Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random little things that makes you smile :)

A professor winked at you and greeted you good morning early MONDAY morning
Surprise birthday gifts at your door.
Playing on the game console for hours with your best friend when you should be at school :D
That guy in silent study zone in library who waved, smiled sheepishly and mouthed 'hi' everytime you catch him looking at you.
To have little snow flakes fall upon your lashes after a hard day in labs.
Cozy warm boots that keep your feet dry.
A card with writings all over it, on both pages from your other half.
Thronton's little toffee cupcakes.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

never gets old

I turn 21 yesterday :) the quintessential age that defines the beginning of adulthood. To be honest, i still cannot believe I was 20 years old all year last year (haha) let alone being 21 years old now! :O My birthday celebration this year was small and sweet nontheless.

It started on midnight of the 14th, when i got a text which says:

'As the clock strikes midnight,
a girl's life changes, it just might,
a trail to follow to spice it all up,
will she succeed or get lost in the dark?'

your adventure awaits just outside your door!
(or something like that!, i dah terdelete! :( )

i was getting ready to sleep, lights out, snug and comfy in my jammies, feeling a little bogged down by all the stresses of studying for my upcoming exam lusa, which i have not done much in term of preparation!

Anyhoo, thats another story. The text made me feel like im in some sort of a fairy tale story, macam dalam cerita alice in wonderland :). i was so excited! i tiptoed outside. the house was
already dark and dead quiet, everybodys asleep or getting ready to sleep. I then found the first clue that says 'let's play a game'. (haha and now i felt like i was in Saw movie!) it then lead me to a series of post it notes hidden in a few places places, that had me running up and down the stairs rummaging thru the milk bottles in the fridge and detergent boxes in the laundry room looking for clues.
comel takkkkkkkk?? :D :D I oohed and aahed with every clue that finally led me to find a birthday card with well wishes from my dearest housemates :D :D sweettt kaaannnn? :D :D

on the actual day of my birthday, i had a nice long sleep in, woke up feeling to the sun shining on my face, called home and open the present from the other half. its so sweet how he remembers all the little passing remarks i made of how awesome would it be to have this or that no matter how months has passed between then and now, and got the the right present at the right time that put a smile on my face all day :) (PDA alert, Milo) He always, always, makes my day no matter how far away he is. :) :) love sgt!

Later that day, we went out to the city center, ate at a sushi bar, shop a little and went back home. It was a perfect day and i really appreciate how the housemates melayan i pergi sana sini despite the fact that exam is just around the corner. Gosh, i am blessed with such wonderful people around me. I miss Zul and my family in Malaysia, but am very grateful for this wonderful people around me now. Thank you korang, thank you Allah :)

Now, if you would excuse me, im gonna go and dafter mengundi :D

OMG and i just have to put this video here. its the sweetest thing! i started going awwwww when i see all the dear familiar faces in the video. i miss them all!

ps- hello girls, the indon tudung IS fashionable ok? :P


Thursday, November 04, 2010


and i have sooooo many things uncrossed in my things-to-do-before-21 list. :(