Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vlog 2.0

About fricking time, right? :D LOL. soooo sorry! ive been really busy :( Clinicals are so tiring, but good kinda tiring, fun tired. I was at hospital half the time and the other half at home sleeping/ pigging out/ burying my nose in piles of notes and heavy books pretending to be revising while watching pretty little liars.

So i got home quite early today and i was sorting thru my work clothes and selendang, colour coding things and hangers (yes im a wardrobe freak like that) and trying out my old dresses and casual clothes and jeans and spring skirts that i rarely get to wear anymore nowadays :( i tried on my hijabs and experimented with a few styles. then..

you guessed it. i decided to make a hijab tutorial video. rest assured this video isnt as awkward as my 1st attempt at vlogging (at least i think so) LOL. This goes for you guys who have been missnig my face and my voice. Wait, what? you dont miss me? Well your mom does.

Weeheeee :D ttyl 'ppl of the internet' who says that? (O_o) oh right, i did (T_T)