Friday, June 23, 2006

whines... sape nak bace..??

tomorrow, im leaving for terengganu.. i have a 5-day course + briefing ngn pihak yayasan terengganu.. so, xleh nak update la kot thru that five days ..

i'll sure miss yaz's bday celebration if they are planning to do one.. n then, 27th nih ramai2 masok kmb so i xsempat jumpe dorg 4 the last time b4 dorg pegi..

worse, td milo called, ajak me kluar too bad i havent mandi lagi tht time and kalo i nak siap2 sume, xsempat lak.. milo ajak kuar sok tp i'll of to trg lor~

the program ngn YT abes on the 29th hari Khamis, so my dad keje.. i'd have to find someone yg nak pegi airport jugak, or else i'd have to take tae cab all the way to airport kat KT.. where as the thing will be held in Dungun.. (4 those yg xtaw, yep, jauh gak la KT ngn dungun)..

tak2 pon, kalo xdapat carik org nak gi aport, n takot nak naik cab sorg2, my dad suruh stay at my grandma's housesmpai hari sabtu, n die amik i kat umah nenek. tp, nenek pulak ngah sakit i xmo kacau die.. my nenek dah la suke nak semangat2 nak masak itu - ini for me kalau i balik.. haiyah..

or maybe i should just take a bus..? hm.. okay x? hm, let see, kalau ade geng, that also wanna go back to KL by bus (lets hope adela org KL jugak nnt ;)) i naik bus then..

wowohhoo.. it's been soo long since i'd have to make decision.. otak ni da btol2 lembap problem kecik2 cm ni pon i da risau2.. hehe (macam wilson dalam citer lotus eater lak) just wish me luck kay kat sane.. im gonna meet with a group of new frens.. which will be with me for the nest 2 yers in kyuem.. lets hope they rock!!

*fingers cross*..
got to go, blom abes packing 4 tomorrow! toodles~

Thursday, June 22, 2006

for the sake of updating, uh? hehe read on, u'll like it~

okay.. so you guys.. im back.. huhu sorry for not updating for so very long.. i didnt seem to have anything interesting to blog about..well, still dont actually.. so.. here goes my post for now.. sorry taw it is so random..


-Know something interesting about FIFA world cup? Brazil won the world cup in 1994.Before that, he had won this title for the last time in 1970.

If you add up : 1970 + 1994 = 3964

Argentina won the world cup for the last ti,me in 1986.Before that only in 1978.

And 1978 + 1986 = 3964

Germany,though, won the world cup in 1990. Before that,Germany won in 1974.

Look : 1990 + 1974 = 3964

This could lead us to guess the winner of the world cup in 2002.Since it should be the winner of the 1962 world cup ( in fact 3964-2002=1962). And Brazil won the world cup in 1962! ( And in fact, Brazil won the 2002 World Cup)

This Numerology seems to work.....=)

And now,who would be the WINNER of the 2006 WORLD CUP?

Lets see...3964-2006 =1958

And who won the WORLD CUP in 1958 ? Go and find out,and you'll know the WINNER.


so.. can you buy this? hm, i just came accross this from a post in FS.. mcm interesting je though it doesnt really work in all cases of the cup cahmpions.. hehe but im keeping my fingers cross. hope this theory is betul =)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

cawan dunia yang cantik..

hi hi hello hello cartello~

waa.. been so0o long since i last blogged.. feels so good to be back on this chair in front of this monitor.. so, i guessed you all figured why right? its the world cup.. not really a big fan of football actually, never was.. however for the pass few days, the internet connection had been so bad that i pon malas nak blog..hee sorry fans :p so got no choice but to join my dad watchin football games. its not that bad actually, and i find myself starting to agree with the legandary Pele, ' its a beautiful game' heh, whatever beauty he is referring to, to me football is a beautiful game has this some kind of authority to unite people of the world, the continent, what more a country.

i read an article in this one magazine about how Ivory Coast, a country participating in this world cup, is actually having a perang saudara in their country between the muslims n christians. beautiful this game is how both party could call it atruce and unite, and give full suppport to their country.. then it is also beautiful that when i went to a mamak stall 2 days ago, eating roti canai, almost all of the people there is gusto supporting south Korea in a match agaist Togo. semangat ke-asia-an! hehe.. ye lah, kalau nak tunggu malaysia sendiri dapat masuk... ;)

okay, enough about the world cup for now. after all, i dont noe that much to go on crapping bout futball =p im a newbie! new football fan! yeah! football, gets the world talking.. huhu.. ok ok.. nuff..

so,i went out yesterday. wahida, yaz, ainul and me. girls day out!! hehe had mucha fun at the pyramid ice rink and waffle world. we also bumped into our senior, abg jon yg tinggi lampai and a kakak, i didnt quite catch her name but i wud edit this post as soon as i find out balik akak tu name aper.. eheh.. sorry kak! gez they are an item kot.. sweet je dorg duerang skate same2.. hm, over all the outing mmg fun la.. lgpon mybe ni last time i bole jumpe yda b4 die masok kmb.. uhu.. bye2 girl! will miss ya!

hm, ive got the offer letter from mara and yayasan trg and been going tru both of em.. kyuem seems like a nice place and so do taylors. tapi since i mmg da tekad nak amek yt, ive put the mara letter back inside the envelop and put them aside. and the yt's letter of consent is currently on my study desk in my room. and the medical checkup form is right here beside this keyboard.. guess i've to fill tihs one up.. esok nak wat medical cek up.. hehe.. okay, u guys.. see ya! lots of love..

Sunday, June 04, 2006

of bunga telur and bally shoes...

hi all!! waa lamenye xblog.. sorry, ive been quite occupied lately. few days back, i had a vacaation in Port Dickson. tolak orang yang super was pretty awesome actually. we stayed at Tiara beach resort and they have this one man-made beach that has fake waves and everything.. cool. tapi the only sad thing is im getting sun tanned.. hehe..

owh, the title might seem a little tetibe so let me now tell you what it is all about actually.

you guys still remember tht short story we learn back in lower form in high school? (well, those salad days) yup the story about (i think) how a poor guy sacrifice his bally shoes to pay for the cost of bunga telur.. kan? heh tapi, ahat i am sure of is that it is a tale about love, sacrifice and irony at the end..

well, actually, over the past few days, ather than busying myself tanning at PD, i've been to a few weddings all over semenanjung. kat Trg, Melake, Seremban, and here around Kl.. biaselah, musim org kawen.. hehe.. there was a grand one, a small one and even a very nice and quiet one.. well, the latest one i went is this evening. the bride is my mother's cousin so, i donno how to put it, but kire ade pertalian darah la.. bau2 bachang..heh..

i was asked to angkat the bunga telur.. =) hee sronok~ all eyes on me (prasan.. padahal org tngok pengantin) ahax.. and u know what, one of the hantaran was a pair Bally shoes.. so its a kind of a memento reminding me of the short story..

hee thts all..

awh, yeh..

and have i tell you? ive made my mind.. after much consideration,i choose to go with yayasan terengganu.. i dono why but it seems much more appealing to me ($_$) haha! kidding.. its not the money la.. i guess kyuem provides more condusive learning environment and i can have guidence from fatin and my seniors there, i hope.. lgpon, its a two yers course.. gives me more time to prepare and get mentally ready for the undergraduate study nnt.. wish me luck!!

p/s-flavour of the week - nasik minyak orang kawen.. put some weights folks!!