Sunday, March 29, 2009

new found love

for the iPhone 3G.

im gonna start my easter vacation tomorrow. upon coming back, we have a month before the final exam *shivers* i have around 70 letcures to read, understand and memorise and so far ive done... uhm... 5?
the plan is to revise while having fun. not a combination that usually works for me, but this time ive gotto do it, do or die. my phone is packed with nerdy doctory stuff like it always is, comes the holiday. the medic letcure podcasts from Cambridge and UCL is particularly helpful :) lets hope i make good use of it all on the go.

be back in two weeks time ppl

vaarwel en zie u!

Amsterdam, here i come!

Monday, March 23, 2009

the routine.

I usually chop the vegs and meat.
The other two girls usually do the actual cooking.
The guy usually wash the dishes and take out the trash.

While doing our bit of work in preparing dinner, we'd sing. Or more like hum incohherently. Most often then not, the songs we sang will get stuck in my head. first it was I Belive I Can Fly. Then some Bollywood song. At one time, it was a silly song from Obama spoof called I Can Do Whatever I Like. You can find it on YouTube if youre interested. (i warned you, i t might get stuck in you head for days though). At one time it was Follow me by Uncle Kraker, (that happens during the boyfie's visit and i was singing while he was cooking :)) ) . And today, its a boyband song, The Shape of My Heart.

over dinner than, we would talk about anything under the sun. politics, entertainment, religions, food, Malaysia, families, and of course medic stuff. (oh BTW, i warn you again, most of the time, we selalu talk about very visual, gory, gross stuff over dinner) After dinner, we would bid each other goodnight, and settle to our rooms. For me, whatever that was talked on over the meal, that too would get stuck in my head. If we talked bout Malaysia or families, id enter the room feeling homesick :|. if it was medic-y stuff, i go in and opens my book, check the details; have i told them or what theyve told me was correct (nerd!). if its politics, or religions, i go on the net and read up thinking 'gosh,how ignorant could i be.' And okay, who am i kidding now. If its a hot gossip, well, i make calls to share the news :D

Dinnertime Chitchat is particularly important nowadays when im mentally dysfunctional. It got my brain to be active for about an hour or so. I woke up this past few days just to eat, watch series, make (unexecutable) revision plans for the holidays, eat and sleep again.

in short, I feel like a fat potato. *sigh* maybe i should ask them if they feel like fat potatoes too during dinnertime chitchat tomorrow. i hope its not just me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

guess what?


time to rejuvenate the mundane, routine life, earthlings!

have fun, take care and don't forget the book aite?


Sunday, March 15, 2009

rekindling the childhood memory 2

Dinner was good, the creme brulee was even better. tnx alifa ;) (and fiqry)

Since early 2001 to 2009 then, i never once met aina in the eye ever again. that is, until yesterday :D

although we were seperated miles and miles away, once in a while aina and i did keep in touch, be it a simple friendster msg or a hi or two on facebook. Aina and i both pursue our dreams, to be doctors. Last time i heard, aina got an offer to egypt right after SPM and me, i did my a levels for two years and come here to UK.

couple of weeks back, Aina added me up on facebook and told me shes coming to the UK. i was elated and began filling her bits here and there, aiding her in planning her grande trip to UK. She and 2 other frens form alex uni started their holiday after their exam and after a few destinations, they came here to Notts yesterday :)

i showed aina n her friends around in notts, (tho there really was nothing to show around pon actually) and we had lunch and do some catching ups. They slept over at my house and we cooked dinner together.

Though they only spent barely a day in Notts, (hey i dont blame them ;)) i really had a good time. i remember aina as a petite, witty bright and sweet girl and after 9 years, she hasnt changed a bit. We spend time sort of talked about what have happened to us in the past 9 years over kitchen counters, during pillow talk and over breakfast this morning. we talked about the primaary school days and it amazed me how much aina remembers. Well i guess, my memory never is very good anyways. sorry aina!

As we part ways again, Aina to continue her holiday in Manchester and London, and me, back to my monday blues, i cant help but to feel a twinge of sadness when i send them off to the bus station. Her visit had bring so many childhood memories back, playing in my head and i sigh thinking how far i now am from those carefree days when my only fear is when i see the hospital van coming and its time for the dentist/angry nurses again.

boy, remember what the mean kids told you bout how scary BCG was gonna be?

:) ahh... i just love those days!

rekindling the childhood memory.

i am a '89 baby. but for 10 years now out of my 19 years of living, i am usually surrounded by mostly '88 babies. i go to class with them, learn, laugh, cry and fight with them. there was this one test (i believe it has been abolished now for some reasons) by the education system then that let, the konon bright kids to skip darjah 4 and go straight to darjah 5. remember, you guys?

it was very hard at first. i remember going into the standard 5 class, 5 Mutiara, and all eyes were on me. the kids all had their own little clique of frinds and all sat together in the isle seats arranged in 6 desks per group and all seats but a couple at the back of class were empty. i keep my eyes on the floor, walk slowly and took a seat quietly. the mean kids then resume whatever they were doing. some lawan main eraser, some main tutup botol, batu seremban and some main tac-tac-toe.. me, i just sat there not knowing what to do.

Science lesson was particularly hard. kids in primary school started learing science in darjah 4, but i dont have a darjah 4. i dont have basics in science and though mama and ayah send me to tuition class to catch up on science, i still feel inferior.

few days into the year 1999, a new girl registered to the school and was placed in the same class as mine. she was from Dungun, if i remember correctly and had to pindah sebab ikut her dad pindah kerja. well as fated, the girl, aina, sat beside me. it so happens, aina too, was an 89 baby and together, we became the outcast in our own class. us against those little mean kids of 5mutiara.

me and aina were the bestest of friends. during recess, we ate our packed lunch together, study sama2 and kadang copy jawapan homework sama2. we even sleepover at each others house and got know each others family.

it was the mid year exam i think that pretty much change how things were. well aina is a very smart girl to say the least. in the exam, aina and i got the top two rank in the batch. and suddenly, everybody wants to be our friends. the mean kids were no longer mean and we even started to get posts and became prefects and get to be in competitions. i remember i represented the school in spelling bee competiton (what are the odds eh, with spelling mcm ni!) and aina masuk pertandingan bercerita :) well to put it simply, we were by then, the cool kids to hang round with ;) heheheh. among the new friends, Ain, and Ely were the other two girls that sort of have the same wavelength as mine and aina's and we then became the famous four.

after darjah enam though, me aina ely and ain went separate ways. i had to go to langkawi, aina, ely and ain, all went to different boarding schools. i remember taking picture on our last day at primary school infront of dewan besat after the prize giving ceremony where all four of us get to sit close to each other as we four conquered the top 10 rank in the batch or best in subjects smthng like that. ah, how i wish i still have the picture!

** ive gotto go, alifa panggil dinner. will continue in a bit!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I am so proud of you!

you know who you are :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

feeling detached

i went to do groceries with Jannah at Aldi today. we walked home with two big bags of stuff and each one of us carried one. my other hand was holding a small bag with a few bars of chocs and biscuits.

so anyways, while i was walking, halfway down the road, Jannah half screamed, telling me to stop, and stop i did, dead on my tracks, letting go of the heavy load i was carrying, shocked. my hand felt sticky and i looked at her quizzically. she looked down to the bag i was carrying and i averted my gaze down. and boy, fresh warm red blood was trickling down the bag. i look at my hands and oddly, both palms have cut marks and blood was all over almost all of my fingertips. the cuts are deep, and long, almost 2cm. but i didnt feel sakit at all. sgt pelik heyyy!

alright, so the bag on my right hand was damn heavy thus maybe the cut but why was my left palm bleeding too?

jannah handed me her gloves i put it on and jannah help carried the small bag. she insisted to carry both of it but i dont want her to tercirit kat tengah jalan pulak nnt. heavy okay.


so yeah then we continued back home, me hugging the big bag and quieter than usual, puzzled with what just happened.

back at home then, i dropped almost everything i was holding on to. the stupid wilko spatula, the spoons, a tub of half a litter of yoghurt, splattering strawberrry cream everywhere in my room and every single thing i got hold of.

did i tell you i dropped almost everything i was holding on to?

sigh. what a day.


ps- but some things are just too precious, that are worth it to hold on to tightly even when things get hard. as a matter of fact, you need it more when things get hard!

like a bottle of Frijj, or a tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough maybe?

those are things i woulndt ever let go off, even if i have plasters on all forefingers :D