Saturday, April 29, 2006

a new blogger- her say

candy-sweet life.. nyum2

hi folks.. *big smiles* i finally have my own blog! how co0l is that.. i've been wanting to start blogging since i 1st visit gad's - the new side of alternative.. and it seems all my friends have their own blogs these days.. well however it took me sometime to start one as im not as rajin as gad is n well, starting a blog m0re less is like commiting to something..

i hope this blog will keep you and i closer, keep you updated about my life (not that many would care. i know.. but hey, i thought, why not,right, you know you want to ;) ) and more than anything will keep us in touch.. to all my friends, this blog is dedicated to you..

there are a few thing i should highlight i guess before i keep posting days onwards. here it goes..

first- this is my blog, i don't give an eff if you don't like whatever the crap i write and about to write here, no offense

next- i'll be using many languages in this blog, english, malay, spanish, tamil, n not to be forgotten my good ol' 'bahas separ-separ' haha.. so if you don't unnerstand ape-ape, drop ur comments kayh, i'll get back to you later.. and ow yeah, wan, sorry for any spelling errors! haha..

then- hey, this is more-than-just-words, that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

lastly- keep checking me up

deal, baby?

till then, love y'all! muackS!