Friday, March 23, 2007

counting crows...

esok balik!
cuti 3 minggu!
yahooo yabedabedooo~

balik trial

oh yeah, attachment! kat UKM!


bio 9 chapters,
chem organic chemistry!!


i wonder if it really is a holiday after all..~

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

its my first post of the month. excuse me for not updating for so long, theres so much going on, so little time. okay, so in any case before i start crapping i wanna meka a shout out to MAMA, ALIFF and KAK IZA, wising you all a very happy birthday! love u ma! :)

days has been so short and it passed me just like tht, in a snap of the fingers. before i know it, its now the month of March already.. *Sigh* for the past few days, ivee been busy catching up with my studies, after the one-week-unproductive holiday. Chemistry is getting harder than ever *sobs* (organic chemistry we are learning now) this saturday, thre'll be a test. bsns studies is taking up too much neurons in my brain. i dont know why, but i cant seem to concentrate in bsnes classes. i keep drifting away, my mind wandering evrywhere but the class. by the time i get back my feet to the ground, i'll be like.. 'er, shida, dah kat mane ni?' the balik bilik i have to cram all the infos feeling like ive never learnt it before.. my,my..i need some serious help..

IELTS is interesting *wink2* heh.. pn Kat treated us with chessecake the other day, pam's group make sushi for us! and now we are having a week of discussion on various in-ter-res-ting topics (hey, how does 'the pros and cons of pronography' sounds? or try this 'the pros and cons of teenage coupling?') hah~ all we do in class is teasing each other, (teasing khairul actually - 'hm, how dyou know its addictive khairul?'), come out with all sort of wacky ideas and concepts..

ive got to go, (im in AV room and i have a feeling this senior guy using the com beside me is peeking at what im writing, and oogling at me up and down.. *check my pants is zipped, my tudung is in place, buttoned mt shirt right* uhh... buzz off you stalker!)

i'll update later.. you all take care

p/s: come clean, it feels great :D i love you b..