Sunday, July 22, 2007

hot springs in Kerling

i cant feel my hands nemore. my shoulders have that burning feeling when too much lactate accumulates in ur muscles and my body can no longer seem to pay the oxygen debt. my feet have blisters, im sunburnt, i have sore throat and 5 ulcers in my mouth (particularly on my lower lip alone). my bonjela is with fariq, i have to resort to salt.

DoE trial exipition, thats why..

despite everything, i honestly think it was quite an experience. we (mr horsefall, asma, milo, fariq and i) almost got lost in the rubber estate. (tnx to fariq). i also did things i never imagine of doing. the campsite was a use-to-be-a-recreation place) by an icy cold river, it rained at night, there was no toilet, and dogs were everywhere. as for the track, it wasnt that bad lah. we had to walk (or crawl) for 20 km in total. a third of the journey, it was hot with the sun glaring ever so fiercely to us. another third was shady yet quite tiring as we had to climb up a bit. and the last bit. my fav, it was raining cats and dogs. yes, it was messy and soggy and cold (again) but it was (minus the blisters) fun. i dont remember when was the last time i play in the rain, probably when i was 9.

another thing i like about this is tht it was during this time i can see the true colours of my friends (and myself). when we are tired and dirty and sore, we are tend to be sour. sorry. i still think my groupmates rock.. quoting mr horsefall " this might be the slowest group, BUT...... " heheh adelah....

anyway....during the xpdtion too, i find myself missing Zul more than ever. maybe the thought tht he too is probably (maybe, i dont know what ppl do in obs) camping out in the jungle the very moment im lying awake in my tent, with the sound of raindrop on the flagsheet makes me wish hes somewhere close to me. wish tht i cud text him and ask how is he doing, ask him whether the mosquitoes there in Lumut are as mean, is he any tanned than i am now and just tell him tht i miss him......

well, its time to stop i guess... i cant keep my eyes open nemore...gnyte ppl the panadol acti5 is taking over me already...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

say hello so senior-hood

gosh, believe it or not, coll is reopening soon (in 2 days time) i just realised i havnt had the chance to recap my sem 2 like i did 4 my sem 1...

but, well i guess its pretty much would be the same. im still the same old me, a lil upbeat n too cheerful sometimes and a lil whiney and moody once in a while. im still the girl next door, a fren to many of you (always here in case you need me). a foe to some of you, maybe (im sorry i have what u dont, i cant help it :p) a girlfren to one of you (love you b) and most of all, im just laila, the same old laila... :)

i went to langkawi last week to get my spm cert. sir izad said i look different. he said i give off bright aura (what? so b4 this i gave off dark aure, sir?) i look charismatic n yada yada yad (ok-kay.. i get it i didnt shine back then in langkawi hm?) hehe.. anyway, what ever i dont really get what he means, but i think thts good, ryte guys?

pak syed said i look taller, cg syarina asked whether im getting engaged b4 i fly off ( she thought i still dgn my hi school sweetheart) heheh.. we all had a good chat changed email add and all.. it was indeed fun actually :)

went out with my 501 05 folks td, had fun :D we catch up with each other and.. well... um.. i think mostly we teman yaz shopping..hehe anyway its good to be able to jumpe din n sya n gad again esp, and nazir too..its been quite some time x jumpe dorg..

owh have i told u guys along's flying off to PennState U this August? :D im happy 4 him, cday gak la die nak pegi dah but well, he deserves it i guess, hes been working hard for this (knowing tht die sllu buat keje last minute (like me; not good, i know), msti he worked his butt off for this) most probably along wud be on the same flght ngn ainul! so i can send both of them off nnt! great! :)

this might be my last post 4 this holly, nnt coll da bukak (which i'll be a senior) i'll be quite bz i guess, i have DoE camping the 1st week, PS this and PS that... sigh... i dont wanna be a senior... :(

Zul is still not back from OBS.. a fren of mine just told me OBS is fun,gud 4 him then, hope hes having fun.. cant wait 4 him to get back,i cant stand sappy love songs these days makes me think bout him.. heh (call me lame, whatever, i just want him to be back quick! mish u hun!)

i guess i'll stop here, ive crap too lots tonyte.. nanananananyte!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


attachment kat HUKM was a blast!

i cant put it into words, you have to experience it yourself (imagine talking to a VERY inspiring doc, seeing a body of a baby which was badly abused by his parents, and how medic field helps to uphold the truth and learn how doc can testimony in the court of law (imagine CSI, sorta) ,witnessing a baby being delivered, seeing a case of stimus inversa (where the whole body parts is inversed- jantung kat sebelah kanan and all) visiting the state-of-the-art labs, engaged in a clinicopathological conference abauat a rare case of chondroma... and the list goes on..)

i also did a full 36 hours of on call at accident and emergency dept and i got to help the doc handling a patient at 4 oclock in the morning (im talking blood transfusion adrenaline shots and all)

mmg cool gi-ler, to all docs to be out there, dont hesitate to go for an attachmnt prog at hukm, (and make it a point to see dr. rashid from a&e) you might think it would be tiring (i dont deny this), boring, and demotivating (like i thought), but you'd find it very best woo0 :)

and after all, i dont mind giving up my hols for this

gtg, ngntok tahap maksimummm

*yawns, yawns,yawns*

Sunday, July 01, 2007

holiday.. (is it?)

  • first there was ecotrap, yes, eco TRAP.. all we did was trap this and trap that.. and i feel trapped in tht fly infested teluk with no proper sanitation that i got a reaaal bad stomach ache one of those days..

  • ok now, lets not be such a wimp.. ecotrip (yes, the name is actually ecotrip) wasnt that bad, thnk god i got milo n haja as my chaletmate hilang sket kebosanan.. we played cikuititas.. (i think the real name of the game is cataiti, or cotaiti or something.. anyway, it filled in our ample time) and check out hot guys (we found one! a reaal hot one but im not disclosing who the hot guy is here, too risky, ryte milo?) other than that we set ut this and that traos and checkd the traps we set up earlier.. golly, how fun is tht? :D

  • then after ecotrip, mama called and dropped the bomb.. i was scared as hell... i met up with zul, talked to him bout it.. felt better afterwards, tnx hon..

  • jumaat duduk rumah je, masak nasik ayam! (im a pro now)

  • then sabtu had a small gath ngn uncle kamil's fam, makan nasik minyak pulak (yeah, you'll see a fatter version of lyla after the hols) and went out with him again.. its our last outing b4 hes off to lumut for obs, milo, im sorry but im hating pnb so very much.. he gave me a bouquet! :D and we hang around for a while, had so much fun.. :)

  • well, as far as im concernd, thats it, thts all the holiday i had.. (yes, had, its over) esok i'll start my job attachment at HUKM, smpai jumaat, then sabtu i'll fly to langkawi to get my spm cert.. then the last week of suppose-to-be-holiday-week, i bet on my pinky that yt wud held a course to meet with our juniors *force a biggg smile*

  • then there would be...............................

  • shoot wait a sec! thats all the holidays i have ryte?? 3 weeks, thts it kan??? there... there goes my holiday....

oh, great, now i hate YT too...

gnite ppl.. i have to go.. esok kena bngun awal...

btw, i might not be able to update my blog frequently though its a holiday, because , ( dont make me repeat the whole story all over again) i dont have much time...

*sigh* what a holiday

DeAr LumUT, PLeaSe TakE G0oD CarE Of zUL...