Friday, December 14, 2007

cuti cuti malaysia

i dont know how words get around so fast. i only ter slipped it one day in chem class about my plan to go to switzerland. and i believe farah je kot yang terdengar? and all of a sudden a fren after another txtd me asking when my flight is.

news flash : guess what? its semalam!! and here i am all sweaty and cranky, not, mind you in snowy europe.

well heres what happen. i got mama agreeing to my plan, to let me go alone to swiss, tickets on my own expense and accomodation wud be with my auntie and all. okiedokie. no problemo.
and then nurul and iqa cakap dorg nak pegi jugak so thts 6k for their tix alone (!). and ayah started to say bout the kesejukan melampau in geneva and its not save and all and when he said bout we all have to go back to trg for raya haji, thts it..i know we cudnt win this one.

so there goes my plan. one of my biggest frustrations is tht (apart from swiss chocolate among others) i cudnt surprise zul at his doorstep after all the pleasant surprises he has done for me and that probably, i wudnt have the chance to visit uncleyunos andfamily while they are in Swiss! what a waste.

anyway moving on. have i told you guys we went to PD last week? it was actually very fun (minus the sun burn,of course). :) the beach was surprisingly not dirty, i went on the banana boat 4 times atleast and spend evenings on the sand letting my mind wanders with Kafka on the Shore. flew kites in the evening and sleep late, watching movies with a few cousins.

im looking foward to the next destination. trg i believe? butits flooding over there rite?or maybe penang? i dont mind, just get me somewhere refreshing quick for a break before this little space in my brain become too full and explode with boredom.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

chin up

you know how fairy tales started.

its always about a lovely princess, a damsel in distress, stuck in a castle or a house with mak tiri jahat or stuck in light years of sleep after a prick of needle on her finger or eating an apple.... and they all will wait for a prince charming to come and set them free.

in my case, im a damsel in distress all the same.

to start with, my bmat sucks so bye2 cambridge. (firdaus dont you dare say anything at this point or i'll stuff your mouth with a handful of dimsum)

i read chem yest and i realise im a light year behind. xfahamla.

i havnt got any news from notts nor edin.

and the aust application doesnt help either. i was supposed to sit for ISAT td. i commute alone at 7am all the way to subang just to get yelled by the makcik announcing to everybody tht apparently, i havnt pay for the test and cannot sit for it. (blame mr.B) so i commute back home just to be nag by mama for not 'arranging everything properly..'

anyway.that doesnt matter. a knight in shining armour always shows up in the end, isnt it? to save the damsel in disterss?

and in my case, my knight in shining armuor, is me.

this is one man's show n im gonna work my fat ass off work hard. i at least have one more chance. might be my last chance. Soton interview nxt month. thts it enough of laziness. for real.

and who knows maybe in the end this tale too,end up with the girl finally lives happily ever after after all. :)

toodles now. the damsel is going to get her beauty sleep

oh! oh! oh!! PS! : a bouquet of a dozen arrived today! thanks prince charming ;) looooooooveee it!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


i turned 18 yesterday! it was a beautiful day. 13th night the girls did a surprise party for me and this time around, it really is a surprise. i was busy finishing the script for Bangsawan when my chaletmates asked me to feed the tortoises in the common room. and the moment i came out of my room, there they was, the whole bunch of my favourite people, crowd around a lit cheese cake singing birthday song for me. we ate, chatted and took pictures then after wishing me at 0000 hours 14th nov, my phone started ringing and beeping and i answered each happily. i slept with a smile on my face and dried tears on my cheeks. something about the celebration moved me.

woke up early the next morning, mama ayah along nurul and iqa all called. then i went for a walk as i had no class tht morning. the sun seemed a little brighter, the air fresher, and even the cats seemed to like me better (oh well, maybe they all has been this way all along i just not quite a morning person to realise) . :) it was one of the bestest days in KYUEM for me.

to my girls, thanks... you guys was super nice yesterday! with the cookings frying and presents, i cudnt ask for a better celebration. nad, dayah, fada, milo, yaz, asma, kim, eija, ida, tikah, aina,nana and farah sayang korang! to najib, johan, kahirul, eddy, and the other guys that did that phone call, heeehee tnx! u guys sgt cute! to muqy, asip, atiq n khai ; omg i x sangka pon korg ingt :) thank you all.

to zul, yes, you truly deserve a big fat hug, you made my day even when youre so far away. youre my everything, thank you b!

oh yeah,

and you're definitely the apple of my eyes, (and my ears, i suppose?) hehhe

iLove you :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

movies, anyone?

short talk: hajar got three offers already. Soton, Soton, and Edin. i applied to both Soton and Edin. jeles2.. khairul got offer from UCL! jeeezzzzz... lagi jelesssss.. Zul is there, ok?

holiday dah start! 4 days je. ayah planned to go on a trip to pahang with 3 other families but turns out an uncle falls sick and is now in icu. we cancelled the trip. :( i hope he gets well.

so i guess tht leaves me with fairly nothing to do this holiday?

oh, mama asks me to bring the kids (nurul iqa and cousins) to taman tasik titiwangsa to ride eye on malaysia while she goes shopping with aunti suzie jap lagi. i thought why not (all expense is on her anyway) :)

im planning to hit the malls gak in this few days, its been quite a while since i treat myself to movies icecream and cakes. so girls, call me up k?

oh yeah, and, im plannig to go to sunway lagoon this saturdayyyy... :D jom?

alamak. suddenly it seems i have so much to, do so little time!

gotta split guys! mwah2

Thursday, November 01, 2007

i wish i could be normal

but im not. i am my own person.. a little loola in the head sometimes..

something doesnt feel right. idont know what..but something..ive been having bad dreams for three nights in a row. why do i have to dream about a schwan's-cell-looking eel and a giant worm chasing me in the bath tub when im taking my bath? it looks like a giant sperm and it scares the hell outta me,i woke up instantly everytime.

why wont this flu go away?

why dont i feel happy now that its november; my suppose-to-be favourite month, despite having finishing all my important exam?

and why oh why, do i feel like crying?

i miss him terribly.. :'( terrible, horrible, miserably...

Friday, October 26, 2007

different army, linc, but soldiers just the same.-susan S3e04

so i had my interview just now, cambridge interview. so you know how lega im feeling right now, dont you? Phew~

the interview wasnt so bad, but it wasnt very well either, i guess? we started off with things i put on my personal statement,my job attachment, community service and what not. Dr. Barnes then asked me to tell him how C-section is conducted. lucky me i did some reading on Ceasaren childbirth and told him what i knew. we talked about breech pregnancy, epidurals, labour and also the problem with C-section. i wasnt sure but i said its probably the incision made have to be precise to avoid the baby getting harmed. i told him about the location of the incision which is just above the bladder and we talked about how in older days doctors do longitudal sectional which is prone to infection. anyway,that bit went well,a good start i think.

owh the funny part is tht,he then asked me 'why is it called Cesarean section?' how should i know, professor? im no latino..i laughed and said maybe the method is found wayy back during Julius Cesar time...?*and smiles sweeeetly* and and, it was actually correct! (at least he said it is, or maybe its the power of my smile melted him? we would never know) :P

heheheh then he asked what is my fav subject n i said maths and biology. then he gave me a maths question and i freaking have to do it without calculator! haha tula, padan muka. i drew a graph to explain my answer but,but,buttttt gerammmmm... he asked me what is these lines called? (points to my sketch) and i ternganga disitu.. heheh..i said i cant remember and he said its called freaking asymtot! (okay he didnt say 'freaking' la obviously) knapela time2 ni nak lupe..

then bio questions lak. die tnye about protien this and protien that. :) aked me to draw amino acid stucture, dipeptide, and ased me about the amino acid leucine. i said im not sure what the R group is but i know for a fact that it is hydrophobic. he then asked if the protien structure is hydrophobic how is it suppose to be soluble in water? i suggested that the strand can fold and have its hyrophilic part on the surface. i was wrong. he said the peptide backbone is too strong and rigid. i think for a moment and said the protien strand could always combine with another strands to form quaternary stucture! and yeay! betol! but thennnn, he asked me, what is the example of protien yg have that structure of every leucine pointing out!? i took aguess and said keratin! weeeee betol lagi :D pastu we talked about where keratin can be found and why is nail harder than skin and hair. then he asked me to explain how perming and rebonding is done. (the chemicals used etcetc la) lucky me i have a bit of experience in this and i think i explained alright. he corrected me here and there and finally said he asked how do i know about all this, whether i read about it somewhere, and i said "just a little, i just relate it to what ive learnt" < chewah, dont i soundlike a cambridge student? XP hehehe..

then finally he asked have you been assign to any college yet? isaid 'yes, peterson' die buat muke pelik "peterson?... oh, you mean peterhouse?" and i was 100% certain that i blushed and quickly blurted my apology. and he doesnt seemed happy with that ignorance of mine.. *sigh* setupid me la

anyway, i dont put too much hope on this, at all. dr barnes told me tht medic student in cam will have heavier workload for sure and the singleplace for internationalstudent in each coll, is, needless to say, insanely competitive (see,firdaus, he even told mr this, hinting that 'ala..ure no cam material girl,sorry. better luck next Uni') . it'll behard for me toget it (dah la i kena interviewafter Muadz, the super pandai boy who got best in the world award for mathematics) additionally, my interview was among the shortest (20mins) orglain semua 30 mins.. :( mesti die dah boring ngn i.. *sobs* plus, i get simple straight 4ward q's as compared to dorg sume..:( and folks, this is definitely not false modesty.

ah well, at least its over and done with. and,believe it or not,i actually find myself having fun during the interview despite my flaws :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i would give everything to start all over again- marie cruz S3E02

retak menanti belah.. any idea whats next?
pics courtesy of mr.Basir

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i would take your place in seconds- burrows, S3E02

ive been starting to watch prison break sesaon 3. not a good time. i have an interview coming up and need to do some background reading bout some topic unheard of to me till now. something about knockout mice.. anyone?

owh,speaking of which, yes ppl :) i finally get the interview invitation from cambridge. Alhamdulillah. ive been assign to peterhouse college and am really looking 4ward for the day. its not because i see this as my big shot of getting into cambridge, (well,not that i dont want to, but im being realistic here. Peterhouse College only take 7 medics per year and applicants come from all over the world all of whom pass the minimum academic qualification) i just see this as a once in a lifetime chance; to be interviewed by cambridge! :) im excited!

anyway, ive just been back from DoE, the qualifying expdtion which means..... i am officially a doe bronze award holder :) the trip was nothing like the last time in that hot springs, it was wayy harder and gross-er and dirtier and messier and guess what, better. we hadto wade across a small stream and a lake which both had teh-tarik like water, thanks to the rainy day. tha route wasnowhere near easy either. it seems never ending. however i do think overall, i had more fun this time compared to last time. maybe partly because i went as a group this time, the whole complete group. with mr kamal the ever optimistic one, giving us (false) hope, fariq the bearably annoying one, milo yaz and asma, my sidekicks.

on the sadder side however, i developed this some kind of rashes all over my body (probably fra the teh tarik water) and sore throat. :l i also flunked my cham test the following day pretty badly as i cudnt concentrate on doing my test when my legs were itching like mad and i didnt have time to prepare for it at all. Ms Shree just said 'its ok, just dont fail it' and well, thts what im scared of, ms shree.. huhu.. dead.

owh what do you do when a person that once broken your heart tries to baik2 balik (almost in a flirty way) with you? owh well, i might very well be the one yang perasan but hey, stop harrassing me with ur sickly sweet words and gestures. uve got a gf n ive got a boyfriend, a perfect one. sorry. next please!

ps- this post is specially dedicated to eija ;) (nah, i update!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

raya for me was/is..

raya for me was...
-the time to visit arwah atuk and arwah pak long at tanah perkuburan in melaka.
-the time to mintak maaf to ayah mama along and all other family members.
-the time to put on my tailored baju kurung, put on a tudung nicely, wear my heels and go visit all the relatives and all the descendants of my family near and far,hi and low, all over melaka (or alternately, in terengganu) all day long, sometimes upto a whole week. tho i'd still haveto ask mama and ayah everytime we arrive at a house 'ni rumah sape ma?' n come the answer 'ur nenek's mom's adopted daughter's husband's sister's..... etcetc' i'll just.. 'owh! ryte" ; you told me last year but its just killing my neurones (not tht i have much anyway) to memorize all the branches in the familytree, biological and even not biological,inter-related, coincidently related, maybe-related's relatives.. but well, i dont reallly mind at all actually,because.........
-its time to collect some duit raya babe! ($_$) kaa-ching!
-thetime to makannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

raya was idleness, joy, happiness and good food while being surrounded by my loved ones..

i loved raya

raya this year for me is...
- the time to buy the first wearable readymade bajukurung i saw in tesco or carrefour or anywhere i happen to be doing the groceries.
- kinda sad, along isnt around.
- a short one (rayake-3 i ada paper :l)
- nomore visit to relatives, not as much, as most of the time we'll be on the road, to trg, then melaka and rush everything in2 daysas raya ke3 i haveto already balik coll
-well,iguessthtalso means not as much moooolah :S heheh
-probably the last raya i spend in malaysia, if, only if, i go to uk nxt year :( sad kan?

raya this year is indeed a rush but im grateful tht some important elements of raya; a big part of the family and goodfood are still available for me to enjoy :)

some of you might think raya is overly comerciallized and overrated.
well, i dont. call me overly nostalgic or childish, whatever you want. to me raya is something you should treasure, raya is Raya :)

and just for the record, i still do love raya :)

happy hari raya!maaf zahir batin again :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

what a girl to do

short talk: internet at coll nowadays is crappy. ok, has alwaysbeen actually. but its crappy-er now. chattd with yaz the other day and we agreed it makes ldr all the harder the slowness of the net,heheh (dont even ask how we get from internet to ldr). anyway we decided to become the true ldr activist n form an ldr club and go shoot our piece of mind to kamal n jo neven pn.rog. game on,babe.. heheh

im losing my momentum, almost all of it. i just wanna raya now! AS exams are coming and i cant focus dammit. ppl have been receiving interview offers and ive been checking for them letters every single free block i have in vain. the scriptwriting board has been formed yet the plot isnt yet finished. the director has been buzzing me, i am suppose to be the bubbly superhumane scriptwriter who starts the spark plug n gets everyone going and the date line is in another 2 weeks. few might have realise i was less of myself off late. its stress i guess. no, not pms this time. stress, for real. internal exams are coming up too. right after doe. yep, another hot springs in kerling time. am not physically n mentally prepared for tht. all in the coming 3 weeks!! help me regain my momentum, ppl!

off to write some raya cards! :D bye2!

yours sincerely wishes everyone slmt hari raya and maaf zahir batin. berhati-hati di jalan raya!


ps-zul was on buletin utama smlm, i belive? hvnt talk to him for a while, anyone saw him? what was it about act?

Friday, October 05, 2007

obliged says I'm an Uber-Dorky Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

just thought i might check out

ive got tagged by firdaus amaran.. so here it goes, specially for u, da

The Rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

i used to have doubts about doing medicine, real doubt and thought of calling my sponsor to change my course. well, not anymore. im 101% certain now :)

i think i have too much self-pity and i know self pity wont do you nowt. it wouldnt even peel a potato. i have to change.

im bad at spelling. milo n yaz know best, so does hajar i guess. i used to believe im dyslexic but then again, refer #2

i skipped assembly again this week (again i stress here, not on purpose)

i used to have curly hair (very curly infact, topan-ish hair i had) and then it become silky straight (by pure magic!) ;) then wavy n now its curly again (this time around perm-ish)

i have a list of things to do b4 im 21.

i am an environmentalist deep down inside. i take global warming seriously (seriously)

im a lefty

hehe this couldnt get any random-er..

i would like to tag my bestfriends but they dont blog (anymore), so i tag you! yes, you,the one reading this who ever you are

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

insensetive blogger?

sapphire is so like the best house evverr - *acap omg tone,pls*

heheh.. okok lets not be housist. but owh, how can i not be?sapphire just won the debate again and again :) we beat garnet td n topaz and diamond the past weeks :))))) *sorry zul sayang*

anyway.the title just now was somthing about wheater or not to restrict internet accsess for insensetive bloggers. the debate went interestingly enoughformetoonce again abandon my business note and watch them debate. (well, my jaw dropped down 2 the floor a few times at some ignorant ideas so i'd have to bend down and pick it up, thts why.. hehehe :) )

anyway i wudnt go on and tell the whole storybout thedebate but at one point the government pointed out that thereis a diffrence in blogging about sensetive issues and blogging insensetively.

and i wonder how is someone to blog about sensetive issues without being insensetive (to someppl)? if the person blogs about sensetive issues than tht person is insensetive lah kan?

well, on my behalf, i dont think blogging insensetively on sensetive issues is dead wrong. i personally think i sometimes blog insensetively,butheck, how insensetiveis insensetive? n heck again, a sensetive issue to me (for example height) might very well be not sensetive at all say..zaim the panjang seperti galah boy. see wht imean? so my point is,whatever it is, take criticism well and then only we can grow. if wekeep concealing all the socalled sensetive issues we'll allforever be faking peace and understanding in a wow-so-harmonious masyarakat. be tolerant,understand thehistory be open and accepting. and we'll alllll be one big happyfamily.end ofstory.. :)

excuse me for the politician-mood today.. icant help it. (dahla tadik buat presentation gs)

owhowh owh! and have i told you guys?


i love tht guy so much it makes me all gooey jelly slimy sticky mushy inside when he calls!haha!


ps-zul! well i might havebeen a lil insensetive hari tu to blog about all the food we had for bukak puasa! im sorry..hehehe

pps-see ppl? even food can be a sensetive issue to this poor boy of mine.. ;)

Monday, October 01, 2007

when enough is enough

stop making promises tht you cant keep. cause i wanna stop hoping.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


thepast two days had beeen sabbatical. ok. not as good as a vacation but pure idleness... ignorance is bliss!

Friday, September 28, 2007


its 6.40 pm n i just woke up. i slept the whole day today after my paper 2 business and i feel sleepier than ever..i skipped tutorial and assembly (not on purpose this time) and i woke up feeling heavy,dizzy and sad. im having a terrible stomachache.

its weird how sleep should be refreshing and yet it makes me feel drained and empty.. :(

maybe i should get myself more organized and try to start going out for sports again. its been a while since i went out for swimming and taek won do practices now.. maybe i should spend less time on bed, maybe i shouldseriously start thinking bout my bio n chem now that business is over. maybe i should call him and just talk. maybe i should've gone home for a little rest..sigh..

i need some refreshment!

somebody, revivify me!

and maybe, its time for me to stop finding excuses and start going to terawih again.. heheh

ah well that what tido petang does to you.. it makes you moody.. i'll blog again tonight i have too much time on my hands to waste..


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i just had a feast with the sapph girls just now. i mean a real feast. we had ayam percik, ikan bakar, ayam golek, muratabak, roti john, reti bom, nasi tomato, nasi karabu nasik goreng, tepung pelita, you name it, we had it all..

*burps* excuse me

i stopped going to the terawih a couple of days back as i has somethng cropping up (busyness with business strikes) (it only occured to me just now tht ive whined so much about business in this blog compared to any other subjects. weird. im a medic student to be so why bother business right? wrong.. i have to bear in mind i, too, am a cambridge candidiate *curse yt* .. anyway it will soonbe over and i will be business-less! joy!)

erm, where was i? ryte.. the terawih.. so as business trial paper 1 had well celebratedly passd, i plan to start going to the terawih again today but,but... im too bloated to move!! :l

moving on. hm, i suddenlyhave an idea to bring all my frens to my hometown in trg when we finish alevels nnt. i could bring them to cherating to the beach and maybe go snokerling like what laong did with his frens, to kuala kemaman eating otak2 n satar, get some real fresh seafood, shop till we drop at the pasar payang, anything~ it wud sure be funnn!! im yet to further plan it nnt.. i have no i dea why, but i really really feel like i need to go an a hiloday skrg.. been too long since i realy had a vacation. mama n ayah talked bour going to australia nxt year but well, thts all we all ever do nowadays; talk. i dont blame them. ade2 je org ada hal nnt and the holiday would have to be cancelled again.

anyway, tht trip to terengganu is still an as exam, an a level exam, a few interviews (lets pray for this), hundreds of times of scoldings from mr b, half the text book of bio, a whole book of chem, and endless worksheet of maths away from now..

well untill then i guess ibetter shut up and drive this journey head on.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

here and there


  • so i did my ukcat just now.. wudnt say it was exceptionally good but lets just say, its not as bad as i thought it would be. alhamdulillah
  • contacted MUSCOM just now, asking wheather thay still have vacancy for tht sarawak trip. tiba2 rasa nak pegi guess it would be fun :)
  • oh my god... i read bout the Nurin case just now and i was near tears.. Al-Fatihah for arwah Nurin. i really3 hope the police get to find who the cold-blooded killer is, and give hin a taste of his/her own medicine. i mean, come on, that poor little girl is only 8, shes got so much of life in front of her, how could you? and have a heart, the girl was sick.. please lah.. the fact tht the killer left the bag of her nurin's body in a public place make me resent him (or her) all the more... i pray to god nurins family will have the strength to pull through.
  • i wonder is Malaysia any safer than all the developed countries anymore.. so this is called 50-years of peace? this is what we are after half a century of independence? so we are more civilised now? i beg to differ

  • anyway, moving on.. spphire won! yep the debate inter house 1st round was won by sapph! (n diamond) hope the kids could uphold sapph tradition of winning tht cup again this year.
  • oh, btw, im home! :) seronok! i get accsess to good food once again! :D

yours sincerely,


ps- ppl ppl! i ada paper business isnin ni and im only 29.49% prepared heheh.. wish me luck! i would need it!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

just thought i might check out


Completely Free Personals from JustSayHi


was hoping my blog to be rated parental guidance advisable or 18sx or smthg X) heheh

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

that time of the month, maybe

warning : this post might be a tad too emotional

Zul left gor the UK and i didnt get to send him off. i cried my heart out the whole night thinking how i wont be able to meet him for approx. the next 1 whole year, or worse if i dont get to go to the UK, chances are tht figure up there will be bigger. im just so used to having him around and now when hes not around, i feel like a part of me is incomplete (it sound cliched i know but thts excatly how im feeling. i just hope i will get thru this sad phase as soon as possible, as the worst is yet to come;

admist my very unstable state of emotion currently, i'll be sitting for my ukcat test this saturday and im frigging unprepared. i tried to have a go at the practice q's during breaktime today and i cant seem to comprehend a single thing. i need to ace this, i need to, i must..

next week then, there will be trial papers (business studies 1 n 2) and again, as always, i have to work atthe 11th hour againg, burning the midnight oil, working my ass off, everything cause i havent yet finished reading a single chapter.

god.. i feel dull...


on a lighter note, yours sincerely would like to wish all muslims a very blessed ramadhan and may this time around, each of us get to learn something meaningful.

to anyone reading this that happen to be living in London, do me a favour and go to UCL, find Zul and send him my xo's...

i need to sleep..
and folks, you have been warned....


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

near death experience...

my heartbeat is still exceptionally fast having butter fingers and i keep thanking god for letting me live this beautiful life at least for one more day..

i wasnt sure who pulled me out of thel ab when i was stunned in front ofthe fire just now, some said it was ainol,some said athirah... i owe my safety to you, thanks a lot.

i remember feeling the heat so close to my face i remember the smell of the gas, the fire alarm sound and i remember screaming "my god!"

i stood there trnsfixed, knowing i should run but i cant move. i remember hearingvoices telling me to run out, i remember seeing my classmates rushing out of the lab and i remember hearing mr vroege's voicr to turn offthe gas tap.

ithought he was talking to me i was about to reach out for the burning knob, to turn off the gas,tostopthe fire alarm to ensure everything is backto normal.. but that gilr pulled me away. i couldve lost an arm.

most people said the whole fire occured for only around 30 seconds,but i remember everything clearly.. the details... the fear and the shock and when she pulled me out, everything was a blurr

when i sat down on the floor outside the lab, i tried to calm down tried to smile to everyone, glad no one was hurt but instead the first clear thing i remember was seeing mrvroege n mr hansen walking into the lab check everything, and i remember calling out to him saying 'sir, im sorry' and he said 'its not ur fault'

then, only, i cried.....

mama ayah nuruland iqa, i loveyou shree, mr vroege,zul,milo, n everyone else, tnx 4 ur classmates, im sorry, athirah i owe you one...

and god, Alhamdulillah..

we live just once make it worth the while...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

the going gets tough.....

down in the dumps

but the tough gets going

Monday, August 13, 2007

Merdeka, arent we?

bersempene dengan bulan kemardekaan yang amat dinantikan ini, sya mengambil keputusan untuk berblog dalam bahasa melayu! bagaimana kool kah itu? :) kalau anda masih belum mendengar, saya dah memperoleh keputusan AS baru-baru ini. syukurlah saya telah mendapat A lurus.

Zul sekarang berada di kem biro tatanegara. dia agak bersedih dengan keputusan peringkat-A nye tapi saya tetap bersyukur kerana die dapt jugak terbang paling kurang. (take care in btn hon, will miss you! - this part you guys would have to excuse.)

tadi ada temuduga percubaan kursus perubatan. saya rase saye buat agak baik. oh! dan td jugak ada ujian percakapan IELTS. yang itu saya telah sedikit tergagap. entahlah, saya masih berharap saya mendapat keputusan yang baik.

ohh!! tahukah kamu semua along telah selamat sampai di amerika syarikat! saya sungguh gembira untuk dia dan saya berharap segalanya menjadi okay untuk dia di sana. ainul juga telah pon pergi ke negara yang sama tapi saya masih belum terima apa2 berita darinya.

maafkan saya kalau pos ini agak pelik dan jangan risau, pengeposan blog berbahasa melayu ini tidak akan berlanjutan, hanya untuk bulan patriotik ini sahaja. jika anda ingin meninggalkan komen, (saya ragu-ragu; memandangkan semua orang sibuk sekarang dan blog saya sudah jarang dilawati *teresak-esak*) saya menghargai jika anda juga dapat mengepos dalam bahasa melayu! cubalah! ianya seronok!!!

sehinnga nanti, selamat malam!

Monday, August 06, 2007

spread the love

in case you guys havnt heard, zul is back! yep i repeat, he is back!! as a matter of fact, i baru jumpe die semalam, and the day before :))) so folks, you can smile now this wont be a one too whiney nor too lovesick post,it will be a happy one!*cheers*

i went back for the weekend to have farewell dinner with along and the whole fam at concorde kl. put aside the few hiccups, it was a total blast. the food was good, everyone was happy at the end. to along, in case you stumbled upon this blog (tho the probability is highly unlikely) i wish you well and im gonna miss you, and the noise from ur guitar kapok a lot..

im back in coll with a new semangat to reorganize my life, my studies and my emotions after almost a month of roller coaster ride of everything. ive sent my ps to pn kash, had the mabecs councellor to read it, and plannig to get pn, kat's opi on it. so far, most ppl say its ookay so im glad. im still on my 1st draft tho, i might put a few more changes.

as for U application, im still not decided but im planing to get it done by this week (dear God, please let me get this one right). ive done some research and ive read many medical discussion on the net lately and i really2 hope i can make it to medical school and be a good doctor. true, at first, i wasnt so sure this is what i wanna do in life, but now im certain. and im glad i have supportive people all around me always comforting me when i sometimes feel tired dgn all the fuss...

result is coming out in a couple of days, im praying the best for his result and mine.. owh and its IAW now and the theme is revert to the virtous love.. it put everyone in lovey dovey mood ;) or at least, it put me in lovey dovey mode ;) gtg, my phones ringing..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

hot springs in Kerling

i cant feel my hands nemore. my shoulders have that burning feeling when too much lactate accumulates in ur muscles and my body can no longer seem to pay the oxygen debt. my feet have blisters, im sunburnt, i have sore throat and 5 ulcers in my mouth (particularly on my lower lip alone). my bonjela is with fariq, i have to resort to salt.

DoE trial exipition, thats why..

despite everything, i honestly think it was quite an experience. we (mr horsefall, asma, milo, fariq and i) almost got lost in the rubber estate. (tnx to fariq). i also did things i never imagine of doing. the campsite was a use-to-be-a-recreation place) by an icy cold river, it rained at night, there was no toilet, and dogs were everywhere. as for the track, it wasnt that bad lah. we had to walk (or crawl) for 20 km in total. a third of the journey, it was hot with the sun glaring ever so fiercely to us. another third was shady yet quite tiring as we had to climb up a bit. and the last bit. my fav, it was raining cats and dogs. yes, it was messy and soggy and cold (again) but it was (minus the blisters) fun. i dont remember when was the last time i play in the rain, probably when i was 9.

another thing i like about this is tht it was during this time i can see the true colours of my friends (and myself). when we are tired and dirty and sore, we are tend to be sour. sorry. i still think my groupmates rock.. quoting mr horsefall " this might be the slowest group, BUT...... " heheh adelah....

anyway....during the xpdtion too, i find myself missing Zul more than ever. maybe the thought tht he too is probably (maybe, i dont know what ppl do in obs) camping out in the jungle the very moment im lying awake in my tent, with the sound of raindrop on the flagsheet makes me wish hes somewhere close to me. wish tht i cud text him and ask how is he doing, ask him whether the mosquitoes there in Lumut are as mean, is he any tanned than i am now and just tell him tht i miss him......

well, its time to stop i guess... i cant keep my eyes open nemore...gnyte ppl the panadol acti5 is taking over me already...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

say hello so senior-hood

gosh, believe it or not, coll is reopening soon (in 2 days time) i just realised i havnt had the chance to recap my sem 2 like i did 4 my sem 1...

but, well i guess its pretty much would be the same. im still the same old me, a lil upbeat n too cheerful sometimes and a lil whiney and moody once in a while. im still the girl next door, a fren to many of you (always here in case you need me). a foe to some of you, maybe (im sorry i have what u dont, i cant help it :p) a girlfren to one of you (love you b) and most of all, im just laila, the same old laila... :)

i went to langkawi last week to get my spm cert. sir izad said i look different. he said i give off bright aura (what? so b4 this i gave off dark aure, sir?) i look charismatic n yada yada yad (ok-kay.. i get it i didnt shine back then in langkawi hm?) hehe.. anyway, what ever i dont really get what he means, but i think thts good, ryte guys?

pak syed said i look taller, cg syarina asked whether im getting engaged b4 i fly off ( she thought i still dgn my hi school sweetheart) heheh.. we all had a good chat changed email add and all.. it was indeed fun actually :)

went out with my 501 05 folks td, had fun :D we catch up with each other and.. well... um.. i think mostly we teman yaz shopping..hehe anyway its good to be able to jumpe din n sya n gad again esp, and nazir too..its been quite some time x jumpe dorg..

owh have i told u guys along's flying off to PennState U this August? :D im happy 4 him, cday gak la die nak pegi dah but well, he deserves it i guess, hes been working hard for this (knowing tht die sllu buat keje last minute (like me; not good, i know), msti he worked his butt off for this) most probably along wud be on the same flght ngn ainul! so i can send both of them off nnt! great! :)

this might be my last post 4 this holly, nnt coll da bukak (which i'll be a senior) i'll be quite bz i guess, i have DoE camping the 1st week, PS this and PS that... sigh... i dont wanna be a senior... :(

Zul is still not back from OBS.. a fren of mine just told me OBS is fun,gud 4 him then, hope hes having fun.. cant wait 4 him to get back,i cant stand sappy love songs these days makes me think bout him.. heh (call me lame, whatever, i just want him to be back quick! mish u hun!)

i guess i'll stop here, ive crap too lots tonyte.. nanananananyte!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


attachment kat HUKM was a blast!

i cant put it into words, you have to experience it yourself (imagine talking to a VERY inspiring doc, seeing a body of a baby which was badly abused by his parents, and how medic field helps to uphold the truth and learn how doc can testimony in the court of law (imagine CSI, sorta) ,witnessing a baby being delivered, seeing a case of stimus inversa (where the whole body parts is inversed- jantung kat sebelah kanan and all) visiting the state-of-the-art labs, engaged in a clinicopathological conference abauat a rare case of chondroma... and the list goes on..)

i also did a full 36 hours of on call at accident and emergency dept and i got to help the doc handling a patient at 4 oclock in the morning (im talking blood transfusion adrenaline shots and all)

mmg cool gi-ler, to all docs to be out there, dont hesitate to go for an attachmnt prog at hukm, (and make it a point to see dr. rashid from a&e) you might think it would be tiring (i dont deny this), boring, and demotivating (like i thought), but you'd find it very best woo0 :)

and after all, i dont mind giving up my hols for this

gtg, ngntok tahap maksimummm

*yawns, yawns,yawns*

Sunday, July 01, 2007

holiday.. (is it?)

  • first there was ecotrap, yes, eco TRAP.. all we did was trap this and trap that.. and i feel trapped in tht fly infested teluk with no proper sanitation that i got a reaaal bad stomach ache one of those days..

  • ok now, lets not be such a wimp.. ecotrip (yes, the name is actually ecotrip) wasnt that bad, thnk god i got milo n haja as my chaletmate hilang sket kebosanan.. we played cikuititas.. (i think the real name of the game is cataiti, or cotaiti or something.. anyway, it filled in our ample time) and check out hot guys (we found one! a reaal hot one but im not disclosing who the hot guy is here, too risky, ryte milo?) other than that we set ut this and that traos and checkd the traps we set up earlier.. golly, how fun is tht? :D

  • then after ecotrip, mama called and dropped the bomb.. i was scared as hell... i met up with zul, talked to him bout it.. felt better afterwards, tnx hon..

  • jumaat duduk rumah je, masak nasik ayam! (im a pro now)

  • then sabtu had a small gath ngn uncle kamil's fam, makan nasik minyak pulak (yeah, you'll see a fatter version of lyla after the hols) and went out with him again.. its our last outing b4 hes off to lumut for obs, milo, im sorry but im hating pnb so very much.. he gave me a bouquet! :D and we hang around for a while, had so much fun.. :)

  • well, as far as im concernd, thats it, thts all the holiday i had.. (yes, had, its over) esok i'll start my job attachment at HUKM, smpai jumaat, then sabtu i'll fly to langkawi to get my spm cert.. then the last week of suppose-to-be-holiday-week, i bet on my pinky that yt wud held a course to meet with our juniors *force a biggg smile*

  • then there would be...............................

  • shoot wait a sec! thats all the holidays i have ryte?? 3 weeks, thts it kan??? there... there goes my holiday....

oh, great, now i hate YT too...

gnite ppl.. i have to go.. esok kena bngun awal...

btw, i might not be able to update my blog frequently though its a holiday, because , ( dont make me repeat the whole story all over again) i dont have much time...

*sigh* what a holiday

DeAr LumUT, PLeaSe TakE G0oD CarE Of zUL...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

stay away : shes hazrdous..

wow.. its been so,so long, hasnt it? it feels almost new to be typing here again.. owh well, there were many2 times in these past couple of months that i really2 feel the need to blog and spill everything in my mind, but i dont have the time (or the internet connection) to do so. im currently in the middle of my AS examinations, (i have 8 papers, baru buat 2) in the dilemma of deciding on which U's to apply for, drafting my PS...

ive always been the optimistic girl, the girl who would hang on tight to what she believes though some do not see it. who is patient and compassionate, selfless and would never give up even when im trodden upon. but lately its getting hard to stay all cheerful and happy when theres things on my mind that really bother me.. gosh.. AS, Sponsor, him leaving and all...

im in a state of mind retardedness, tiredness.. one minute im rolling on the floor laughing, the next im all serious and stress up with chem and bio books, the the very next minute, i got all emotional about the slightest thing.. *sigh*

well, to end on a lighter note, maybe im just having my PMS. so do stay away from me these couple of weeks, then i'll be as good as new to you after all this, okay?

:) cheese

Friday, March 23, 2007

counting crows...

esok balik!
cuti 3 minggu!
yahooo yabedabedooo~

balik trial

oh yeah, attachment! kat UKM!


bio 9 chapters,
chem organic chemistry!!


i wonder if it really is a holiday after all..~

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

its my first post of the month. excuse me for not updating for so long, theres so much going on, so little time. okay, so in any case before i start crapping i wanna meka a shout out to MAMA, ALIFF and KAK IZA, wising you all a very happy birthday! love u ma! :)

days has been so short and it passed me just like tht, in a snap of the fingers. before i know it, its now the month of March already.. *Sigh* for the past few days, ivee been busy catching up with my studies, after the one-week-unproductive holiday. Chemistry is getting harder than ever *sobs* (organic chemistry we are learning now) this saturday, thre'll be a test. bsns studies is taking up too much neurons in my brain. i dont know why, but i cant seem to concentrate in bsnes classes. i keep drifting away, my mind wandering evrywhere but the class. by the time i get back my feet to the ground, i'll be like.. 'er, shida, dah kat mane ni?' the balik bilik i have to cram all the infos feeling like ive never learnt it before.. my,my..i need some serious help..

IELTS is interesting *wink2* heh.. pn Kat treated us with chessecake the other day, pam's group make sushi for us! and now we are having a week of discussion on various in-ter-res-ting topics (hey, how does 'the pros and cons of pronography' sounds? or try this 'the pros and cons of teenage coupling?') hah~ all we do in class is teasing each other, (teasing khairul actually - 'hm, how dyou know its addictive khairul?'), come out with all sort of wacky ideas and concepts..

ive got to go, (im in AV room and i have a feeling this senior guy using the com beside me is peeking at what im writing, and oogling at me up and down.. *check my pants is zipped, my tudung is in place, buttoned mt shirt right* uhh... buzz off you stalker!)

i'll update later.. you all take care

p/s: come clean, it feels great :D i love you b..

Monday, February 19, 2007

PIG year ;) - luck and fortune..

yeay! finally a week of rest play and fun :)

happy CNY to ee yun, snoopy, jo, hwee yin, meng yeow, pink, leng, wong, sinchuan, spana esther (erm chindians do celebrate cny dont dey? well, happy half-celebrating, whatever..) just be happy!

the very last week in coll be holiday was great fun :)

13 feb
-got a blue teddy! (how cute is that?) i called him joey by the way
-went out to midval with milo yaz hajar and pam!
did some window shopping, nag to hajar on how the purple padini bag wont be practical to go to class (and she did buy it, good girl!) hehe you should know by now hajar, i was jealous act.. huhuhuhu
-had kenny rogers (nyumness)
-bought him cake and card (for the surprise bday party)
-got a post valentine present from milo! tnx sweetie!
-than gossip allll the way back to coll with the seniors and spill some beans.. hehe..

-Vday! (didnt wore pink *score*)
-Pn . kat was in such a good mood, promised us peach cheese cake after hols (love u pn kat! mwah!!)
-palnned with don for the surprise bday party
-got a bar of chocs and food supply for supper *aww.. u shudnt have* ;)

-LBBS! the celebration.. he loved it *score*
-dragon dance coolest ever
-gosh, i mean, really, had some serious fun that day~

-emceed the assembly (thaha, i forgave you) *beam*
-no hw for bio! Love u Vroegeyyy


have fun ppl.. got stock up this little tummy of mine with some food, lapar!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Laugh Out Loud



Sapphire LOST~


SC result


need you for me to say more...?

Friday, February 02, 2007


im not mad because i was being scolded yesterday, i wasnt.. i just really didnt agree with the way they talked to us sometimes.. i mean like its not like we're in high school anymore, a form 5 tegur adik form 1.. for god's sake we're only a year apart from each other.. xpayahlah nak tengking2.. i thought.. muuule2 dulu they said this is not somthing compulsory, winning is not everything (not tht i xnak menang), and its a way to rapat kan the bond between us..tngok ape jd skrg? come on laa people... you know this better. if you want to be respected, then respect others... dont put the blame on anyone else, ask yourself ang think, where we all went wrong? we are one, remember?


whoops.. abaikan what i said before... tgh bengang sket td.. so, anyway ppl, have i told you all? im running for Student's Council! haha! crazy, i know.. but well why not ryte, just give it a try.. im keeping my fingers anf toes and every other part of my body crossed! hope i could win :)

owh and yeah, tmomorrow wud be the Bangsawan day.. jemputlah dtg n tngok our performances oky? :)

lots of love,

Monday, January 29, 2007

Back to busy-ness

i havnt been updating for so long, blame mr.blogger.. *boooo* i have no idea why would they want us to accsess to our blogs with a google account now.. why oh whY? i mean like its such a fuss for us tht doesnot have google account yet. so there i was for the last 2 weeks creating a google account for myself in vain (now, blame the college s.l.o.w wireless intrernet connection) even when im typing this im not sure whether it could be posted *sigh* i suppose Mr. Blogger must have some joint venture with the google company, maybe... (like, google is such a succesful search engine and has a lot of users so does so they kinda take advantage on each other's fame) ahh.. what do they call it? economies of sclae..? hehe.. all the economic jargons.. owh, have i told you guys, im takibg business studies for my AS level. well, the subjects is kinda interesting as it revolves about everthing aroud us and it kinda makes me think more and know more. the dawnfall of this subject howevwer is the previous exam results of the seniors is said to be ve-ry bad so that kinda worries me.. but then again Mr. K said.. dont have the sentiment of that the subject is hard and it'd be hard to score and such.. just do your best.. yeah, as 'easy' as he said it, now om working my butt off to memorize all the business terms, believe me, it' killing my neurons day after day...

ow, wait up.. nuff bout all the whine...


mama called the other day and told me,
apperrently, my uncle that lives in Switzerland had somehow find my blog and been reading it on dayily basis as a reading material for the whole family!! heh there i go.. busted big time baybeyh~


to azrai, mak ai, kak min, nisa, and uncle yunos.. er? hehe hm, nope i dont have a bf lah.. *wink* live you all miss you all keep in touch kayh!

got same sapphire work to be done for bangsawan! ttyl! bye!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

mythbusters :)

here's what i got from the 1st day of the new termm....

the naked TRUTH....


1) Admission to medical school is not just another petty hassle like what the engineering students would face (PS, applications, click send, tadaaa.. there u got all 6 offers from the 6 U’s u applied to.. yeay!)...

no its not like tht.. It is extreeeeeemely harder (read : 18 international students per U, PS,UCAS, UKCAT, interviews and the list goes on…)

2) It is NOT Ok to play tennis on the court when Aimran and Adif is playin on the other court.. unless u don’t mind Adif asking you ‘girls,is this ur 1st try at tennis?’ (read : use the john wall next time…oh yeah, and give it up when the guys ask ‘korg nak main lagi ke? Weáll nak main futsal la’) how mortifying...

3) MPH is the place to get the sports equipment, gym, ping pong or badminton only…nopey… the tangga is also a gooooood place to lepak lepok and laugh kuat2 and talk about the stuuupidest things with your girlfrens J (ie : when you were younger, what did ur parents told you when you ask them “ma, camne nak buat baby?”) giggles~

And that is so much more fun than making fun of yourself main tennis after a year x pegang raket tennis and all you have to do is serve, then,,, walla! Carik bola dlm longkang!!…

4) NONE of the 55 9.5 batchers is from mrsm lngkawi.. hehhe .. baguih gak.. kalo ade nak ngaku ke I from sane eh..? hm……

5) When you have a bf in the same coll as you are and you both had a blast during the hols and he promised you ‘coll wont be tht bad, at least we got to see each other evryday’ b4 going back to coll, well… you should know what to expect from him when he is busy most of the time… (on a +ve thinking way of viewing this; ah well you’d have to get use to this he’ll be gone anyway next sem….) (read : I just simply miss u)

6) If you think MR. Zabed is tough and hard on you… embrace urself .. pn. Laili is on your way… n shes waaaaaay strict-er than my beloved mr.zabed

7) Dr. Bano will never fail to give you hw questions even just an exersice or two… live with it shayang~

8)Next week, we do, will have tests – business, chem. N maths…! Great…! :D

9) lampi-ness reflects how genius you are… really, guys..

10) oh and yeah…the café still hasn’t changed… still lembap mcm siput like last sem.. we might as well name the café ‘çafe seribu tahun’ …

Its good to be back, isn’t it…?

Saturday, January 13, 2007


You know what my biggest problem nowadays is?

im suffering from the penyakit of being INDECISIVE.. and the worse part is, last2 i made the wron decision!


something is wrong with me nowadays.. i cudnt seem to make up my mind fast when there is time constrain.. :(

td pegi shopping barang kat tesco.. bli barang2 nak bawak balik coll sumer.. dah bli2 everything mama and i i pon pgla beratur kat cashier.. my god org ramai giler.. kat dpn ktorg ada like 6 or 7 org lagi.. the chinese are preparing for CNY... so anyway, bile dah tinggal a couple of ppl je b4 us, mama baru teringt she wanted to buy juice for breakfast... so mama suruh i pg and get it quickly while she Q.. so i pon pegi to the drinks section and pick up a bottle of Sunkist orange juice.. on my way back to mama, it suddenly crosses my mind.. 'owh, ryte.. maybe i should've amik Peel Fresh its not very sour, masam2 xelok for perut pagi2 too acidic..' so i patah balik and pick up a PF orange.. then i terfikir plak 'hm.. tp kan, kalo xnak masam2 i might as well xyah amik orange je..' so i picked up a mango.. then i went back and forth lak nak amik brand apa.. then i saw apple juice, white grape, black current, and yadayadayada...

then tibe2 i terfikir.. uhm.. well.. kalo nak fikit nutritionan value sume , naik i amik milk je la.. after all its for breakfast... and.. yap, i foolishly pick up a box of fuul cream dutch lady and pg balik kat tmpat mama... and u guessed it.. mama dah sudah bayar dah.. and she was no where in sight dah.. so there i was beratur balik sorg2 with some more 3 4 apek and amoi kat dpn me with a kotak of susu in my hand, n i'd have to pay with my own money...

after bayar i pon pg carik mama..then mama tnya what juice did i get for her.. i showed her the milk... and mama went like... 'juice, juice, not milkkkkkkk~ kat rumah ada lagi 2 kotak susu okay? mama suruh bli juice kan?' and i was like... 'ryte.. why did i end up with this? oh, ya, the calcium vitamins and all the crap concerns!!' and when i was about to tell mama about all the nutritional value in susu i tot 'ryte thts why theres another 2 kotak susu kat rumah and we dont need 3!! we need a kotak of fruit juiceeeeeeeee!!'

and there i was again beratur kat 7e dpn rumah buying sekotak jus mangga peel fresh thanks to mama for the clear and consice insructions...

i have a feeling i need a loooooot of help in the begginning this new term...........


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mic test 1, 2..

i dont really know what to blog about but the things that top my mind right now is;

1) saya kesian sgt2 kepada raja amila.. saya benar2 tidak memahami mengapa kah mila sentiasa mendapat lelaki brenset! i mean such nice girl, pastu dapat bf yg sgt cam hampeh... well La at least he's an ex now.. be strong yeah! always here 4 you... ingt nak ajak die online n borak2 but the monitor mila meletop lak (wth) hehe... u have some fun at perlis keyh?

2) what happend to milo scares me.. guess we never really should really trust anybody. nay~ not a single soul except ur family and well, yourself! sometimes even bestes of frens could be not true to you (ouch tht kinda hit me too.. maybe, i shouldnt have get milo involve n be a true fren to tell her myself..)*sigh* sorry La…

3) well, I just got to know that apparently, a few of my college frens do read my blog and they said that I am angau.. am i? Mane ade la :p heh.. I mean srusly, do my posts show that im lovesick? Well if they do, let me clarify this; im notttttt!!! (milo must geleng kepala baca nih – haih in denial budak sorg nih) well, I know how annoying ppl could get when all they talk about is their crushes or partners .. so if my posts are annoying you guys, pls let me noe?

4) college reopening is just around the corner.. my hw is progressing (like, finally) nevertheless, theres still a long way to go.. baru 60% done I guess.. xpe2 smpat lagi.. 5 more days!!!

5) wonder btulke college start hari Selasa? So balik hari Isnin? Hm.. pelik2…

6) excited to start a new term at college! This sem I’ll be taking my AS! God, *nervous* xboleh main2 dah!!

Thts all for now.. take care y’all..

Ps- wow im seeing mr.Vroege, PN KAT, Dr. Bano etc etc etc I n less than a week!! J.O.Y!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome 2007

its still not too late to wish you all avery happy new year :) for those who screwed up last year, turn on a new leaf and start over and for those who had a good life in 06, well, may this year be as good if not better :)...

as for me, my 06 wasnt so bad.. got my SPM result which the happiness still etced in me till now, alhamdulillah, had a oh-so-long holiday that i got to do really feel whats being penganggur is like (talk about gap year) went to series of interviews, met new frens along the way, got to meet mak ai and uncle yunos whom i havent seen for almost 3 years i guess, then enrolled in a coll (tho far,far away, still, its one heck of a place), meet meny,meny interesting people, learn to be more open and accepting, learn to be appreciative, competitive and all... and towards the end of the year, a found him, which i think had over all concluded my 06 picture purrfect ly..

tho some bad things had happend in the last week of 07, im still up and praying to make my 07 to be a better year, :) and just like in 2006, by the end of the year, i hope i'd have i'll have good things to share with you guys gak..

HAPPY NEW YEAR, y'all... :)

OMG- lame gile kot i xupdate sampai td nak log in i terlupe what my blogger pword is.. heheh.. dont blame me... kabel dasar laut terganggu kerana gempa bumi yang berlaku di Taiwan :p hehe