Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Guess what i got for christmas???



um hm.. (shook head)



i got a letter!!!!

i thought so hard what to give you this year... but well, you've just been super nice that no present could reward ur niceness.. i hope you dont mind, love.. its just too good to be true.. are you an angel?

hah! see told you.. santa pon saje carik alasan xmo bg i present! kedukot~ ho ho ho...

to all christians, merry christmas! happy new year.. :)

*making new year's resolution is fun!! u'll stick to it for at least the whole first weekkk!!*


hey.. wait theres somthing in my sock....its a blue jersey!! tnx hon love it, im wearing it now :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lembah Tengah vs. Valley of Lust

okeh.. get this clear..

what i mean is.. Mid Valley vs Lembah berINGIN

okay if my 1st home is in Cheras... which do i call my second home?? it seems nowadays tht im starting to forget coll and all the work load, and have changed my attention to spending money, atching movies, hanging out and wating time... god!

holiday dah nak masuk minggu ke-3.. and so far im enjoying it alright. went out a few times with him and couple of times with the girls, my cousins, the kids, my sistas. watched many movies dah dejavu, happy feet (animation movies are kih-yutt), cicak man (yep, i watch malay movies, s'wat?), possesed (so what if it is a local horror movie? it turned out cruelly as a comedy anyhow - my advice is, if you are looking for a good laugh, try this) and arang ( a korean ghost movie.. not bad but i kinda guessed the plot earlier.. *sigh* )

and so far, ive got mself a pair of jeans, 3 tee's, a cardigan, two tee shirts, 2 skirts, 2 new shoes..

calculatingly cool huh? not! so now lets do the maths..

hwah! in three weeks alone, i ve spent nearly rm500.. thats like 2 monts of my scholarship money! shoooooottttttt!

okeh! thts it! im staying home for the whole week next week!! nak buat hwork! nak menabung dlm ASB! nnt dapat dividen.. hahahahaha
jap, what? masuk duit skrg da x kire for dividen eh? ah, who cares?

xmau keluar dah!!! nak dok umah!!! buat maths! n bussiness! n chem! n study bio!! stoooooppid me baru sedar bnyk giler seyh keje...

well, anyway, hes out of country the whole next week (janda for a week as he puts i), so i guess, i mmg btol2 nak stay home je, jd nerd n siapkan sumer keje...

gtg.. bye2...

ps- yaz,ainul, maja,gad,asip muiz, had a gweat outing with you guys td.. tnx! asip, damn, im sorry bout ur atm card.. gad, sorry din join for the movie.. ainul, sorry drag u along jumpe zul... sorrrryyy...

n zul, *grins* tnx hon! luv yah! take care in Thailand!! xmaw carik pompuan kat sane kayh? hehe

smoochies! out!

Friday, December 08, 2006

SEM 1 - been there done that

*BIG grin*

semester 1 dah habis! and all i could say is that over all it has been a good one. there is of course room for improvement in every acpects - esp. my studies.. but hey, i guess im doing okayh (ok, not good)

here's some telltale pics of last semester's story...

well there it goes..


Milo and Yaz .......... for always standing by my side

Pn. Kat, Dr. Bano, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Zabed, Mr. Vroege (hot) Ust. Maliki .......... for teaching

Nad, Dayah, Fada .......... for rocking P-38 like crazy

Hajar, Husna, Fatin, Alissa, and all the gorjez girlfrens of mine .......... for being my gossip frens

Anas, Sani, Jo and all the other boy frens .......... for being wacky and spreading the aura around

Sapphireans .......... for making other houses willing to kill to be in Sapph!

Mr. Jamal and my 'family' members .......... for that night

YT .......... for telling me whts not on the paper and hopefully this wud make me strive for a better result nxt sem *Sigh*

Pn. Rog, mak cik sapu sampah, abg betulkan air cond, warden, matron .......... for doing what you all do hehe

Zul .......... for just being you

and everyone else yg tak ter mention.. sorry.. evryone contributed to the merriment as well as sufferings thruout the sem!