Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Season to be Jolly, for a while at least :)

hi there. its been a while hasn't it? I literally forgot this space exists thus the lack of posts this past few weeks. so today i was blog hopping then thought i might as well say couple of words and say hi to you people. i have also just realised the profile,followers and cbox tabs yada3 are now at the bottom of the page, only god knows why. i tried meddling around with the design and layout to fix it but then all the scary html css terms came up. of course, i freaked out and just hit the close window button. :O Oh well, like anybody cares :D well, i dont, i just feel like ranting today.

the thing is, i should not feel like ranting today. i should not feel like doing anything at all other than sit here in front of my laptop and bust my brains out because i have a 15000 words dissertation to write and i have to send it in the next few weeks. but i know you know me well. procrastination is my middle name. :D

anyhoo, its December now. the new year is looming. was talking to Zul the other day bout resolutions and i realised i havnt think up of any yet. (not that i usually keep to my resolutions anyway) but it is nice to have them and join the world with the spirit of newness of the year, turning over a new leaf and that kinda stuff, dont you think?

speaking of December, it is also the time of the year that i have always associated with joy. for one, the winter sale is going on and it is CRAHZY! I got myself truckloads of stuff and now my tiny almari cant fit my clothes anymore im thinking of going out to shop for almari pulak! :O LOL.
3 out of 3456596 unnecessary clothes i got from december sale. I need help, i know

Also, its the holiday season which equates to travelling and spending time with loved ones. my fisrt winter here, i went travelling in Italy with my best girls. last year, went to Barcelona with my family and this time we went to Paris and Geneva. Boy, those are some really good times i have to tell you :D And this year, even nenek joined us! Tremendous fun indeed.
with the kids at disneylanddddd

December also holds a very special place in my heart because this month 4 years ago, someone amazing came along and adds colours to my life with his companionship,love, care and support. I can be quirky, silly and sloppy, i can cry a river or laugh like an asmathic mad woman having a seizure (ie be myself) and be sure he will still stand by my side and hold my hand tight. He is truly a gem :)

And hopefuly next year, i can add another event to my list of joyful things in december; my first degree graduation, InsyaAllah. well then, I should really get back to my dissertation shouldnt i? *sigh*

TTYL peeps :)

uuuu~ the new layout is pretty fit isnt it? oh well what dya know. org buta coding pon bole ada cool blog okay? 8-)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random little things that makes you smile :)

A professor winked at you and greeted you good morning early MONDAY morning
Surprise birthday gifts at your door.
Playing on the game console for hours with your best friend when you should be at school :D
That guy in silent study zone in library who waved, smiled sheepishly and mouthed 'hi' everytime you catch him looking at you.
To have little snow flakes fall upon your lashes after a hard day in labs.
Cozy warm boots that keep your feet dry.
A card with writings all over it, on both pages from your other half.
Thronton's little toffee cupcakes.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

never gets old

I turn 21 yesterday :) the quintessential age that defines the beginning of adulthood. To be honest, i still cannot believe I was 20 years old all year last year (haha) let alone being 21 years old now! :O My birthday celebration this year was small and sweet nontheless.

It started on midnight of the 14th, when i got a text which says:

'As the clock strikes midnight,
a girl's life changes, it just might,
a trail to follow to spice it all up,
will she succeed or get lost in the dark?'

your adventure awaits just outside your door!
(or something like that!, i dah terdelete! :( )

i was getting ready to sleep, lights out, snug and comfy in my jammies, feeling a little bogged down by all the stresses of studying for my upcoming exam lusa, which i have not done much in term of preparation!

Anyhoo, thats another story. The text made me feel like im in some sort of a fairy tale story, macam dalam cerita alice in wonderland :). i was so excited! i tiptoed outside. the house was
already dark and dead quiet, everybodys asleep or getting ready to sleep. I then found the first clue that says 'let's play a game'. (haha and now i felt like i was in Saw movie!) it then lead me to a series of post it notes hidden in a few places places, that had me running up and down the stairs rummaging thru the milk bottles in the fridge and detergent boxes in the laundry room looking for clues.
comel takkkkkkkk?? :D :D I oohed and aahed with every clue that finally led me to find a birthday card with well wishes from my dearest housemates :D :D sweettt kaaannnn? :D :D

on the actual day of my birthday, i had a nice long sleep in, woke up feeling to the sun shining on my face, called home and open the present from the other half. its so sweet how he remembers all the little passing remarks i made of how awesome would it be to have this or that no matter how months has passed between then and now, and got the the right present at the right time that put a smile on my face all day :) (PDA alert, Milo) He always, always, makes my day no matter how far away he is. :) :) love sgt!

Later that day, we went out to the city center, ate at a sushi bar, shop a little and went back home. It was a perfect day and i really appreciate how the housemates melayan i pergi sana sini despite the fact that exam is just around the corner. Gosh, i am blessed with such wonderful people around me. I miss Zul and my family in Malaysia, but am very grateful for this wonderful people around me now. Thank you korang, thank you Allah :)

Now, if you would excuse me, im gonna go and dafter mengundi :D

OMG and i just have to put this video here. its the sweetest thing! i started going awwwww when i see all the dear familiar faces in the video. i miss them all!

ps- hello girls, the indon tudung IS fashionable ok? :P


Thursday, November 04, 2010


and i have sooooo many things uncrossed in my things-to-do-before-21 list. :(

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn bloom

The first semester of my third year as a medical students are a complete change from what ive been going through in the past 2 years of medical school. Its been sending me into a whirlwind of psychological and physical states (which i must point out is not always horrible) and put me through very stressful situations of dealing with things out of my control.

This semester, I got myself involved in medial research. Not main-main punya involved, like 100% involved, my very own project, my own research, ideas and towards the end nnt, writing up my own thesis in which i would have to present to the course coordinator and insyaallah get my first degree (in biomedical sciences) before proceeding to medical degree! *fingers crossed*

the first few weeks was very challenging, imagine 2 weeks of 9-7pm work in a lab, most days without lunch, 7 days a week only to find out at the end of the cycle that all your cells you've been feeding and monitoring for the past week died on the very last day, the day where you wanna do the end point analysis. Thus, deeming all your hard work useless as you could generate no data. Nada. Sebab all the little cells, all 70+ sets of cells dah mati :S

But oh well, you live and learn. alhamdulillah things are much better now, in fact ive come to the last weeks of my lab works and generated sound, reliable datas to be used in my write up. the working hours is shorter as my techniques in culturing the cells and doing the end point assays improved. Now, i feel like i can breathe again. :)
(the housing area, Dunkirk 'Jaya' from my window)

So yeah, hello all :) i know its been ages since i last updated but i just wanna let you know im alive and doing well. Will update more with pictures of my new pad :D

Friday, September 24, 2010


They say writing can be therapeutic. I think i can use a bit of therapy right this moment.

I have been meaning to write over the summer. I even put the last post as summer story - 1. Implying that there was going to be story 2 3 and so on. And i really thought there was gonna be. Apologies for that.

Ive had such a good time over the summer. I got to meet some friends; old and new. Reconnected with family members i usually rarely spoke to and spending quality time with especially my mom; getting down to talk more about real world stuff, stuff about growing up, my future the uncertainties of it all and figuring out what i really want in life and what are the priorities. I enjoy these talks with Mama. It is even better when i get to share it with the other half - and have him helping me paint the picture of the future. It was nice and comforting.

I didnt really go out do the hu-ha happy kinda stuff so much this time around. Instead i found myself learning a lot of little things taught by many people from unassuming strangers (projek kalsom esp. but more on that later) to my very own flesh and blood that is family members. Things that touch your heart, things that is far more important than what is taught in the textbooks.

So when I came back to the UK last week, Id like to think of myself as a different, more motivated (wo)man. A grown up and more matured self, ready to take on the world with positiveness, always remembering to count my blessings and remain unperturbed, full with gusto for life, even when faced with the worst case scenarios.

A few days has passed now. And Im getting more and more caught up with the stresses of daily life and bogged down with worries i know i shouldnt have. It has been a really really rough week for me (dont get me started) and i need to constantly remind myself that this too, shall pass. I dont want the joys, lessons and self discoveries i made in the last 3 months got blown away and forgotten in this trivial mess that I know, shall pass.


More updates and picture of my new house when i feel less moody. till then

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Summer Story - 1

25/6/2010 – Cafe Nero, London Heathrow Airport; a steamy cup of hot choc, a roasted tomato Panini and an oversized double chocolate cookies. We talked and laughed until it was time for me to board. He sent me off until the security gate, my heart heavy, my mouth dry. At the risk of tearing up, i said my goodbye, hastily, and walked to the security gate. I got pass the security personnel, a Pakistani lady with a kind smile and she said ‘Apa khabar?’ as she cheked my passport and ticket. I smiled and nodded, joined the queue. I methodically took my laptop out, my phone, keys, coins and put them onto the conveyor belt. ‘Belt, keys, necklaces or earrings, madam?’ A big man motioned to the container in front of me. I touched the red heart shaped Swarovski crystal on my chest, ‘No’ and I remembered to look back. But I couldn’t see him, there were too many people, the queues were obstructing my view. Damn.

26/6/2010 – In a couple of hours, i’ll be in Malaysia! So far I’ve watched Dear John (which was so-so), Up (so good i even teared up a little! Haha!) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (how does Brad Pitt manage to look so hot and so old at the same time?) and Edward Scissorshand- it amazes me how i used to think this story is so cool 10 years ago but now that i watched it again its only plain, almost stale even.

I surreptitiously chose all JB songs and put it on my InFlight entertainment playlist, praying to Dear God nobody sees this. Suddenly, Elizabeth, a girl I just knew 10 hours ago, tapped on my shoulder, ‘I nak pergi toilet, sorry’ I stood up and made way for her. :O Harap2 die tak nampak!


A pakcik helped me with my 30-kilo luggage. I pulled my trolley, craning my neck looking for some familiar faces. I felt like I was in a movie. The scene where long lost family members were about to be reunited for the first time after years. Heheh. Then I saw them. Waving and smiling. Familiar, much loved faces. ‘Mama!! ’ We hugged and made our way to the car, chattering away. Ahh, home is indeed where the heart is J

Monday, May 24, 2010

Halfway There

I'm done with 40 credit hours worth of exam, another 40 to go. The sun is waiting right outside my door. Lets keep going guys. Slow and steady wins the race :)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reposted: Exam season

2nd year Finals starts in less than 24 hours. Bismillah.

O Allah, grant us the calmness of the mind and help us through this hard times. Bestow upon us Your mercy, and success at the end of it all. We have done all there is in our power to do, shine upon it Barakah O Allah, and we leave the rest to You, our Most Magnificent. Help us o Most Benificient and Most Merciful as without You, indeed we are nothing.

Goodluck everyone. Lets do this :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Time Out

Im leaving Notts for a couple of weeks to engage with Nature, friends and loved ones. :) :) :)

Spring is here, rejoice earthlings!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The perfect couple

The perfect couple takes care of each other in sickness or in health (even if its just manflu ;)
They stand by each other through hard times and good times.
He surprises her with beautiful sets of diamonds that made her almost teared up everytime.
They sneak out to watch movies or have dinner dates, just the two of them.
She goes present hunting for him all over KL to find him the perfect gift.
He calls her everyday from work just to see what shes doing.
They buy each other books that they know the other would really like.
She mustve got to his heart thru his tummy, oh yes she has with that cooking!
And he compliments her cooking everyday unfailingly! (okay, sometimes she askes again and again and again until he has to say it is in fact sedap.. hehe)
They ask each other and discuss everything before making decisions.
He lets her watch the soaps even when he wants to watch football.
She bakes him cookies and pack them in tupperwares to bring to work! :D

And more than anything, the perfect couple functions as a unit.
They complement each other in every way and adore each other even after years and years of being together.
They respect each other and above everything, they love each other unconditionally. :)
This post goes to the perfect couple who has the most special place in my heart, Ayah and Mama. What you two have is timeless and amazing :)

Happy 23rd Wedding Anniversary.
Love you loads :)

Saturday, March 06, 2010


I encountered someone by surprise today. He brought back distant almost forgotten memories playing in my head over and over like old rolls of films. He rocked the stage, and i heard girls around me going ga ga over him. I was once one of them, it just made me smile. :)

I went up to see him afterwards to congratulate him and the band. We were just like all other old friends. It wasn't awkward, he didn't feel like a stanger, but we talk silly, mundane things. Like old friends who didn't know how to pick up where they left off. We exchanged polite smiles and spoke a few words until it was time for me to leave, and him back to the screaming girls.

I encountered someone by surprise today. Hes a rockstar, and Im a girl next door.
It just made me smile.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Med Studens make lousy, paranoid, hypochondriac patients.

I was feeling a bit under the weather last week. i got tired really easily and close friends made remarks that i seemed a wee bit quieter. I just felt generally unwell and well to be fair last week was indeed quite hectic.

On friday just before going to class, i went thru the refrigirator to find something to bawak bekal pergi sekolah. yes call me old fashioned but i bring packed lunch from home almost everyday. its just a whole lot easier, cost effective and i dont have to keep eating the boring egg/tuna sandwiches sold at the cafe. So i found this last piece of garlic/corriander nan bread. it was 3 days passed its used by date but wth right, its not mouldy, and its in the peti sejuk. i was sure its not gonna kill me. So i poped it into the oven and bawak bekal pergi skolah with some chicken strips :) yeay!

Well, to put it simply, kill me it didnt, but it made me suffer so bad i was on bed most of the weekend! I had bouts of fever and had to go to the toilet countless of time and had this very severe stomach cramps that made me feel so helpless cause nothing i did make it better so i just groaned n sulked, burying my face in the pillow wishing id never eaten the naan. Ok i may have dramatized it a lil but i swear it was so so sakit! :(

So anyways on monday i was feeling a bit better. Coincidentally, that day, we had a lecture about gastroenteritis and we were feasted with all the statistical data of all sorts of bacteria and viruses roaming around that could give you terrible stomach infections that makes you really ill and and some might even lead to death :O

it goes without saying what i did next. i was really concerned and went to see the GP. I explained to the GP all my symptoms in great detail and he did the abdominal examinations on me to rule out appendicitis. i was even set to give him my stool sample but thankfully he didnt think he needed it just yet, since my symptoms was pretty mild and i appeared normal and healthy. Hahaha! lega okay! Mcm mana nak bg stool sample kalau u ada diarrhea btw eh?

ok maybe we all would rather not think bout it.

So basically he reassured me it was nothing serious and i just have to go home drink lots of water and come again if the symptoms dont resolve by the end of the week. He didnt prescribed me anything but gave me thisA patient information leaflet! :D hehehe how cute right! Alhamdulillah im feeling a lot lot better today and hopefully i wouldnt have to go to the Gp again and give my stool sample :S

Later alligators!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doctor falls sick too sometimes.

This blog makes me realise just how small my worries and silly everyday complaints are compared to the one he is facing. Though I only met him for a mere 3 days or so in a motivational camp, pre departure to UK and dont know much about him, his story is noting short of inspirational, eye opening. Tear jerking even.

It rendered me speechless, this story of his. There's only so much we could plan, and the rest is ordained by The Almighty. Ingat lima perkara sebelum lima perkara, they say.

May you get well soon, doctor.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

here there everywhere

The family, minus the brother :( came to visit me during the last winter break. it was by far, the most awesome month yet i have since ive been in England. well travelling with the other half and my best girls is a close second lah :)

We went to spain for a week. The two little sisters did some serious shopping. you cant blame them when Zara n MNG tees and blouses were sold at prices as low as 3 euros can you? :D Also If you go to Barcelona, make it a point to spend at least half a day in Parc Guell, its like magic land, brings you back to your childhood days :)

Back in UK, i took them around in Nottingham then we went to Mansfield and Sheffield, doing touristy stuffs and our last stop was London. We met up with another 3 families here and spend a week in the capital. The boyfriend joined us the whole time, entertaining the kids and guiding us around London. He totally stole my aunties hearts, i kid you not ;)Sending them off at Stansted was hard. I missed the cousins, the shopping (oh, the shopping!), the long walks with them and simply just their presence :) But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do i guess, i went back to Nottingham the following day with loads of revision to do in +-10 days before the exam began!

Glad the exams over, with no panic attacks or nervous breakdown ;) Alhamdulillah. the result however, was a whole different story all together, whats done is done. We can just pray and hope now.

oh on that note, the boyfriend gave me a book to read just before i left London for Nottingham after the family visit. Its the ever so famous The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Ive been wanting to read it for quite a while, after the late arwah Sara mentioned it in her blog. But the timing i got hold of this book couldnt have been more perfect, thank you Zul. All i have to say is that you don't have to take all they say as it is, pick and choose what you wanna believe, but the essence on the secret makes perfect sense to me. The Secret is amazing! Go read it! :D

much love

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The meek shall inherit the earth

exams over, finally :) :) :)
it went okay, keep your fingers crossed for me until the results out tau!
now, its weekend getaway time! :D
Leeds, here i come.

ps for clarification, the gemuk girl in the black bomber jacket is me on the meridian line. Conquering the world east and west ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nice little surprise :)

Stoodle (Status Doodle) and banner taken from here.
Thank you stoodlerist!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Exam Season

O Allah, grant us the calmness of the mind and help us through this hard times. Bestow upon us Your mercy, and success at the end of it all. We have done all there is in our power to do, shine upon it Barakah O Allah, and we leave the rest to You, our Most Magnificent. Help us o Most Benificient and Most Merciful as without You, indeed we are nothing.

Goodluck everyone. Lets do this :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Everything will fall....

Fall into place, hopefully. Gravity is impartial.


ive got soooo much to tell you but got to hold the horses, its the tough times people, i need all the time in the world to go thru all the notes!

as always,

when the going gets tough,
the tough gets going.

later alligators please pray i get thru this exam season alive ;)


oh ye tak ye, happy new year la ye.