Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn bloom

The first semester of my third year as a medical students are a complete change from what ive been going through in the past 2 years of medical school. Its been sending me into a whirlwind of psychological and physical states (which i must point out is not always horrible) and put me through very stressful situations of dealing with things out of my control.

This semester, I got myself involved in medial research. Not main-main punya involved, like 100% involved, my very own project, my own research, ideas and towards the end nnt, writing up my own thesis in which i would have to present to the course coordinator and insyaallah get my first degree (in biomedical sciences) before proceeding to medical degree! *fingers crossed*

the first few weeks was very challenging, imagine 2 weeks of 9-7pm work in a lab, most days without lunch, 7 days a week only to find out at the end of the cycle that all your cells you've been feeding and monitoring for the past week died on the very last day, the day where you wanna do the end point analysis. Thus, deeming all your hard work useless as you could generate no data. Nada. Sebab all the little cells, all 70+ sets of cells dah mati :S

But oh well, you live and learn. alhamdulillah things are much better now, in fact ive come to the last weeks of my lab works and generated sound, reliable datas to be used in my write up. the working hours is shorter as my techniques in culturing the cells and doing the end point assays improved. Now, i feel like i can breathe again. :)
(the housing area, Dunkirk 'Jaya' from my window)

So yeah, hello all :) i know its been ages since i last updated but i just wanna let you know im alive and doing well. Will update more with pictures of my new pad :D