Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wish I

1) Could un-watch all the crazy Lady Gaga videos I watched today. because they are so disturbing and makes me feel uneasy
2) Had been consistent with my revision so I dont have this panic attack.
3) Was more careful with my spending. I owe every penny to my beloved state of Terengganu so I should spend wisely.
4) Had not merajuk. Because it melts my heart when he calls me in he middle of his night to apologise and talk and make me smile. Makes me miss him more.
5) Could stay at this weight regardless of the amount of galaxy cookie crumble that i eat. Not a pound thinner, nor fatter
5.5) Darn I wish i hadnt looked at the calorie count. a small bar of 100 gms is a freaking 2000kcal.
6) Am a better muslim and pray the five prayers on time and take more time to learn the Quran. Shouldn't we all?
7) Could read my feel good books, those shopaholic series instead of this crash course in cardiology.
8) Am with Mama and ayah in America now. And watch my one and only brother graduating :)
9) Am taller. So i can pull off a jumpsuit.
10) Whine less. Period.
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Aneesah said...

Uuuh. I now avoid anything related to Lady Gaga like the plague. =S Even her songs are just.... entahlah. Personally I don't think I could find any benefit in listening to/knowing the songs.

Definitely agree with number 10 especially. :) Teringat lagu ni: