Thursday, July 27, 2006

hye everyone.. just got back from IELTS class.. Thursdays are kinda idle for me. i have the first two periods free, followed by a GS class, a Chemistry class after the break and a single period of both Maths and IELTS after lunch =)

classes today was good. we had a discussion in GS class about racial issues, which was fun and informative, then we did experiments on Chem class and PBL on Maths class, and then there was IELTS Class where there was a intelectual discussion on the topic of 'What men can do, man can do'

i personally think puan Kat is such a personality. like adif said, yes, maybe she is quite garang and all, but i seriously think everything what she said in class leaves a lot for us to ponder upon.. shes a tough woman you see, bringing up a child all alone is never an easy job..and she shares much of her experience with, provided you can stay awake through the whole class, believe me, its co0l..

last night was my house (SapPhirE h0uSe oN fiRe) punyer dinner. i had dinner with my pet family (me, eddy, aifq gig and kak nida) kak nida is nice and caring while afiq is interesting.. *wink* hes a very tall lanky guy wif attitude tht makes ppl think hes not very easy to get along with, at least thts what i think.. and it turned out that hes actually frenly and i like him =) after the dinner main simbah2 air and tepung.. i got really wet luckily xkene baling ngn tepung.. haha u missed me ppl ;P

ouh, crap.. i havent basuh baju smlm laa..better get going.. have volley match jap lagi =) (owh, dont worry i didnt play..if i do, sapphire is in big trouble babeh! heh..just the cheer squad..) later k!

chiow darlings! mwahx!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

in quest to uphold the legacy..

ohkay, ppl.. im so sorry for not updating for so0 long.. for those who x taw, im already in my new college somewhere in the middle of.. nowhere.. huhu *sad* as a matter of fact, i tot of updating the night before i daftar masok kolej nih.. but i was to0 surprise about zizou's headbutt on matterazzi and i went calling a few frens borak2 bout it until i get so sleepy n xsmpat upde.. huhu..

right now, im in my chalet, baru officially abes induction week yang sgt seronok dan memenatkan.. (kudos to the seniors!- happy anniversary you guys!) esok class begin *nervous* life here been pretty good. tp ntah la i cudnt be certain tht its gonna be as good as this for my next 2 years stay here.. my chAletmates rock.. they are so fun n i guess i cud count on them dring thick n thin

the ppl in my batch pon are cool.. 188 of us are all very supportive of each other. at first, i pon mcm cuak gak a masok sini, sume org terer2... 12As, 13as, 11As, blah,blah, blah..

-ey, u guys noe esther elizabeth? yep the one yg got 15a1s and did this one comercial on hee... shes my groupmate time induction week and shes nice =) -

so u got the idea ryte..and after the incuction week, i think we are all equal, and everyone has the same chance to shine here.. SPM tu kire x de ape aa. KYUEM is like, a place where you can try anything new. u can be a new person, be more open, and you can do embarassing things without feeling embarrased (i mean,good ones, mind you)

all in all, mmg best a kat sini. thou we are in the middle of nowhere, no problem.. we know we have each other and it feels good to know that..

i've gtg.. i'll keep updaating *janji* hehe.. and i'll put up pics asap..

so keep checking on me k..

PS - to my previous skul mates, hee i still love u guys thou i have new frens here.. well, who cud forget the ever controversial seeckerz, cud anyone? heh..


Thursday, July 06, 2006

a couple of days of a doctors life..

5 days left to the registration day =) feeling all excited + nervous + seday at the same time.. xcited n nervous cuz, well, 1st-day-at-skool-feel all over again, u noe.. n seday sbb im gonna leave all thise idle life behind.. (good thing actually.. this fella up here called my brain havent been put to use very much lately.. afraid its all rusty now)

OMG.. have i tell u guys?? yaz ede and milo willl be in kyuem too! now, how good is that? it all adds up to 8 maresmawians nnt kat lngkawi!! hope we all will do well.. milo- lets rawk babeh! (hee act u have to help me a lot girl..)

so, smlam i just got back from trg, again..this time aroud, we had an exposure proggrame at Hospital KT.. man, it was awesome.. i had the chance to pegi dewan bedah ortopedik, dewan bedah umum, emergency department, and labour room.. and yup, i got 1st hand xperience to watch all the operations and all thr saat2 mencemaskan right before my eyes, btol2 sbelah patient tu i diri.. ive seen how a baby is born, how a piece of metal is inserted in somebody's leg, how its being taken out, how an old man is being revivified, how in incision is made on somebodys perot, a dead body of a murder case, and so much more.. its something so real that all this while i only had the chance to watch dalam TV and dgr org cite..

alhamdulillah after the prog, i bertambah minat gakla to explore this bidang.. but frankly, at the end of the 2-days xperience, i did questioned myself wether im ready for all this or not? to be a doctor, i have to work hard, work long hours ( bayangkan i didnt sit dari kol 10 pagi sampai 6 petang xcept time lunch.. tu baru observer lom jd doc lagi), if u think a doc is rich, than you are wrong.. and well, the answer is NO.. im not ready.. and i dont have to be, yet..

the keyword here is passion.. kalau u btul2 minat, no problem, come what may, u'll be a good doc, a succesful doc.. buat keje ikhlas2.. thats what a doc there pesan.. and with passion, in given time u'll gain the ready-ness for all this.. in that 5 yers of doing MD.. insyaallah i'll be good.. i'll be fine.. i'll do well..

and do i have passion for this? definitely.. i still do, after seeing all this.. for now, im certain, im sticking to medcine.. and for the rest, time will tell..


i'll keep updating..
maybe couple more posts before i gi kyuem.. keep checking me up k..

Sunday, July 02, 2006

the yt thing..

the 5-day -yt-thing was.. hm how do i put this eh.. if theres any right and proper word for the expression "bo0lehlaa"then, thats the word.. heh.. its.. - bo0lehlaa.. =)

nothing much really.. it was pretty much like a ice-breaking + communication-skill lesson for us, the 10,and the other 9, the pioneer batch (older by a year).. i like all 18 of them a lot.. they're nice + cool + smart + awesome people and its really comforting come to think that i have all these ppl nnt kat college.. they can help me fitting in with studies, life n sorts..

the juniors (10) are me, hajar,jan, jannah, raja, ashraf,izy,firdaus and azri.. n the seniors are k.fairuz,iza,amira and a.eidil, afif, rafsham,hakim,faisal, and hanif.. all in all, dorg mmg smarty-pants (and skirts) laa..

all of em are from boarding skool.. so you figured la kan, kire xde bratty-ness la.. sume sekepale.. the classes are okay, some were great, we did a kinda discussion on the novel and filh 'pride n prejudice', talk about disigner babies, war, islamophobia, malay culture, current issues, world cup, and pretty much, a little bit of everything. hee.. so that the idea of fun when you're a college studntu noe ..

hm, of all the things we did there, i particularly like the part when we talk a bout racism and our seem-to-know-about-everything lecturer came out with the movie to sir, with love.. there is this one song in this movie that really captured me.. i think the words are precise, nice, short and sweet... here it goes for you all..


Those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone
But in my mind I know they still will live on and on

But how do you thank someone
Who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try

If you wanted the sky
I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high
To Sir, with love

The time has come for closing books and long last looks must end
And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong and weak from strong
That's a lot to learn
What, what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moonI would try to make a start
But I, would rather you let me give my heart
To Sir, with love


okay, so in this case, its to you, with love my friends.. =) love ya!

p/s- i'll put the pics of the course later kay.. gotta go, im sleeepy~ nite2

when i started to see WC as more of a mangkuk rather than cawan..

forgive me for the title, but i cant help mself from feeling total disgust for WC. it shattered my dream to see my boys from brazil rock in the final..okay, so, my the theory of adding up the year equals to 36xx whatever is totally crap..sedaynye!

at first, i was so0o glad tht college starts on the 11th and i get to see the final (bajet brasil masok la..).. and now, im like, heck.. malasnye nak tengok final! i hate germany for having the luck to beat argentina when they play like.. like me in futsal.. (ok, not that bad)..then i hate p0rtugal for kalahkan england (league of cute footballers.. so what if ther are gays? they r cute, mind you) and more than anything, i hate france to put my brazillian boys to shame!

so, who am i to support in the finals?? hm, sbb italy for sure wont be going to the final (i think), it left me with no choice but to go for portugal (tnx to c.ronaldo n figo) for these two, i forgive them for beating beck n owen n rooney n lampard.. no way i nak sokong france beb.. theyre to0 mean.. heh..

still, knape brazil kalah? =( kesian cafu... kan..?

*out* *total dissapointment*