Monday, October 09, 2006

Almost.. but doesn't counted..

sekejap je dah halfway through puasa kan? today dah masuk 16th day of ramadhan... so far, im liking it being at coll during ramadhan... buat me rajin sket pg tarawih.. plus kat sini kurang sket la pembaziran bli makanan kat bazar ramadhan cuz we don have one here.. ade tu ade la tp satu hari 2 3 booth je bukak dpn dh and sometimes mmg cekik darah gak la budak2 tu fundraising.. (jo puts it as day-time robbery)

lesson is going so-so.. agak cuak for the coming internal exam though.. 4th day of raya will be having practical bio, then ade IELTS, maths.. chem xde exam kot, thats what i heard.. not feeling well, mentally... sad anxiety depression > SAD ...dont ask why, i dunno gak.. shud've pegi all the talks time HAW and figger what to do now ( right! ).. i tell or keep it to myself? do i cry or laugh? feels like im missing something.. like, i lost someone.. but then, how is it possible to lost someone, when you dont even own that someone at the 1st place...? ryte..? guess i'll get over it.. better be quick...

s'cuse me for the randomness and mixed-up-ness of this post... thats how im feeling ryte now... *sigh*


flisterz said...

iskh2 ksian lyla..
masalah mental rupanye
lol :D

nazir said...

::lyla mmg canni...dr dulu lagi
::phsyco!! =P