Thursday, August 09, 2012

I forgot about you. Im sorry. I met a new social media site. And i have fun there. Its like micro blogging say thing on your mind without a care and and i can follow celebs who look like this hunk.
On a side note zul got really sad when i told him i had a dream where nathan and i went out for dinner :D he banned me from watching olympic swimming. Olympic swimming dah habis pon! :P Heheh.
Anyhoo im just dropping by to say hello. I dont know if im gonna keep you for long now. But please just know if i decide to stop writing in you, i will always remember you, i literally grew up with you since i was 15! Sure i cringe when i read older entries but that besides the point. You were always there for me. When i was going thru the rebellious emo teenager, highschool puppy loves up until meeting Zul :)) and early uni days.

You have been ace <3 and should i stop writing in you in move on to a new site just know i enjoyed penning my thoughts and rant to you all these years