Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sooner or later its over

i had a dream yesterday. this was the kind of dream that you know you're dreaming but u just sort of let it flow and see what happens next. in that dream i was on a hospital bed covered by a blue blanket, about to be cut open, im not sure what operation was that gonna be. i dont remember seeing anyone. mama n ayah had to be there somewhere but all except the beeping sound of machines were very vague. the doctor was wearing green operating robe with cap and mask on. he put tubes to my arms and i was given a gas, to be anasthesized. i suddenly panicked, started crying and felt so suffocated. the doctor told me to take one deep breath and when i did, one deep, loud inhalation, everything went pitch black and the last thing i heard was the continuous sound from the machine indicating my heart beat had gone flat... i was dead

the next thing i know my chaletmate woke me up for subuh prayers and thts actually quite wierd cause i was the one who usually wakes them up.

scary kan?

fatin said i was just restless and probably feeling a bit down thus the dream, but i assure you my current state of mind is that of sane and considerably happy and optimistic. no mood swings, no pms nothing. so the dream was unexpected. and not to mention scary.

but well dreams are just dreams right? probably too much of house or greys or scrubs.

ok, moving on.

interviews are over!! yeay! of all id say my favourite interview was ireland followed by cambridge, then notts and soton : im praying so hard tht id get to any. i nak apply rcsi n aust jugak kot. everyone is talking bout hteir 5th choice. some want to put pharmacy, some biomedic. no plans yet from me but if things really get bad, i might have to start thinking too. mech eng maybe? at ucl? :) (as if i can get there)

yt came yesterday. they were exceptionally nice this time. nothing much just advices, concerns, and few gentle reminders.

bangsawan is inches close. sapph is doing ok i think. for my part, i hv to work on the translation script pronto! tnx to michelle its almost done. shes so good at it i thought she took Lit. :D

"Too long left with nary a glance,
Shattered is thy master's heart so deep,
True to the fate of fortune's wheel;
Missing in daylight can be healed, perchance,
Missing at night, we can only weep,
And a soul thus must we heal."

how about tht? *raises an eyebrow, smug face* heheh ok ok i shall save the rest for later! i also have a feling tht costume dept is gonna make a controversy the night of bangsawan nnt :D *excited* we shall see. shant we? :)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

taking a step at a time

hey all! :) i havent been blogging for a very,very long time havent i? had a discussion (more like a noisy chat, really) with some fren ystrday nite n firdaus amaran asked why hvnt i updated my blog for so long, have i finally come to my senses tht nobody is bthered nemore to read what a bad speller writes? or maybe ive decided to spend my time on something more important like revising chemistry or revising bmat for next year re-application (kidding!) instead of blogging ? hehe

no lah.. took time off je during the holidays :) (had a refreshing one btw) im back in business now.

first off, let me announce here tht ive long been drowned in Cambridge pool without any college even bothering to try to save me. no luck i guess. (on second thought, considering my very sucky BMAT result, being pooled is oredy lucky like hell) anyway my whole cambridge xperience was actually a nice one :) not getting in is just as normal as having to do maths homework everyday if ure in dr bano class! like zul said to me the other day, quoting mr small 'applying to cambridge is like playing russian roulette' ;unqoute. Just, it is not a matter of life and death; i say. :)

moving on, i had southampton interview just now and i think it went ok tho i admit tht i cudve done better. i got too nervous and stutter the first 5 mins or so. but other than that i think its plainly ok. pray for me u guys, i really wanna go there.

ireland ivew is lusa, i decided tht this time around im not gonna get too worked up on the interview, i'll just stammer on the day itself if i do. then theres notts on the 24th which i have to do as well as i am capable of doing seeing this as my last shot to get a place in medicine.

interviews and doctor-y stuff aside, im currently adjusting to the new timetable. im not very keen bout the new system. clasess begin at 8.15!! and ends at 4.50!!!! are you kidding mee?? im not a morning person, nor an evening person, im just a sleepy person. :(

anyways, coming back to college is surprisingly not bad. been so long since i seen these lots and i kinda miss them actually :) to kyuemians, its our last sem here, better be good ayte?

ps-Jo and Kelvin HAppy birthday you cambridge ppl! getting into cambridge is probably the best present, no? congratulations!! :)

thts all for now,

toodles, got some maths homework to do.. *sigh*