Sunday, September 30, 2007


thepast two days had beeen sabbatical. ok. not as good as a vacation but pure idleness... ignorance is bliss!

Friday, September 28, 2007


its 6.40 pm n i just woke up. i slept the whole day today after my paper 2 business and i feel sleepier than ever..i skipped tutorial and assembly (not on purpose this time) and i woke up feeling heavy,dizzy and sad. im having a terrible stomachache.

its weird how sleep should be refreshing and yet it makes me feel drained and empty.. :(

maybe i should get myself more organized and try to start going out for sports again. its been a while since i went out for swimming and taek won do practices now.. maybe i should spend less time on bed, maybe i shouldseriously start thinking bout my bio n chem now that business is over. maybe i should call him and just talk. maybe i should've gone home for a little rest..sigh..

i need some refreshment!

somebody, revivify me!

and maybe, its time for me to stop finding excuses and start going to terawih again.. heheh

ah well that what tido petang does to you.. it makes you moody.. i'll blog again tonight i have too much time on my hands to waste..


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i just had a feast with the sapph girls just now. i mean a real feast. we had ayam percik, ikan bakar, ayam golek, muratabak, roti john, reti bom, nasi tomato, nasi karabu nasik goreng, tepung pelita, you name it, we had it all..

*burps* excuse me

i stopped going to the terawih a couple of days back as i has somethng cropping up (busyness with business strikes) (it only occured to me just now tht ive whined so much about business in this blog compared to any other subjects. weird. im a medic student to be so why bother business right? wrong.. i have to bear in mind i, too, am a cambridge candidiate *curse yt* .. anyway it will soonbe over and i will be business-less! joy!)

erm, where was i? ryte.. the terawih.. so as business trial paper 1 had well celebratedly passd, i plan to start going to the terawih again today but,but... im too bloated to move!! :l

moving on. hm, i suddenlyhave an idea to bring all my frens to my hometown in trg when we finish alevels nnt. i could bring them to cherating to the beach and maybe go snokerling like what laong did with his frens, to kuala kemaman eating otak2 n satar, get some real fresh seafood, shop till we drop at the pasar payang, anything~ it wud sure be funnn!! im yet to further plan it nnt.. i have no i dea why, but i really really feel like i need to go an a hiloday skrg.. been too long since i realy had a vacation. mama n ayah talked bour going to australia nxt year but well, thts all we all ever do nowadays; talk. i dont blame them. ade2 je org ada hal nnt and the holiday would have to be cancelled again.

anyway, tht trip to terengganu is still an as exam, an a level exam, a few interviews (lets pray for this), hundreds of times of scoldings from mr b, half the text book of bio, a whole book of chem, and endless worksheet of maths away from now..

well untill then i guess ibetter shut up and drive this journey head on.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

here and there


  • so i did my ukcat just now.. wudnt say it was exceptionally good but lets just say, its not as bad as i thought it would be. alhamdulillah
  • contacted MUSCOM just now, asking wheather thay still have vacancy for tht sarawak trip. tiba2 rasa nak pegi guess it would be fun :)
  • oh my god... i read bout the Nurin case just now and i was near tears.. Al-Fatihah for arwah Nurin. i really3 hope the police get to find who the cold-blooded killer is, and give hin a taste of his/her own medicine. i mean, come on, that poor little girl is only 8, shes got so much of life in front of her, how could you? and have a heart, the girl was sick.. please lah.. the fact tht the killer left the bag of her nurin's body in a public place make me resent him (or her) all the more... i pray to god nurins family will have the strength to pull through.
  • i wonder is Malaysia any safer than all the developed countries anymore.. so this is called 50-years of peace? this is what we are after half a century of independence? so we are more civilised now? i beg to differ

  • anyway, moving on.. spphire won! yep the debate inter house 1st round was won by sapph! (n diamond) hope the kids could uphold sapph tradition of winning tht cup again this year.
  • oh, btw, im home! :) seronok! i get accsess to good food once again! :D

yours sincerely,


ps- ppl ppl! i ada paper business isnin ni and im only 29.49% prepared heheh.. wish me luck! i would need it!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

just thought i might check out


Completely Free Personals from JustSayHi


was hoping my blog to be rated parental guidance advisable or 18sx or smthg X) heheh

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

that time of the month, maybe

warning : this post might be a tad too emotional

Zul left gor the UK and i didnt get to send him off. i cried my heart out the whole night thinking how i wont be able to meet him for approx. the next 1 whole year, or worse if i dont get to go to the UK, chances are tht figure up there will be bigger. im just so used to having him around and now when hes not around, i feel like a part of me is incomplete (it sound cliched i know but thts excatly how im feeling. i just hope i will get thru this sad phase as soon as possible, as the worst is yet to come;

admist my very unstable state of emotion currently, i'll be sitting for my ukcat test this saturday and im frigging unprepared. i tried to have a go at the practice q's during breaktime today and i cant seem to comprehend a single thing. i need to ace this, i need to, i must..

next week then, there will be trial papers (business studies 1 n 2) and again, as always, i have to work atthe 11th hour againg, burning the midnight oil, working my ass off, everything cause i havent yet finished reading a single chapter.

god.. i feel dull...


on a lighter note, yours sincerely would like to wish all muslims a very blessed ramadhan and may this time around, each of us get to learn something meaningful.

to anyone reading this that happen to be living in London, do me a favour and go to UCL, find Zul and send him my xo's...

i need to sleep..
and folks, you have been warned....