Sunday, September 28, 2008

here we go..

the feeling i got on the first day of walking into the hospital as a medical student was priceless . the receptionist asked 'may i help u, love? are you a new medical student?' i nodded and she showed me the way to medical school. i tell you, it was surreal.

and on that note, i sure hope i know what im getting myself into.

classes officially begin tomorrow, wish me luck frens.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


nothing much but thats it for now. :) the pictures above are in chronological order. most of them were taken in london. my personal fav is the last pic where i was holding Mr Beeston's hand (assuming tht his name, thuus the name of the town) Mr. Beeston was looking at his bee hive at the statue next to the one im sitting at while i was coaxing him to look at me. Guess the honeys bees beat me there.

Monday, September 15, 2008

inhale deeply, baby

ohmigod, its london air! :) alhamdulillah the flight landed safely and im now in malaysian hall, peeps! im loving london so much so far! ive been her for two days and am trying to live the londoners life ;) yesterday we went to kensington n hydes park and the view was on so breathtaking. ill post pictures later as we're limited to only 20 minutes of internet usage and i only have 5 more minutes left!

oh oh td i went to oxford street n got myself this geogorus top for like, £2! :D heee seronok2. i have so much to tell, so little time, updates lter okayh :P n have i told u guys the tube here is superrr fast? hahah ktm tu kire cm kura2 la kalau nak compare.

well as much as im enjoying my time here, to say that i dont miss home at all will be a lie. smlm i woke up for sahur n took a few seconds to realised where i was. we sahured with roti n a glass of milk je. tgh2 sahur the boyfriend texted me andi suddenly miss msia so very much i cried a bit. oh well, i hope the homesickness will go away with the more shopping i do ;)

ill be off to nottos tomorrow 1st thing in the morning. hope everything is fine in notts n i pray hard i'll continue to like UK as much as i do now.

the kakak is calling me already. gotto go,

lotsa love from london. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

alhamdulillah my preparation is finally finalised. if all is well, i'll be leaving tomorrow at 234o malaysian time.

my bags are packed. the weight limit is 20kilos actually but my bag is 27kgs and the boyfriend is gonna bring anther 4kilos or so on the 20th. quoting amirah, 'cemana bag awak berat sangat? baju awak kan kecik2 je?' (T_T) hehe.. i guess its the food plus electrical appliences plus the tebal2 clothes kot. plus, my bag kosong alone is already 6kilos! anyway i hope the abg jaga counter check in is easily seduced or else i'll go there foodless n maybe a dozen or so clothes less. fiqry said hes gonna bring 4kilos of food, and that should help :D hehe fiqry, sorryla 4kilo tu takkan tahan setahun punya, sharing is caring my friend :)

im currently feeling so mixed up. happy and excited on one hand, sad and nervous on the other. i realised that this is gonna be a big turning point in my life and i hope it will change me to be a wholly better person. this experience will hopefully prepare me for the cold harsh world outside and if anything, i know i should embrace this moment.

goodbye family, goodbye friends (n foes). please pray for me n keep in touch. im surely gonna miss malaysia like hell (no matter how hell-ish the politics gets or how bad the traffic jam is, or how mahal harga minyak is), i still call this boleh land home.

lastly, i mintak maaf kat semua hujungrambut hujung kaki, selamat berpuasa and salam aidilfitri *sobs*

wait for me, ill be back ppl, hopefully as Dr. Laila :) insyaallah!

ps- to raja amila raja azahar, happy birthday girl. :) ure one of a kind n love u much.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


just something i tried on it displays the most words i used in recent entries.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

KL needs a hero, the one like Gotham's.

what i learnt in the past few days was a lesson so invaluable and costly, i paid big amount for it and learnd it the hard way.

most of you might have known that i lost my purse n handphone last friday. it was foolish of me to put my hand bag behind me masa tgh sembahyang but then agian, im still surprise at how low could someone be to steal in the surau while i was praying. anyway, i guess i finally got over it and pray tht none of you guys would have to go thru this. so folks, silalah mengambil pengajaran...

after my barang2 was stolen, i called mum to block my cards met an old fren, acap and he was so concern as why i was red-eyed and looked so lost. he helpd to make a report at the customer service counter. and they said they'll hand my belongings back if they found it, fat chance i know. but i kept my hope high.

then zul tried calling my mobile and the girl picked it up. she said she found the phone in the toilet n zul asked her to pulangkan the phone. we asked where she was but she kept saying

'saya tengah merayau2 ni, phone awak pon nak habis bateri dah, boleh bagi saya PIN code x? nnt saya call balik?'

i might be careless but im not stupid lah stupid!~ of course i didnt give it to her and kept pressing her to pulangkan my phone. but she later cut the call and swithed my phone off, sampai hari ni. i was so distraught, felt helpless n told zul i wanna go back.

i met another old friend nazir on my way back and i stopped n chat with him for a while, eyes still red and all, (thank god i was wearing waterproof eyeliner tho). it felt really good to see some familiar faces with shoulders to cry on, literally, while im at my worst. i thank you nazir n acap.

when i got home, xpayah cerite lah kan, i was scolded allllll night for my carelessness. i cried myself to sleep and woke up with a bad taste in my mouth. i knew its not over yet n something went wrong again.

that morning the police called, said they found my purse by the roadside in Tanjung Malim. I asked them whats inside the purse and sure enough, all my money is gone together with my giro n master card. i was nervous n i seek comfort in the fact that i blocked my crdt card right away after the stealing happens, thanks to zul n mama for their help. i however realised that i blocked my bank card way, way later around 10pm that day and my pin number is right in front of the bastard's nose, my IC number. all my scholarship money and two year worth of savings was at risk.

on my way to tanjung malim to pick up whats left of my item in the purse, i decided to stop by to a nearby BSN and updated my bank book.

and yes, the rumour is true (chewah) i lost rm 3k just like that, in a blink of an eye.

i brokedown there n then, and cried a little at the bank counter. the cute abang behind the counter asked what was wrong n i blurted out my sad story. i cant believe all this while when fellow scholars spent their money on psp's ipods laptops whatsoever i just brush even the slightest temptation to get a new phone aside and faithfully save my money with a grandiose shopping spree before flying off to the UK in mind.

and this is what i got. *Sigh* just typing it makes me wanna curse the thief again. regretful as i am, i am still thankful that my 2 thirds of my saving is still save. the thief also xsempat used my crdt card and at least i got my IC back. i lost the boyfriend's love note but never mind, i'll ask him to keep em coming ;)

so pengajarannye rakan2, u cant afford to be careless even for a second, even when ure in the surau or anywhere else for tht matter. be cautious, semua org around you are bad guys.

and NEVER used ur birthdate as ur pin number.

sekian terime kasih.

p/s: the police called and wanted me to 'mengecam suspek' as they've heard a few cases like mine with the same modus operandi and all around midvalley and other shopping complexes in KL. i said i will and they'll send me pictures. lesse if i can cam the thief's face and i hope the police dapat tangkap her n she'd never get to do this to anyone else...