Friday, December 14, 2007

cuti cuti malaysia

i dont know how words get around so fast. i only ter slipped it one day in chem class about my plan to go to switzerland. and i believe farah je kot yang terdengar? and all of a sudden a fren after another txtd me asking when my flight is.

news flash : guess what? its semalam!! and here i am all sweaty and cranky, not, mind you in snowy europe.

well heres what happen. i got mama agreeing to my plan, to let me go alone to swiss, tickets on my own expense and accomodation wud be with my auntie and all. okiedokie. no problemo.
and then nurul and iqa cakap dorg nak pegi jugak so thts 6k for their tix alone (!). and ayah started to say bout the kesejukan melampau in geneva and its not save and all and when he said bout we all have to go back to trg for raya haji, thts it..i know we cudnt win this one.

so there goes my plan. one of my biggest frustrations is tht (apart from swiss chocolate among others) i cudnt surprise zul at his doorstep after all the pleasant surprises he has done for me and that probably, i wudnt have the chance to visit uncleyunos andfamily while they are in Swiss! what a waste.

anyway moving on. have i told you guys we went to PD last week? it was actually very fun (minus the sun burn,of course). :) the beach was surprisingly not dirty, i went on the banana boat 4 times atleast and spend evenings on the sand letting my mind wanders with Kafka on the Shore. flew kites in the evening and sleep late, watching movies with a few cousins.

im looking foward to the next destination. trg i believe? butits flooding over there rite?or maybe penang? i dont mind, just get me somewhere refreshing quick for a break before this little space in my brain become too full and explode with boredom.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

chin up

you know how fairy tales started.

its always about a lovely princess, a damsel in distress, stuck in a castle or a house with mak tiri jahat or stuck in light years of sleep after a prick of needle on her finger or eating an apple.... and they all will wait for a prince charming to come and set them free.

in my case, im a damsel in distress all the same.

to start with, my bmat sucks so bye2 cambridge. (firdaus dont you dare say anything at this point or i'll stuff your mouth with a handful of dimsum)

i read chem yest and i realise im a light year behind. xfahamla.

i havnt got any news from notts nor edin.

and the aust application doesnt help either. i was supposed to sit for ISAT td. i commute alone at 7am all the way to subang just to get yelled by the makcik announcing to everybody tht apparently, i havnt pay for the test and cannot sit for it. (blame mr.B) so i commute back home just to be nag by mama for not 'arranging everything properly..'

anyway.that doesnt matter. a knight in shining armour always shows up in the end, isnt it? to save the damsel in disterss?

and in my case, my knight in shining armuor, is me.

this is one man's show n im gonna work my fat ass off work hard. i at least have one more chance. might be my last chance. Soton interview nxt month. thts it enough of laziness. for real.

and who knows maybe in the end this tale too,end up with the girl finally lives happily ever after after all. :)

toodles now. the damsel is going to get her beauty sleep

oh! oh! oh!! PS! : a bouquet of a dozen arrived today! thanks prince charming ;) looooooooveee it!