Sunday, October 25, 2009

all the way from london

thank you for your thoughtfulness
thank you for making my day perfect. :)


(and thank you mister F for carrying it around although i know you were very busy yesterday!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

vlog phail

i was watching some vlogs on youtube and i thought hey this is cool i can do that. so i wrote on a piece of paper what i wanna talk about and stuff, put on my tudung and press rec on my lappie. i got thru the first few planned sentences; introduction and stuff. then.... umm well.. i just thought' okay this isnt working.

i shy shy cat lah! vlog is totally not fo me ;| maybe next time

ps - any tips anyone?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A (little too much) breath of fresh air

Although its just little changes here and there, im loving the new look of my revamped room + bathroom ;)

but the potpourri is a tad too strong lah :| how now?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

reducing the redundancy

We are what we are today because of what happened to us yesterday. we mightve had a hard time, with all the conflicts, dilemmas, dramas and misunderstandings, but those are the things that have thankfully shaped us up, things we tragically lost our innocence to, things that fortunately didnt kill us, but makes us stronger.

We have to know how to put the past behind us, and instead of brooding over the spilt milk, wipe away our tears, and learn from our mistakes;

So that in the future, we will always check first that there is enough toilet paper before doing our bussinesses. We will listen to our our moms the next time they told us that whatever we are about to do is not a good idea. We would make sure we get the right person before hugging them from behind and say things we are not suppose to say to stangers. and most importantly of course, we would think (and look around!) ;) before we speak.

We have been taught the subject History from the early age so we didn't repeat the same mistakes our ancestors did. And we must vow to ourselves not to repeat the same mistakes that we ever did.

Because now, we are older, we are wiser.
Because now, we know better.