back with the flu fever and unfinished homework.. a helluva bad start for the new term huh? u bet..
anyway the term started off kinda slow and.. boring i guess..maybe sbb before this dah terbiase n terseronok with all the kesibukan CP and yada-yada...
as for today.. it went just fine.. bio class with Miss Yati was a little awkward.. not saying die ajar xbest.. but i mish my mr vroege with his cleanliness obsession and stylo mylo way of teaching~ *wink* heheee..
then had class with Puan Kat and she was complaining how much it annoys her when her students doesnt feel good about going (eh, should i say coming instead?) back to college... my say : what-ever! how do you expect us to feel good bout being back in college when all we got to do here in the middle of nowhere is belajar, with all the neuron-densed-yet-some-are-still-very-very-shallow-minded-ppl around us, and... well.. nothing??
well,luckily i have a few ppl in this college that could always take me back to my senses and make my day.. thx u guys..
and then there was maths (starting to like maths even more lately) ,GS (buh-san) n Chem.. cuak gile Chem ade test khamis nih~
jap... ape lagi eh.....
esok!? debate!
against topaz!
owh, tuhanku.. *grrrr*
better go prepare... doakan kejayaan sapphire! *wink*
-lyla in lazy mode-