Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I believe I am going through a very important phase in my life as a doctor in the making. I keep reminding myself

'Oh, ive gotto pen this down somewhere, Ive got to remember this feeling i have when i see my first proper patient, or the atmosphere in an emergency department or the scene where everybody is talking all at once fighting for what they think is best for the patient.'

But mostly though, i want to be able to read back one day about the motivation i have now, the spirit and the relentless persistence and this thrist for knowledge i feel now, so that i would remember how exciting, touching, overwhelming and rewarding the whole thing is, should i one day have a hard time in medicine.

So thats just what i would do. :)

Starting this weekend, of course.

(oh yes, im still as big a procrastinator as i was before even after the eye opening experience in hospital of course, that bit has not change unfortunately - im a basket case.)

talk to you later.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Treats

Molten chocolate lava cake - Work in progress. Brb with hopefully some tantalising pics :) wish me luck!

what it should look like

Obviously it was a failed attempt :(

Trial 2 coming up! Really soon!