Tuesday, August 21, 2007

near death experience...

my heartbeat is still exceptionally fast now..im having butter fingers and i keep thanking god for letting me live this beautiful life at least for one more day..

i wasnt sure who pulled me out of thel ab when i was stunned in front ofthe fire just now, some said it was ainol,some said athirah... i owe my safety to you, thanks a lot.

i remember feeling the heat so close to my face i remember the smell of the gas, the fire alarm sound and i remember screaming "my god!"

i stood there trnsfixed, knowing i should run but i cant move. i remember hearingvoices telling me to run out, i remember seeing my classmates rushing out of the lab and i remember hearing mr vroege's voicr to turn offthe gas tap.

ithought he was talking to me i was about to reach out for the burning knob, to turn off the gas,tostopthe fire alarm to ensure everything is backto normal.. but that gilr pulled me away. i couldve lost an arm.

most people said the whole fire occured for only around 30 seconds,but i remember everything clearly.. the details... the fear and the shock and when she pulled me out, everything was a blurr

when i sat down on the floor outside the lab, i tried to calm down tried to smile to everyone, glad no one was hurt but instead the first clear thing i remember was seeing mrvroege n mr hansen walking into the lab check everything, and i remember calling out to him saying 'sir, im sorry' and he said 'its not ur fault'

then, only, i cried.....

mama ayah nuruland iqa, i loveyou all..ms shree, mr vroege,zul,milo, n everyone else, tnx 4 ur concern..my classmates, im sorry, athirah i owe you one...

and god, Alhamdulillah..

we live just once make it worth the while...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

the going gets tough.....

down in the dumps

but the tough gets going

Monday, August 13, 2007

Merdeka, arent we?

bersempene dengan bulan kemardekaan yang amat dinantikan ini, sya mengambil keputusan untuk berblog dalam bahasa melayu! bagaimana kool kah itu? :) kalau anda masih belum mendengar, saya dah memperoleh keputusan AS baru-baru ini. syukurlah saya telah mendapat A lurus.

Zul sekarang berada di kem biro tatanegara. dia agak bersedih dengan keputusan peringkat-A nye tapi saya tetap bersyukur kerana die dapt jugak terbang paling kurang. (take care in btn hon, will miss you! - this part you guys would have to excuse.)

tadi ada temuduga percubaan kursus perubatan. saya rase saye buat agak baik. oh! dan td jugak ada ujian percakapan IELTS. yang itu saya telah sedikit tergagap. entahlah, saya masih berharap saya mendapat keputusan yang baik.

ohh!! tahukah kamu semua along telah selamat sampai di amerika syarikat! saya sungguh gembira untuk dia dan saya berharap segalanya menjadi okay untuk dia di sana. ainul juga telah pon pergi ke negara yang sama tapi saya masih belum terima apa2 berita darinya.

maafkan saya kalau pos ini agak pelik dan jangan risau, pengeposan blog berbahasa melayu ini tidak akan berlanjutan, hanya untuk bulan patriotik ini sahaja. jika anda ingin meninggalkan komen, (saya ragu-ragu; memandangkan semua orang sibuk sekarang dan blog saya sudah jarang dilawati *teresak-esak*) saya menghargai jika anda juga dapat mengepos dalam bahasa melayu! cubalah! ianya seronok!!!

sehinnga nanti, selamat malam!

Monday, August 06, 2007

spread the love

in case you guys havnt heard, zul is back! yep i repeat, he is back!! as a matter of fact, i baru jumpe die semalam, and the day before :))) so folks, you can smile now this wont be a one too whiney nor too lovesick post,it will be a happy one!*cheers*

i went back for the weekend to have farewell dinner with along and the whole fam at concorde kl. put aside the few hiccups, it was a total blast. the food was good, everyone was happy at the end. to along, in case you stumbled upon this blog (tho the probability is highly unlikely) i wish you well and im gonna miss you, and the noise from ur guitar kapok a lot..

im back in coll with a new semangat to reorganize my life, my studies and my emotions after almost a month of roller coaster ride of everything. ive sent my ps to pn kash, had the mabecs councellor to read it, and plannig to get pn, kat's opi on it. so far, most ppl say its ookay so im glad. im still on my 1st draft tho, i might put a few more changes.

as for U application, im still not decided but im planing to get it done by this week (dear God, please let me get this one right). ive done some research and ive read many medical discussion on the net lately and i really2 hope i can make it to medical school and be a good doctor. true, at first, i wasnt so sure this is what i wanna do in life, but now im certain. and im glad i have supportive people all around me always comforting me when i sometimes feel tired dgn all the fuss...

result is coming out in a couple of days, im praying the best for his result and mine.. owh and its IAW now and the theme is revert to the virtous love.. it put everyone in lovey dovey mood ;) or at least, it put me in lovey dovey mode ;) gtg, my phones ringing..