Friday, October 26, 2007

different army, linc, but soldiers just the same.-susan S3e04

so i had my interview just now, cambridge interview. so you know how lega im feeling right now, dont you? Phew~

the interview wasnt so bad, but it wasnt very well either, i guess? we started off with things i put on my personal statement,my job attachment, community service and what not. Dr. Barnes then asked me to tell him how C-section is conducted. lucky me i did some reading on Ceasaren childbirth and told him what i knew. we talked about breech pregnancy, epidurals, labour and also the problem with C-section. i wasnt sure but i said its probably the incision made have to be precise to avoid the baby getting harmed. i told him about the location of the incision which is just above the bladder and we talked about how in older days doctors do longitudal sectional which is prone to infection. anyway,that bit went well,a good start i think.

owh the funny part is tht,he then asked me 'why is it called Cesarean section?' how should i know, professor? im no latino..i laughed and said maybe the method is found wayy back during Julius Cesar time...?*and smiles sweeeetly* and and, it was actually correct! (at least he said it is, or maybe its the power of my smile melted him? we would never know) :P

heheheh then he asked what is my fav subject n i said maths and biology. then he gave me a maths question and i freaking have to do it without calculator! haha tula, padan muka. i drew a graph to explain my answer but,but,buttttt gerammmmm... he asked me what is these lines called? (points to my sketch) and i ternganga disitu.. heheh..i said i cant remember and he said its called freaking asymtot! (okay he didnt say 'freaking' la obviously) knapela time2 ni nak lupe..

then bio questions lak. die tnye about protien this and protien that. :) aked me to draw amino acid stucture, dipeptide, and ased me about the amino acid leucine. i said im not sure what the R group is but i know for a fact that it is hydrophobic. he then asked if the protien structure is hydrophobic how is it suppose to be soluble in water? i suggested that the strand can fold and have its hyrophilic part on the surface. i was wrong. he said the peptide backbone is too strong and rigid. i think for a moment and said the protien strand could always combine with another strands to form quaternary stucture! and yeay! betol! but thennnn, he asked me, what is the example of protien yg have that structure of every leucine pointing out!? i took aguess and said keratin! weeeee betol lagi :D pastu we talked about where keratin can be found and why is nail harder than skin and hair. then he asked me to explain how perming and rebonding is done. (the chemicals used etcetc la) lucky me i have a bit of experience in this and i think i explained alright. he corrected me here and there and finally said he asked how do i know about all this, whether i read about it somewhere, and i said "just a little, i just relate it to what ive learnt" < chewah, dont i soundlike a cambridge student? XP hehehe..

then finally he asked have you been assign to any college yet? isaid 'yes, peterson' die buat muke pelik "peterson?... oh, you mean peterhouse?" and i was 100% certain that i blushed and quickly blurted my apology. and he doesnt seemed happy with that ignorance of mine.. *sigh* setupid me la

anyway, i dont put too much hope on this, at all. dr barnes told me tht medic student in cam will have heavier workload for sure and the singleplace for internationalstudent in each coll, is, needless to say, insanely competitive (see,firdaus, he even told mr this, hinting that 'ala..ure no cam material girl,sorry. better luck next Uni') . it'll behard for me toget it (dah la i kena interviewafter Muadz, the super pandai boy who got best in the world award for mathematics) additionally, my interview was among the shortest (20mins) orglain semua 30 mins.. :( mesti die dah boring ngn i.. *sobs* plus, i get simple straight 4ward q's as compared to dorg sume..:( and folks, this is definitely not false modesty.

ah well, at least its over and done with. and,believe it or not,i actually find myself having fun during the interview despite my flaws :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i would give everything to start all over again- marie cruz S3E02

retak menanti belah.. any idea whats next?
pics courtesy of mr.Basir

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i would take your place in seconds- burrows, S3E02

ive been starting to watch prison break sesaon 3. not a good time. i have an interview coming up and need to do some background reading bout some topic unheard of to me till now. something about knockout mice.. anyone?

owh,speaking of which, yes ppl :) i finally get the interview invitation from cambridge. Alhamdulillah. ive been assign to peterhouse college and am really looking 4ward for the day. its not because i see this as my big shot of getting into cambridge, (well,not that i dont want to, but im being realistic here. Peterhouse College only take 7 medics per year and applicants come from all over the world all of whom pass the minimum academic qualification) i just see this as a once in a lifetime chance; to be interviewed by cambridge! :) im excited!

anyway, ive just been back from DoE, the qualifying expdtion which means..... i am officially a doe bronze award holder :) the trip was nothing like the last time in that hot springs, it was wayy harder and gross-er and dirtier and messier and guess what, better. we hadto wade across a small stream and a lake which both had teh-tarik like water, thanks to the rainy day. tha route wasnowhere near easy either. it seems never ending. however i do think overall, i had more fun this time compared to last time. maybe partly because i went as a group this time, the whole complete group. with mr kamal the ever optimistic one, giving us (false) hope, fariq the bearably annoying one, milo yaz and asma, my sidekicks.

on the sadder side however, i developed this some kind of rashes all over my body (probably fra the teh tarik water) and sore throat. :l i also flunked my cham test the following day pretty badly as i cudnt concentrate on doing my test when my legs were itching like mad and i didnt have time to prepare for it at all. Ms Shree just said 'its ok, just dont fail it' and well, thts what im scared of, ms shree.. huhu.. dead.

owh what do you do when a person that once broken your heart tries to baik2 balik (almost in a flirty way) with you? owh well, i might very well be the one yang perasan but hey, stop harrassing me with ur sickly sweet words and gestures. uve got a gf n ive got a boyfriend, a perfect one. sorry. next please!

ps- this post is specially dedicated to eija ;) (nah, i update!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

raya for me was/is..

raya for me was...
-the time to visit arwah atuk and arwah pak long at tanah perkuburan in melaka.
-the time to mintak maaf to ayah mama along and all other family members.
-the time to put on my tailored baju kurung, put on a tudung nicely, wear my heels and go visit all the relatives and all the descendants of my family near and far,hi and low, all over melaka (or alternately, in terengganu) all day long, sometimes upto a whole week. tho i'd still haveto ask mama and ayah everytime we arrive at a house 'ni rumah sape ma?' n come the answer 'ur nenek's mom's adopted daughter's husband's sister's..... etcetc' i'll just.. 'owh! ryte" ; you told me last year but its just killing my neurones (not tht i have much anyway) to memorize all the branches in the familytree, biological and even not biological,inter-related, coincidently related, maybe-related's relatives.. but well, i dont reallly mind at all actually,because.........
-its time to collect some duit raya babe! ($_$) kaa-ching!
-thetime to makannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

raya was idleness, joy, happiness and good food while being surrounded by my loved ones..

i loved raya

raya this year for me is...
- the time to buy the first wearable readymade bajukurung i saw in tesco or carrefour or anywhere i happen to be doing the groceries.
- kinda sad, along isnt around.
- a short one (rayake-3 i ada paper :l)
- nomore visit to relatives, not as much, as most of the time we'll be on the road, to trg, then melaka and rush everything in2 daysas raya ke3 i haveto already balik coll
-well,iguessthtalso means not as much moooolah :S heheh
-probably the last raya i spend in malaysia, if, only if, i go to uk nxt year :( sad kan?

raya this year is indeed a rush but im grateful tht some important elements of raya; a big part of the family and goodfood are still available for me to enjoy :)

some of you might think raya is overly comerciallized and overrated.
well, i dont. call me overly nostalgic or childish, whatever you want. to me raya is something you should treasure, raya is Raya :)

and just for the record, i still do love raya :)

happy hari raya!maaf zahir batin again :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

what a girl to do

short talk: internet at coll nowadays is crappy. ok, has alwaysbeen actually. but its crappy-er now. chattd with yaz the other day and we agreed it makes ldr all the harder the slowness of the net,heheh (dont even ask how we get from internet to ldr). anyway we decided to become the true ldr activist n form an ldr club and go shoot our piece of mind to kamal n jo neven pn.rog. game on,babe.. heheh

im losing my momentum, almost all of it. i just wanna raya now! AS exams are coming and i cant focus dammit. ppl have been receiving interview offers and ive been checking for them letters every single free block i have in vain. the scriptwriting board has been formed yet the plot isnt yet finished. the director has been buzzing me, i am suppose to be the bubbly superhumane scriptwriter who starts the spark plug n gets everyone going and the date line is in another 2 weeks. few might have realise i was less of myself off late. its stress i guess. no, not pms this time. stress, for real. internal exams are coming up too. right after doe. yep, another hot springs in kerling time. am not physically n mentally prepared for tht. all in the coming 3 weeks!! help me regain my momentum, ppl!

off to write some raya cards! :D bye2!

yours sincerely wishes everyone slmt hari raya and maaf zahir batin. berhati-hati di jalan raya!


ps-zul was on buletin utama smlm, i belive? hvnt talk to him for a while, anyone saw him? what was it about act?

Friday, October 05, 2007

obliged says I'm an Uber-Dorky Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

just thought i might check out

ive got tagged by firdaus amaran.. so here it goes, specially for u, da

The Rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

i used to have doubts about doing medicine, real doubt and thought of calling my sponsor to change my course. well, not anymore. im 101% certain now :)

i think i have too much self-pity and i know self pity wont do you nowt. it wouldnt even peel a potato. i have to change.

im bad at spelling. milo n yaz know best, so does hajar i guess. i used to believe im dyslexic but then again, refer #2

i skipped assembly again this week (again i stress here, not on purpose)

i used to have curly hair (very curly infact, topan-ish hair i had) and then it become silky straight (by pure magic!) ;) then wavy n now its curly again (this time around perm-ish)

i have a list of things to do b4 im 21.

i am an environmentalist deep down inside. i take global warming seriously (seriously)

im a lefty

hehe this couldnt get any random-er..

i would like to tag my bestfriends but they dont blog (anymore), so i tag you! yes, you,the one reading this who ever you are

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

insensetive blogger?

sapphire is so like the best house evverr - *acap omg tone,pls*

heheh.. okok lets not be housist. but owh, how can i not be?sapphire just won the debate again and again :) we beat garnet td n topaz and diamond the past weeks :))))) *sorry zul sayang*

anyway.the title just now was somthing about wheater or not to restrict internet accsess for insensetive bloggers. the debate went interestingly enoughformetoonce again abandon my business note and watch them debate. (well, my jaw dropped down 2 the floor a few times at some ignorant ideas so i'd have to bend down and pick it up, thts why.. hehehe :) )

anyway i wudnt go on and tell the whole storybout thedebate but at one point the government pointed out that thereis a diffrence in blogging about sensetive issues and blogging insensetively.

and i wonder how is someone to blog about sensetive issues without being insensetive (to someppl)? if the person blogs about sensetive issues than tht person is insensetive lah kan?

well, on my behalf, i dont think blogging insensetively on sensetive issues is dead wrong. i personally think i sometimes blog insensetively,butheck, how insensetiveis insensetive? n heck again, a sensetive issue to me (for example height) might very well be not sensetive at all say..zaim the panjang seperti galah boy. see wht imean? so my point is,whatever it is, take criticism well and then only we can grow. if wekeep concealing all the socalled sensetive issues we'll allforever be faking peace and understanding in a wow-so-harmonious masyarakat. be tolerant,understand thehistory be open and accepting. and we'll alllll be one big happyfamily.end ofstory.. :)

excuse me for the politician-mood today.. icant help it. (dahla tadik buat presentation gs)

owhowh owh! and have i told you guys?


i love tht guy so much it makes me all gooey jelly slimy sticky mushy inside when he calls!haha!


ps-zul! well i might havebeen a lil insensetive hari tu to blog about all the food we had for bukak puasa! im sorry..hehehe

pps-see ppl? even food can be a sensetive issue to this poor boy of mine.. ;)

Monday, October 01, 2007

when enough is enough

stop making promises tht you cant keep. cause i wanna stop hoping.