Thursday, May 24, 2007

stay away : shes hazrdous..

wow.. its been so,so long, hasnt it? it feels almost new to be typing here again.. owh well, there were many2 times in these past couple of months that i really2 feel the need to blog and spill everything in my mind, but i dont have the time (or the internet connection) to do so. im currently in the middle of my AS examinations, (i have 8 papers, baru buat 2) in the dilemma of deciding on which U's to apply for, drafting my PS...

ive always been the optimistic girl, the girl who would hang on tight to what she believes though some do not see it. who is patient and compassionate, selfless and would never give up even when im trodden upon. but lately its getting hard to stay all cheerful and happy when theres things on my mind that really bother me.. gosh.. AS, Sponsor, him leaving and all...

im in a state of mind retardedness, tiredness.. one minute im rolling on the floor laughing, the next im all serious and stress up with chem and bio books, the the very next minute, i got all emotional about the slightest thing.. *sigh*

well, to end on a lighter note, maybe im just having my PMS. so do stay away from me these couple of weeks, then i'll be as good as new to you after all this, okay?

:) cheese