Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fast forward.

Sorry for the super long hiatus. I was a little preoccupied with things and couldnt find the time to write properly. A lot has happened since the last post eventful, important events that i really shoulve written about.

For one thing, i have sat for the said test i was to be taking when i wrote the hiatus post. I passed everything and am very happy to tell you ill be graduating this december with a first class degree in biomedical sciences :D Alhamdulillah

Since then, i have started the 2nd phase of my clinical practice. I did paeds rotation for 10 weeks which i thoroughly enjoyed. So much happen in the rotation, so many kids ive met that have touched my life and make me smile and cry. I have learn so much. and im happy to share with you guys becoming a paediatrician is definitely at the top of my career option, as of now. :) insyaallah

while the rotation was super, the paeds exams i thought didn't go too well. results are not out yet, so all i can do now is keep my fingers crossed and carry on.

last weekend then i visited one of my best girls after the exam just to take the stress off the whole blunder that is my paeds exam before the start of my 2nd rotation. We went shopping, sight seeing, eat loads and gossips. the usual ;) I also got a surprise present from the other half that me teared up a little. thanks Zul you never cease to make me fall in love all over again :) it was an awesome weekend indeed.

this week, i started my new rotation on obs and gynae. its mostly introduction lectures 9-5, no babies delivered, no fannies swabbed, yet (lol!) so not particularly exciting week, but tiring all the same. ive also managed to lose my 3year old iphone on monday along the way after a very long day in the hospital. i have an unbelieveable attachment to the phone that it broke my heart to a million pieces once it hit me that ive really lost it (that is after running up and down the big hospital asking around helplessly to almost every security person/receptionists i saw with teary eyes and snotty nose.)

so there. that is what has been happening in my life so far. ups and downs.

i think its healthy that you are down in the dumps once in a while. it makes you stop and think. be thankful for what you have, appreciate things around you more, gets you closer to god, strengthens friendship and relationships, and teach you a lesson.

and well, the other good this is, the only way to go now, is up. ;)

talk to you soon