Thursday, November 15, 2007


i turned 18 yesterday! it was a beautiful day. 13th night the girls did a surprise party for me and this time around, it really is a surprise. i was busy finishing the script for Bangsawan when my chaletmates asked me to feed the tortoises in the common room. and the moment i came out of my room, there they was, the whole bunch of my favourite people, crowd around a lit cheese cake singing birthday song for me. we ate, chatted and took pictures then after wishing me at 0000 hours 14th nov, my phone started ringing and beeping and i answered each happily. i slept with a smile on my face and dried tears on my cheeks. something about the celebration moved me.

woke up early the next morning, mama ayah along nurul and iqa all called. then i went for a walk as i had no class tht morning. the sun seemed a little brighter, the air fresher, and even the cats seemed to like me better (oh well, maybe they all has been this way all along i just not quite a morning person to realise) . :) it was one of the bestest days in KYUEM for me.

to my girls, thanks... you guys was super nice yesterday! with the cookings frying and presents, i cudnt ask for a better celebration. nad, dayah, fada, milo, yaz, asma, kim, eija, ida, tikah, aina,nana and farah sayang korang! to najib, johan, kahirul, eddy, and the other guys that did that phone call, heeehee tnx! u guys sgt cute! to muqy, asip, atiq n khai ; omg i x sangka pon korg ingt :) thank you all.

to zul, yes, you truly deserve a big fat hug, you made my day even when youre so far away. youre my everything, thank you b!

oh yeah,

and you're definitely the apple of my eyes, (and my ears, i suppose?) hehhe

iLove you :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

movies, anyone?

short talk: hajar got three offers already. Soton, Soton, and Edin. i applied to both Soton and Edin. jeles2.. khairul got offer from UCL! jeeezzzzz... lagi jelesssss.. Zul is there, ok?

holiday dah start! 4 days je. ayah planned to go on a trip to pahang with 3 other families but turns out an uncle falls sick and is now in icu. we cancelled the trip. :( i hope he gets well.

so i guess tht leaves me with fairly nothing to do this holiday?

oh, mama asks me to bring the kids (nurul iqa and cousins) to taman tasik titiwangsa to ride eye on malaysia while she goes shopping with aunti suzie jap lagi. i thought why not (all expense is on her anyway) :)

im planning to hit the malls gak in this few days, its been quite a while since i treat myself to movies icecream and cakes. so girls, call me up k?

oh yeah, and, im plannig to go to sunway lagoon this saturdayyyy... :D jom?

alamak. suddenly it seems i have so much to, do so little time!

gotta split guys! mwah2

Thursday, November 01, 2007

i wish i could be normal

but im not. i am my own person.. a little loola in the head sometimes..

something doesnt feel right. idont know what..but something..ive been having bad dreams for three nights in a row. why do i have to dream about a schwan's-cell-looking eel and a giant worm chasing me in the bath tub when im taking my bath? it looks like a giant sperm and it scares the hell outta me,i woke up instantly everytime.

why wont this flu go away?

why dont i feel happy now that its november; my suppose-to-be favourite month, despite having finishing all my important exam?

and why oh why, do i feel like crying?

i miss him terribly.. :'( terrible, horrible, miserably...